Best Mattress For The Money

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Unfortunately it’s very difficult to know if you’re actually getting a good deal when shopping for a mattress.  The salesperson interaction always feels like an intricate dance that he’s much more prepared for than you are.

However after reviewing over 70 mattresses personally, plus looking at their specs, and speaking with a lot of the companies that make them, I finally feel comfortable putting together a list of mattresses that (in my opinion) are the best mattresses you can buy for you money.  I’m probably missing a couple of good options, but I wanted to keep this list short.

Note that there is a lot of variation based on your sleeping preferences and budget, and just because a mattress doesn’t end up on this list doesn’t mean it’s not a good deal.  Use this list as a starting point, and feel free to ask any clarifications or request addendums in the comments section at the bottom of the page.  Now, without further adieu…

Best Mattress For The Money

Overall Picks

Read on for specific category selections based on a few different criteria.  However I’m starting the list with my overall picks:

  • Amerisleep (luxury memory foam line at a very affordable price)
  • Aviya (innerspring at medium-low price point)
  • Ghostbed (latex over memory foam)


Amerisleep Mattress ReviewAmerisleep is a line of memory foam mattresses ranging in price and quality.  Looking at the specs (at each price point) and drawing from my own personal experience, this is definitely one of the best mattresses you can buy, dollar for dollar (checkout the Amerisleep promo code for more savings as well).

For more information on this line, check out my Amerisleep mattress reviews page.


Aviya Mattress ReviewsAviya wasn’t my absolute favorite innerspring mattress, but I was truly shocked by the quality of this mattress for the price point.  It’s definitely a good bed with incredible value, and one of the few innerspring mattresses on the market that competes at the ~$800 price point.

Check out my Aviya mattress review for the full story.

GhostBed Mattress ReviewsGhostbed

Ghostbed sports the now popular latex-over-memory-foam  construction that many bed-in-a-box companies like, but it really delivers on specs.  Great foam densities, so I have a lot of faith in the durability over time (relative to many of its competitors).

Check out my Ghostbed review for details.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

There are a lot of side sleepers out there with shoulder and hip pain, so it is probably the #1 question on my site – which mattress can help?  Of course value plays a role in any mattress selection, but I suggest you really focus in on my best mattress for side sleepers page if you put yourself in this category.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

As a recap, my best mattress for the money for side sleepers would are:

Note Amerisleep and Ghostbed are overlaps from the overall picks.

Best Innerspring Mattress

Though foam mattresses are becoming more popular, innerspring mattresses still account for the majority of sales.  Durability is a huge factor when determining the “best” of these types, because when an innerspring mattress goes bad, it can be really bad.
Best Innerspring Mattress For The Money

The best innerspring mattress for the money goes hand in hand with our best innerspring mattress page, with a slight re-ordering prioritizing value over anything else:

Best Mattress By Budget

Other people like to start their mattress shopping primarily by budget.  Check out the budget picks below, and let me know if more specific categories would be useful!

Under $1000

My best mattress for under $1k (in addition to mattresses already mentioned) include:

Best Mattress Under 1000 Dollars

Under $2000

My best mattress for under $2k (in addition to the general picks) include:

Best Mattress Under 2000 Dollars

How To Get The Best Price

Watch Out For Sales

Mattress retailers are known for having sales at fairly predictable times of the year.  Around President’s Day, for example, is a pretty common time for there to be lots of sales going on in the mattress world.  A good portion of the sales fall around holiday times.  If you are looking to purchase a mattress in a store, I would recommend you take a look at when the standard mattress sales are and consider waiting until then to get that extra value from your purchase.

Look At How Long It Should Last

The phrase “you get what you pay for” is especially true when it comes to mattresses.  The range in durability from one mattress to the next can be pretty substantial.  If you save $300 on a mattress, but it wears out in 5 years, are you really getting a better value than a mattress that costs $300 more but wears out after 10-12 years?  You should really look into how long you want to have the mattress you are buying and then read the reviews to make sure you know how long you can expect the mattress to last.  You can really get extra value if you buy one with great durability and longevity.

money saving with mattresses
Consider Purchasing Online

You can’t really talk about saving money on mattresses without discussing buying online.  There is a very good reason why the new online startups are getting so much press and doing so well.  It is true that you can really save a lot of money by buying a mattress online.  The companies cut out the middle man in the process and pass most of the savings along to the customer.  If you really want to get a great deal, you should definitely consider looking into buying online.

Little Marketing Spend

There are a few hidden gem companies out there that spend very little on marketing, and they pass the savings onto the customer in the form of a lower price.  This is a subtle nuance, but there are definitely extra savings to be had if you can find a company with a great product that doesn’t spend a lot on marketing.

Watch Out For Shipping / Taxes

If you purchase online, you should see if you are going to have to pay for shipping or not.  A lot of the new companies offer free shipping, but not everyone does.  You may think you’re getting a great deal, but it never feels good to get hit with unexpected shipping costs during the checkout process.  Similarly, depending on where you live, you may have to pay sales taxes as well.  It’s another cost that you probably don’t think about and that you may or may not be responsible for.  These extra costs probably shouldn’t make or break your decision, but it’s an added bonus if you don’t have to pay them.
That’s our advice.  If you follow this guidance, you should be on your way to getting a great value from the purchase of your next mattress!

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