Best Mattress For The Money

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Unfortunately it’s very difficult to know if you’re actually getting a good deal when shopping for a mattress.  The salesperson interaction always feels like an intricate dance that he’s much more prepared for than you are.

However after reviewing over 70 mattresses personally, plus looking at their specs, and speaking with a lot of the companies that make them, I finally feel comfortable putting together a list of mattresses that (in my opinion) are the best mattresses you can buy for you money.  I’m probably missing a couple of good options, but I wanted to keep this list short.

Note that there is a lot of variation based on your sleeping preferences and budget, and just because a mattress doesn’t end up on this list doesn’t mean it’s not a good deal.  Use this list as a starting point, and feel free to ask any clarifications or request addendums in the comments section at the bottom of the page.  Now, without further adieu…

Best Mattress For The Money

Overall Picks

Read on for specific category selections based on a few different criteria.  However I’m starting the list with my overall picks:

  • Amerisleep (luxury memory foam line at a very affordable price)
  • Aviya (innerspring at medium-low price point)
  • Ghostbed (latex over memory foam)


Amerisleep Mattress ReviewAmerisleep is a line of memory foam mattresses ranging in price and quality.  Looking at the specs (at each price point) and drawing from my own personal experience, this is definitely one of the best mattresses you can buy, dollar for dollar (checkout the Amerisleep promo code for more savings as well).

For more information on this line, check out my Amerisleep mattress reviews page.


Aviya Mattress ReviewsAviya wasn’t my absolute favorite innerspring mattress, but I was truly shocked by the quality of this mattress for the price point.  It’s definitely a good bed with incredible value, and one of the few innerspring mattresses on the market that competes at the ~$800 price point.

Check out my Aviya mattress review for the full story.

GhostBed Mattress ReviewsGhostbed

Ghostbed sports the now popular latex-over-memory-foam  construction that many bed-in-a-box companies like, but it really delivers on specs.  Great foam densities, so I have a lot of faith in the durability over time (relative to many of its competitors).

Check out my Ghostbed review for details.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

There are a lot of side sleepers out there with shoulder and hip pain, so it is probably the #1 question on my site – which mattress can help?  Of course value plays a role in any mattress selection, but I suggest you really focus in on my best mattress for side sleepers page if you put yourself in this category.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

As a recap, my best mattress for the money for side sleepers would are:

Note Amerisleep and Ghostbed are overlaps from the overall picks.

Best Innerspring Mattress

Though foam mattresses are becoming more popular, innerspring mattresses still account for the majority of sales.  Durability is a huge factor when determining the “best” of these types, because when an innerspring mattress goes bad, it can be really bad.
Best Innerspring Mattress For The Money

The best innerspring mattress for the money goes hand in hand with our best innerspring mattress page, with a slight re-ordering prioritizing value over anything else:

Best Mattress By Budget

Other people like to start their mattress shopping primarily by budget.  Check out the budget picks below, and let me know if more specific categories would be useful!

Under $1000

My best mattress for under $1k (in addition to mattresses already mentioned) include:

Best Mattress Under 1000 Dollars

Under $2000

My best mattress for under $2k (in addition to the general picks) include:

Best Mattress Under 2000 Dollars

How To Get The Best Price

Watch Out For Sales

Mattress retailers are known for having sales at fairly predictable times of the year.  Around President’s Day, for example, is a pretty common time for there to be lots of sales going on in the mattress world.  A good portion of the sales fall around holiday times.  If you are looking to purchase a mattress in a store, I would recommend you take a look at when the standard mattress sales are and consider waiting until then to get that extra value from your purchase.

Look At How Long It Should Last

The phrase “you get what you pay for” is especially true when it comes to mattresses.  The range in durability from one mattress to the next can be pretty substantial.  If you save $300 on a mattress, but it wears out in 5 years, are you really getting a better value than a mattress that costs $300 more but wears out after 10-12 years?  You should really look into how long you want to have the mattress you are buying and then read the reviews to make sure you know how long you can expect the mattress to last.  You can really get extra value if you buy one with great durability and longevity.

money saving with mattresses
Consider Purchasing Online

You can’t really talk about saving money on mattresses without discussing buying online.  There is a very good reason why the new online startups are getting so much press and doing so well.  It is true that you can really save a lot of money by buying a mattress online.  The companies cut out the middle man in the process and pass most of the savings along to the customer.  If you really want to get a great deal, you should definitely consider looking into buying online.

Little Marketing Spend

There are a few hidden gem companies out there that spend very little on marketing, and they pass the savings onto the customer in the form of a lower price.  This is a subtle nuance, but there are definitely extra savings to be had if you can find a company with a great product that doesn’t spend a lot on marketing.

Watch Out For Shipping / Taxes

If you purchase online, you should see if you are going to have to pay for shipping or not.  A lot of the new companies offer free shipping, but not everyone does.  You may think you’re getting a great deal, but it never feels good to get hit with unexpected shipping costs during the checkout process.  Similarly, depending on where you live, you may have to pay sales taxes as well.  It’s another cost that you probably don’t think about and that you may or may not be responsible for.  These extra costs probably shouldn’t make or break your decision, but it’s an added bonus if you don’t have to pay them.
That’s our advice.  If you follow this guidance, you should be on your way to getting a great value from the purchase of your next mattress!

Joe Auer

Joe Auer is the editor of Mattress Clarity. He mainly focuses on mattress reviews and oversees the content across the site. He likes things simple and take a straightforward, objective approach to his reviews. Joe has personally tested nearly 100 mattresses and always recommends people do their research before buying a new bed.When he isn't testing sleep products, he enjoys working out, reading both fiction and non-fiction, and playing classical piano. He enjoys traveling as well, and not just to test out hotel mattresses!

Blog Comments

Excellent article, Joe! I’m glad that I stumbled upon it because I’ve been thinking about buying a new mattress. I think you’re absolutely right: if you want to find a good price on the mattress, it’s important to watch out for sales. I’ll be sure to follow your suggestion by also looking online. Thanks for the great tips; you’ve been very helpful!

Thank you for the help. My wife and I have finally decided that we really need a new mattress. I had no idea that some mattresses could last 10-12 years, as you mentioned. Do you think that we should look for a mattress that lasts that long?

Hi Justin – durability is definitely a factor to consider, though hard to predict as well, particularly if you’re looking to buy from one of the new popular online-only companies since they haven’t been around that long.

Joe, this is some really helpful information about getting a good mattress. I like that you pointed out that you should watch for sales and try shopping online if you have a certain budget. That would also be a good way to go if you already know what type you want.

Thank you for the help. My wife and I have finally decided that it is time to buy a new mattress. I agree that the expected lifespan is a key factor. How long would you expect a quality mattress to last?

Hi Justin – a good quality mattress should last at least 10 years if you treat it right!

I liked your tips for finding a new mattress for a good price. You said that it’s usually worth it to wait until mattress stores have sales on different holidays. I’ve noticed that too, so I should rethink my decision to buy a new bed in the summer and wait until the next holiday sale instead. Thanks for the tips!

Thanks for your tips on finding a good mattress. Very informative article. Could you recommend which mattress is good for muscle pain?

Thank you for the help. My wife and I are about to start visiting mattress stores to try to find a new mattress that meets our needs. I agree with watching for sales, as you suggested. What are the best places to check in order to keep up with current sales?

I like your tip to try buying online. My brother said that he got his mattress for almost half price online and got it delivered to his door. I would love to be able to get what I want and not have to drive it home!

Hi Jack – it is a big convenience! Many of the online options also offer a trial period (30-120 days, depending on the company) so you can really try the bed out before making your final decision. It is a hassle if you end up returning it, but I personally think it’s a lot less risky than buying in store (where you may lay on it for 5 minutes before making your decision).

Myhusband and I have been arguing about mattresses for a while now. He tends to like firm foam beds and I don’t love the slow sinking and stuck feeling of foam and prefer a softer bed. We have narrowed our choices down to the Saatva and I think the Winkbed (though we have also considered the helix). We are both quite slender and I have struggled with some chronic shoulder pain and pain from an autoimmune disease. He is a back sleeper while I am a side sleeper. What would you recommend for us?

Hi Tanya – two options, 1.) consider latex, it can be nice and firm for your husband, but it will not be slow-moving like memory foam. Option 2) go for a bed where you can customize each side of the mattress. The mattresses I’ve reviewed that fit in that category are Helix and Luxi.

buying a new mattress can be very expensive and daunting especially if we don’t know what to look for. I thinks It’s always worth the time to research it and get the best mattress possible because It’s my mattress, my back, and my money.

I’ll probably go with the loom and leaf.

Hey Joe–I got your email but am replying via this link you sent me per your instructions. I was looking at the Loom and Leaf bed. I know it’s your favorite, but do you think it’ll be good for us side-sleepers; for all our pressure points? I am leaning towards the Relaxed Firm. I just hope it’s not too firm in the shoulder areas. I love the fact that they offer a foundation and frame for purchase; not too many online companies offer that.

I was also looking at the Wink bed. Some other site recommended it to me as well based on my sleeping issues.

Thanks so much!!

Hi Ed – yes I do think L&L is a great option for side sleepers, though yes I would definitely go for the relaxed firm. With this mattress as well it does become a little less firm over the first 30 days, so if you do decide to go with it, give it a few weeks before really making your final assessment.

I will be 81 in Aug. (young 81) and I have spinal stenosis and rotator cuff aches. I am looking for an innerspring mattress and do not want a luxury price. Thank you!

Hi Katherine! I would start with my top innerspring mattress page, all great values on there in m opinion. Let me know if you have any follow up questions!

You have a nicely organized website to help mattress seekers find the right mattress for them . we will be ordering the Ghost Bed based on your review and will let you know how the mattress works out . thanks for your help . Michael G.

Wondering your thoughts on Brooklyn Bedding mattress. My husband and I both know we don’t like the feel of memory foam, and have been considering a latex mattress.

Hi Ella! Generally I love latex mattresses, and I think Brooklyn Bedding has a great product (you can see my full review here). Also check out my latex mattress reviews page for some other options, and let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

We can’t afford to be ripped off again. Changing foam mattress, or spring every few years. Can’t take it affordability wise or emotional wise. If you can tell me what is the best for people in pain chronic pain please, can you help us? We need the truth for once.

Hi Lorie – I hear you, sorry you’ve had some bad mattress experiences in the past! Honestly there isn’t one best bed for pain (I get that question a lot), whether it be innerspring, memory foam, or latex foam, it’s about finding a quality mattress that suits your sleeping style. What type of mattress do you prefer, and what are your main sleeping positions throughout the night?

Hi Joe, You post really good info, thank you! We have had 3 Serta iComfort in 5 1/2 years that keep getting deep sagging depressions that we sleep in. We are returning our latest next week for a full refund from Denver Mattress (they have really treated us well).. I weigh 200 and my wife 135, so we aren’t tiny but we aren’ huge either. We like a firm mattress and want it to not sag for 10 years. Are we really asking too much? I am looking at the Wink, Leesa, Saatva, Lull, Layla, and Purple. What do you think for a couple of side and stomach sleepers like us? Thanks, Paul in Mt.

Hi Paul – thanks for the kind words! Sorry to hear the current mattress is not working out, but glad that Denver Mattress is taking good care of you. With the brands you mentioned (WinkBeds, Leesa, Saatva, Lull, Layla, and Purple) you’re really all over the spectrum haha. If you’re looking at an innerspring mattress (WinkBeds or Saatva), I think WinkBeds would be a better fit for you since you are both a stomach and side sleeper (if you were one or the other, I would recommend Saatva). Layla is a good mattress, but definitely not firm (either side in my opinion), so I would cross that off your list. Leesa and Lull are pretty similar products, with Leesa being a bit more bouncy. Purple I actually really liked myself, but it’s kind of in a category all its own in terms of feel. I felt like it offered great support, but firmness is kind of hard to categorize for this one.

Sorry for a long winded response! But summary, from what you said I’d narrow it down to WinkBeds, Lull, Leesa, and Purple. I think any of them would be a great choice, let me know if there’s anything else you’re thinking about that might narrow down the list. Otherwise I think it just comes down to your preference.

Your reviews and comments have been very helpful so far. We are in the process of returning a foam mattress (Presidio Advance Memory Foam) from Costco because it is too firm for my wife, who suffers from lower back pain as a result of a ruptured disc as well as some neck pain. We are looking at your suggestions but are curious if you are familiar with any other mattresses offers, especially at the Novaform Serafina Pearl Memory foam. Here is the link:—Queen.product.10359386.html. Other than that, we are considering the ones you recommend, especially the Loom and Leaf and the Leesa. We are in Canada, so I am not sure if it will cost considerably more due to the exchange on our dollar. Any recommendations on mattresses that are available online in Canada?

I haven’t reviewed any of the mattresses from Costco personally, but I will say they have a very good reputation (as do most product lines in Costco). I know Leesa and Casper ship to Canada, Endy is the only company I recall that actually started in Canada, so maybe have a look at them as well.

Hi Joe, please let me know your opinion based on me being a side sleeper looking for a firmness level of a 6+/-. I am considering the Wink vs. Loom and Leaf relaxed firm and realize one is spring and the latter foam.
thank you!

Hi susan – start with my best sidesleeper picks, let me know if you have any specific questions on these options or if more recommendations would be useful!

Hi Joe, I recently spent a week at the Marriott and slept better than I have in years. After doing some research, I pretty much learned that the beds they sell on line are no longer the beds in the hotels (manufacturer was bought out by another firm). Also, there is no return/refund from, so not willing to take the risk. The bed we slept on was a Simmons Beautyrest Hyde Park Recharge plush (pocketed coil spring w/ levels of foam). I can’t find this model anywhere for sale as I think it is only for commercial use. That said, I began researching and decided that memory foam (after years of innerspring) was the best option. I am a side sleeper and wake up with shoulder and hip pain from a too firm mattress (didn’t bother me when I was younger). I am married and the thought of not having the bed shake when hubby gets in is appealing. I am used to a firm mattress so I don’t care too much for the full, sinking, hugging feeling of some memory foams. We also live in a warm climate so don’t want a lot of heat retention. I am down to two choices: the Loom and Leaf or the Alexander Hybrid. Is there any big difference in the feel btw these two that might help with my decision? Thank you. Marina

Hi Marina – so quick note (it seems you may know this already), although the Alexander Hybrid has pocket coils, it feels much more similar to a foam mattress than a spring mattress. So don’t expect the Beautyrest Recharge feel.

When talking L&L vs Alexander Hybrid, the biggest difference is the feel. L&L is classic memory foam, slow moving and great support. The AH has the pocket coils (and now offers a latex version), so it can have a lot more “bounce” to it. Neither is better than the other in terms of feel, it really comes down to preference. For a side sleeper, I think both are great options.

Other thing to note – Simmons will very frequently make small tweaks and rename a mattress. So even if you can’t find the exact model, you may be able to find the same/very similar mattress sold somewhere. If that still interests you, I’d go by a local store that sells the Recharge line and see if they have a Marriot mattress doppleganger ;).

thanks, joe We did purchase a memory foam mattress the one we got was the loom and leaf.
so far so good but it’s only been a couple of weeks. let’s see what my comments will be in a couple of years. Delivery was fantastic less than 8 days. pleasant and helpful people to talk to over the phone. Thanks for your blogs. they are very informative. keep up your good work

Thanks Roger – appreciate the short-term feedback, I always appreciate an annual update on here 😉

Good reviews. Have you ever tested/reviewed Mlilly mattress? i.e., Vitality? OSO?

Thanks Jose! I haven’t tried any of those three.

Hey Joe! Rachel from OSO here. We should chat…the OSO is dreamy! What’s the best way to reach out to you?

Any thoughts on Saatva or Zenhaven mattresses?

Plenty! Overall I like them a lot – though they’re made by the same company, very different feels. Check out my reviews of each (Saatva and Zenhaven) and let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Thanks for all the reviews on mattresses. Since you are around so many of these, is there a particular brand you would recommend for those of us who are sensitive to chemical smells and off-gassing and are trying to avoid the toxic chemicals within the mattresses? I really love memory foam (had a Tempurpedic) and I had to let it air out for a long time. I was able to sleep on it but I am now in the market for a new mattress and I don’t want to breathe in chemicals and deal with the off-gassing again. I also don’t like mattresses with springs. I’m trying to find a balance. I know nothing is 100% safe and ideally I’d like to spend around $1K but I will spend up to $2K if the mattress truly has everything I want. Thanks for your help!

Hi Joni! If you want a chemical-free foam mattress, natural latex is the only option (and actually my overall amongst my favorite materials, because I’m with you on the chemicals). The down side is that an all-natural mattress gets pretty expensive, and note that not all latex is natural. I’d look at PlushBeds, Spindle, and Zenhaven, and let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Wow, you are fast! Thanks so much for the feedback, Joe. Zenhaven is on my list. A bit intimidated by the weight and needing to have them flip it for you. What do you think about SleepEZ or Savvy? I know Savvy is running out of my price range but I like how both of these let you intermix the layers to customize, and it would make moving the mattress very easy to do. Both seem the same to me. I like that I can return SleepEZ whereas you can only exchange layers on the Savvy (and it is getting out of my price comfort zone). Thanks again!

Yes Zenhaven is quite heavy – but every latex mattress is incredibly heavy (all three of the natural ones I recommended were quite an ordeal to get up the stairs)! I haven’t personally tested SleepEZ or Savvy yet – they have very good reputations in terms of quality, only thing is the price is quite high.

Am considering Loom & Leaf twin XL mattress(2 for a king bed)… does it perform with an adjustable bed w/ a massage function? Do u recommend anyone brand of adjustable bed? Thanks !

I haven’t tested L&L with an adjustable bed (much less massage function), so sorry I can’t be of help there! I don’t delve too much into adjustable beds, but I hear great things about Reverie.

Looking to replace a tempurpedic about 15 years old. Husband sleeps very hot and sweats a lot. Lots of motion transfer too despite the memory foam. We both snore on our backs. Would prefer something that works with a platform frame not a boxspring base. Any thoughts? Budget isn’t huge!

Sounds like you’re looking for a memory foam option that might have some cooling? I’d start with my best memory foam options and go from there, these will all be great for motion transfer.

Hey Joe,
I want you to know that I’m so glad that I found you! I’m a 23 year old with a new steady job at a law firm. As of TODAY, I’ve been feeling severe back pain in my mid back. I know it’s because of my mattress. I sleep on a twin mattress at my parents’ house, and they keep buying me mattresses to hold me over until the next mattress needs to be bought, so my mattresses usually run about $300. This time I’m paying for my own and looking at making an investment. I had done some research on mattresses and had come across the Helix. I absolutely loved that they personalized everything to my height, weight, amount that I sweat at night, etc.. I’m on medications that do make me sweat at night. I also suffer from depression, so I frequently find myself in bed during my down time because I just feel better in my bed. Because of my being in bed so much, I can wear out a mattress with springs rather quickly. That’s why I was so interested in Helix. I also came across the Purple recently & now I’m torn. My main focuses are not sweating at night, not waking up with back pain (I sit at a desk all day), and having a very durable bed. I don’t want to need to “flip” my mattress or sleep with my back at an unnatural angle to feel comfortable (btw, I’m a side sleeper, sometimes back). If we can find firm pillows as well that are firm and keep my spine in alignment but my head elevated, that would be great (I have chronic sinusitis, so elevation is good. Hypoallergenic would also be good). I’d love to have more energy so I can feel like working out again, and starting with restful sleep is so important! If the dimensions of my body are concerning to you or make any difference, I’m 5’10, 230 lbs, very muscular bottom, lordosis of the spine.

Thank you so much for any advice! I know there are a lot of factors to figure out what is best for me, but anything in the right direction would be great!

Hi Kari!

Helix and Purple are two great options, I like them both personally! In terms of sleeping cool, Purple is a better option – Helix does well for a foam mattress – but I’ve heard some people that are very sensitive to heat complain about it sleeping hot (though I don’t know what “settings” they chose for the mattress). Purple is a really unique feel, really hard to compare to other mattresses – but personally I liked it. Both are great for pressure relief and spinal alignment.

When talking durability, both are relatively new, so it’s difficult to forecast (I’m thinking 5-10 years out). Helix foam specs look good though (density), and Purple material is apparently great for durability, though I’m just taking their word for it at this point.

Hope that helps in terms of mattress! You’re right to think that pillows are a very important aspect of the back pain as well. Personally my favorite pillow is the Easy Breather from Nest Bedding – I have the shredded latex option, great feel and you can adjust the firmness. It’s not the firmest pillow out there (there are a number of memory foam pillows that are quite firm), but this one struck the right balance for me personally.

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

I ending up purchasing a Brooklyn Bedding best mattress ever. I am very pleased and your review of this mattress influenced my decision…thank you!

Great Paula, so glad you like it!

Thanks for your help Joe! I ordered the Loom & Leaf mattress and it arrived yesterday. I’m hoping it’s a winner, but I am relieved that I have 75 nights to figure that out. Your site really helped me make this difficult decision. I’ll write again to let you know if I liked my choice. Thanks again!

Thanks for the kind words Danielle, hope L&L treats you right!

We are looking to purchase a memory foam or hybrid mattress. We are going to use it on an adjustable frame. Are there any of these types that will not work on an adjustable frame? Such as L&L, Lull, Novosbed or Helix? Thanks in advance!

Hi Stephanie! All should be fine on an adjustable frame.

How do you determine how much your lower back is sinking in on a foam bed? I’m new to foam , always had coils which I have come to hate

It’s not constant, different people will sink in different amounts (on the same mattress) based on their weight and body distribution. It’s really all about spinal alignment, which is hard to get a visual on if you’re laying on your back – but should be easier to feel out if you already have the mattress.

I’m looking for a soft feeling mattress. I’m a side sleeper but also wake up with low back pain. Just retired my sterns and foster and bought a saavta, Leesa and on purple for my kids rooms, trying out the beds. They all feel too firm – any suggestions for a softer feel? Thanks

Hi Sarah! I’d go for a mattress with firmness options, and get the softest (Saatva, Novosbed, Brooklyn Bedding off the top of my head). Layla is also quite soft as well.

Considering Loom & Leaf or Botanical Bliss Latex for adjustable bed……Will the thickness of the L & L hinder the massage function of the AB? Thanks!

Hi Ann! I actually haven’t tested AB (with or without massage), so I can’t speak to it. Let me know how it works out if you go with L&L (or a similarly thick mattress). Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

I think I accidentally tried to reply instead of leave a comment!

Joe I’ve been researching beds for a few weeks now, and each site seems to list a different bed as their #1, and the all seem to review a different selection of beds, the choices are so vast. How do I decide which bed to get? Here’s my list of the top ones from various sites I’ve visited. We are predominantly side sleepers but I classify us as combo-sleepers.

The LUCID 14″
Sleep Innovations Shiloh
Amerisleep Liberty
Next Alexander Signature
The Hyphen

I just can’t figure out how we are supposed to make a decision!

Hi Marc – the nature of mattresses is that everyone has different preferences/priorities, so everyone will have a different #1 choice (probably). It’s really about finding the best mattress for you, not the absolute best mattress for everyone.

Of those three I’ve reviewed the Amerisleep, Nest Alexander, and the Hyphen. All good options, but different feels. In terms of “bounciness” I’d rank them:

Hyphen > Nest Alexander > Amerisleep

Price, as you know, is:

Amerisleep > Nest Alexander > Hyphen

In terms of sleeping cool (in order of “coolest”), I’d rank them:

Amerisleep > Hyphen > Nest Alexander

Amerisleep has the celliant technology as well, which is of interest for some people that like that technology (I don’t recommend based on that because I don’t personally really understand the technology).

Overall – there are a lot of choices! If you can zero in on the feel and budget, I say find a brand that speaks to you that has a nice sleep trial and pull the trigger.

We wound up buying a Lull. Your reviews really helped us makes our decision. We got it “up and running” last Thursday and my back has been feeling better ever since. Thanks for all of the good information you provided.

So glad you found one you like Jill, thank you for the kind words on my reviews!

After searching,reading and looking and looking I went with Acme Bedding. Had forgotten that I had them make me a mattress years ago. They are a family owned business,for years. They will deliver,set it up and remove my old one. Made exactly the way I wanted and if it is still not quite right, they come back,for free and fix it. They make each mattress as the orders come in. Tonight will be my first night sleeping on it. Oh,and the price was reasonable. Full size mattress,box springs and frame. $865.45

Glad you found one you like Marchien! I’ve heard good things about Acme Bedding, but I haven’t tried them myself.

I currently have a Leesa mattress which i have exchanged once due to sinkage. The newer one is still unsatisfactory – too much sinking & hugging. Back pain, stiffness & toss&turn throughout night. am deciding between Purple & Winkbed. I want great support. I found the Leesa did Not offer that, but i see many people Do find it supportive. I hate memory foam, prefer to sort of float in a plush way. have a bad spine with degeneration, weigh 100 pounds, cannot have anything ‘soft’ or sinking as it really hurts. I definitely need to sleep cool. I sleep all different ways during night, stomach, side & back, back least frequent. Purple looks good as does Winkbed. Am stuck here….would love some input. thanks.

Hi there! Purple and WinkBeds both have great support – especially for a lighter person like yourself, I think the sinking in will be minimal with those two.

Decided on a loom and leaf for my wife and I. So far so good! And I also just ordered a Casper for my son. Should get it next week. Your site was very helpful, thank you.

Great hope they work out well Todd! Will be interested to see how you think they compare!

I really havent thought about Tempurpedic because of its price point,,I do have a Ghost bed & Leesa,,Leesa is ok,,but my Ghost Bed is better overall for me,,with less sinkage,little more firmness,,I have thought about EveSleep while reading the reviews & specs on EveSleep,,it comes closest to Ghost Bed for me.

Hi Felix – Yes Ghostbed has a very similar construction and feel to Eve Sleep. Are these for different rooms, or are you looking for something besides Ghostbed?

I am looking for an all latex for its durability and comfort. Also, I am a heavier user and I don’t want it to fall apart. My wife and I don’t want an innerspring either due to ours being rock hard and we want to do an adjustable bed, split king. Since we need to buy the bed, we don’t want to break the bank with the price of the mattress but need the quality. Also, my wife is a side sleeper and I am a stomach sleeper with neck and back problems respectively. Now you can see why it’s taken me awhile.
Any advice will be well received.

Hi Jose – first bed that pops to mind is Ghostbed, they are very durable (above-average for the online market) and are great value. Let me know if more recs would be useful!

Hi Joe,
I am suffering on a 35 year old bed! We recently purchased a latex topper for the guest room and have dragged it on top of our old mattress to “tide us over.” We’re very close to making a decision. At the moment I am leaning toward the Zenhaven. Are you still favorably disposed to that one? I am worried that, if we choose the wrong side to place “up,” that it will be impossible for us to flip the mattress.


Hi Linda – wow that bed has gotten some mileage! Zenhaven is a great mattress, I personally am a big fan of the natural latex. So Zenhaven is white glove delivery, so don’t worry about getting it set up the first time – though I hear you, flipping a mattress is a pain, especially Zenhaven because it is especially heavy. If you’re worried you won’t be able to flip it, you probably won’t be able to. That being said, you should probably flip it at most twice (back and forth after a period of trial on each, if necessary), so maybe plan on asking for help from friends/family/neighbords if necessary.

Hi. I want to get a memory foam mattress, but I have 1 special requirement: I do NOT want one that runs cool, as I have difficulty staying warm in the winter. Could you help me out?

The opposite of most people’s requests haha! I’m not sure if you’re on memory foam now – big thing to note is that memory foam is the warmest sleeping surface, so when I say “sleeps cool”, it is very relative. So if you’re on another type of mattress now, I wouldn’t worry about being too cold on any memory foam mattress, even if it brags about sleeping very cool. If you want an especially warm memory foam mattress – I might take a look at Helix. There you can say how hot/cool you want the mattress to be, so they will adjust based on your preference. Also big thing that people overlook with heat is the sheets – make sure you have a high-thread count sheet, less breathability, that will keep you very warm generally.

I received the email from your site that asked if I had chosen a mattress and that I let you know. And that if not, I could get recommendations. I have chosen a mattress and I have been trying to sleep on it since Tuesday with little luck… so now I am looking for recommendations as well. I went with the Saatva. (luxury firm) I simply cannot get comfortable on it. It is lovely, and I can sit in bed and read somewhat comfortably, but when I roll over to try to sleep, I feel completely mis-aligned and I cannot find a comfortable position. I am a side and stomach sleeper. I’m not even comfortable on my back. I slept better on my previous, 16 year old Serta. The thing is, I can’t tell whether it is too firm, or too soft. It is very weird.
So, I am wondering a few things – should there be a “breaking in” period? If so, how long should I give it?
If not, and this has to go back, what now? Should I give WinkBeds a try? My biggest concern with them is that while they will refund you for the mattress, you get stuck with the expensive foundation if you don’t love their bed. (I think I am correct about that?)
Any advice you have would be very appreciated!
Thank you,

Hi Lisa,

Sorry Saatva isn’t working out! There is usually a brekaing in period, so I’d give it another week or two if it’s not too terrible. WinkBeds I also like – but I’m not sure I can give more guidance than that since I’m not sure exactly why you don’t like the Saatva (they are similar in many ways). You don’t need the WinkBeds foundation (any foundation will do), so if you’re worried about that, I’d say just get a separate foundation.

We did purchase a mattress from Brooklyn Mattress. Service was good (received on 3rd business day)’
We bought a medium and put both a fiber topper as well as a good mattress pad (no memory foam for us) At first it was too hard and I contacted Brooklyn. They said give it some time and after about 10 days it has softened some and seems like it will be OK. Only a tiny bit of out-gassing when first opened and it was completely gone by the 2nd day. They provided free pillows which were worthless for our purposes and we donated them to a local charity.

Thanks for the assessment David, hope it keeps treating you well! I’m about to review the pillows, what specifically did you not like about them?

You’re opinion on Sealy mattress!

That’s a very broad question, because they have many many mattresses! I’m planning on reviewing a few of them over the next 6 months, keep an eye out!

We bought a King sized GhostBed after going back and forth on a few different models, we’ve been sleeping on it for about 14-nights and my husband and I both hate it. It’s way too firm, it takes us ages to fall asleep we both toss and turn and wake up incredibly sore and stiff. We’ve tried it on a slatted bed frame, a box spring and on the floor. We’ve tried Sheex and Brooklinen sheets. I’m a side sleeper, my husband is mostly side and occasionally back. We’re going to tough it out the 30-days and then return. What should we try next?

Hi Lacey – sorry to hear it’s not working out! What drew you to it in the first place? I would start with my latex mattress page, let me know if more specific recs would be useful!

My wife and I are looking for a new mattress after about 20 years on an innerspring. I think we want a memory foam, but I am a little worried about being hot. My wife has no such worriy. I am a bigger guy at about 240 pounds and I have shoulder issues. I normally sleep on my stomach and side and my wife prefers to sleep on her back and side. I want to spend $800 or less on a king size bed.I like the idea of the Brentwood Bamboo Gel 13, but your review saying it sleeps a little warmer has me concerned. Any suggestions?

Hi Justin – a lot of the memory foam mattresses are doing a lot to sleep as cool as possible (gel infused, going for better air flow, etc) but they still sleep warmer than other options on average. If sleeping cool is a big priority, but you want to go foam, have you considered latex? You could go hybrid as well (latex on top of memory foam) if you really want the feel of memory foam in there.

My girlfriend and I are both side sleepers who weigh 145 and 170 lbs respectively. We love the feeling of the Temperpedic Tempur-cloud Luxe Ultra-Soft. We like to be able to sink deep into the mattress and aren’t too worried about sleeping hot. We’re considering the Loom and Leaf relaxed but worry it wont be plush enough compared to the temperpedic. We are looking at the Novosbed Soft despite it’s slightly higher price tag. What do you suggest will best mimic the Tempur-cloud Luxe Ultra-Soft? Thanks.

I think in terms of the soft feel, the Novosbed Soft will be a better option for you guys. L&L doesn’t have the soft feel like the Tempur-Cloude Luxe Ultra-Soft.

Any brand recommendations on a latex mattress??

Definitely – check out my best latex mattress options.

Hey Joe- thanks for the tips. I am curious; of all the mattresses you’ve tried, which one has the LEAST motion transfer? I bought a high quality pocketed coil Serta mattress two years ago and have significant motion transfer issues with my partner (restless leg syndrome, etc.). It’s come to the point where I am considering putting two extra-long twins together or separate beds entirely, but want to give the one-bed idea one more try. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hi Bob, if you want as little motion transfer as possible, go for high quality memory foam. You’ll have essentially zero motion transfer with this. I’d start with Loom & Leaf, Amerisleep, and Novosbed.

I responded to a previous email asking whether I had purchased a mattress. Answer- no. I did purchase a Reverie 5-D Adjustable Base Split King.
I need a split King. I am considering an all latex mattress from Mattress Factory in Glendale Arizona. I am a heavy user 275+, back sleeper with back problems, my wife is a much lighter, side sleeper with neck problems. Any thoughts or suggestions. What do you know about the company and their. They specialize in toppers but provide a DIY feature and pre made mattress, all natural latex, in Dunlop. Jose

Hi Jose – sorry I haven’t heard any thing about Mattress Factory. Great choice on the Reverie, hope it treats you well!

Still not sure . Love the Simmons beauttresr Black label plush Clermont. Unfortunately it’s $3,700
I like a plush mattress that envelops you … But a hybrid . Not sure Wink or Saavta is soft enough so afraid to move forward

Softest option from Saatva and Winkbeds would be Saatva soft.

I am looking for a good mattress. I’ m a heavy person (270 lbs.) and need a mattress that works with an adjustable frame ( both head and foot lift ) I’m one of those people that sleeps in every position. Another thing is that it is very important that I stay cool. Years ago I spent the night on a foam mattress and couldn’t understand why I was so hot even thou the air was set at 69. I found out later that the mattress was foam. My first thought was to look at the sleep # . I know, very expensive and I’m afraid it may cause me to sweat. What are your thoughts on my dilemma? I am tired of looking. There are just too many choices and everyone thinks their mattress is the best. Help. P. S. I sleep alone and would like a Queen size.

Hi Linda – they have generally improved memory foam to make it sleep cooler, but if you’re very sensitive to heat I’d say go latex (if you want foam), or stick with innerspring. At 270 lbs I would say take a look at WinkBeds – they work with an adjustable frame, sleeps very cool, and have a special model for heavy people (this is not advertised on their website, so either call in/email them for details). If you’re looking at latex, Ghostbed (hybrid) and PlushBeds (natural latex) are my go-to recs, depending on your budget.

Can you tell me more about the value of customization at Helix? I’m leaning either Loom and Leaf or Saatva, but haven’t decided which type of mattress is best for us. We’ve been on a Purple for 8 nights now, and I wake up in pain every day. We are replacing a spring mattress with a 2″ foam topper, and unless the Purple gets a lot better fast, it’s not staying around. I’m primarily a side sleeper, and my wife sleeps on her back most, with some on the side.

Hi Richard – sorry Purple isn’t working out! Definitely a very unique feel with that one.

Loom & Leaf and Saatva really comes down to memory foam vs innerspring. Helix is somewhere in the middle – definitely feels more like foam than spring, but the foam is much “faster-moving”, giving it a little more bounce.

With Helix truly I only tested one version (via my test results), so I can’t speak too well to the spectrum that comes out after the quiz. However generally I hear good feedback on the site from people that have a Helix. Most people really value the ability to choose the firmness level, which is nice when many Helix competitors offer only one firmness option.

We are looking to purchase a memory foam or hybrid mattress. We are going to use it on an adjustable frame. Are there any of these types that will not work on an adjustable frame? Such as L&L, Lull, Novosbed or Helix? Thanks in advance!

Hi Join – all you mentioned should be great for an adjustable frame!

I have had a high quality spring mattress for 11 years and it has seen better days. I have never slept on a foam mattress. There is so much being written about how comfortable they are. Is there really that much of a benefit from them? How would you recommend I find out. I am not averse to “making the switch” buy don’t know how to jump in in. Do you have any suggestions on brand for a newbie?

Hi Jon – it’s definitely a great feel in my opinion, but it really comes down to preference. My two cents – go with one of the online options that have a god trial period (many have up to 120 nights). You should sleep on the mattress for at least a few weeks to see if you like the new feel. If you do, great! If not, send it back and go innerspring.

My wife and I like memory foam but are concerned about quickly making deep, permanent impressions in the foam that make the mattress uncomfortable. (This has been a common complaint from friends of ours.) Is this just something unavoidable, or are some mattresses out there simply much better at continuously returning to their original shape? We’re not large people, but we both sleep in multiple positions at night. Thanks for your help!

Hi Jason – you’re going to see some permanent impressions over time, but quick deep impressions are a sign of a low quality memory foam mattress. If you invest in a quality one, this should not be an issue for you, especially if you’re not heavy.

That’s what I gathered. We’re leaning toward Loom and Leaf, for that matter, but there’s a lot of good stuff said quality wise about ghostbed (among others, of course) and the price point is attractive. Is there a difference in impression between latex and memory foam?

Hi Jason – they both can get impressions, it’s more about the quality of the foam that results in lasting impressions (lower quality = more impression quicker). Both of these are of similar foam quality I’d say.

I had my choices narrowed down to Helix and Dromma. I ended up getting the Dromma which I have now slept on for 5 nights. I’m not so sure I made the right choice…we’ll see. I got the Soft/Medium, but I’m not sure I’m going to think it’s soft enough in the long-run.

Hi Linda – I haven’t tried Dromma yet, would love to hear more about your experience after a few weeks!

spending hours researching. just paid 1200 and its got to go back. my problem being material does not spring back. i have to keep avoiding area that was slept on because it dips and back is very stiff in a.m. currently thinking a 7″ Sleep on Latex, but do i get a firm or med top. oy vay this is all too much. liked ghostbed yesterday, lull day before. it all very depressing since time and money are both scarce. any advice?

Hi Erin – sorry you didn’t end up with a winner! Which one did you end up sending back? I’ve heard good things about Sleep On Latex, but I haven’t personally tried it myself. GhostBed will have more of a latex feel, Lull some but a little less so. Both good options, similar with just slightly different feels.

Love your mattress reviews – good information and well written – thank you! The most important thing for me is how cool a mattress stays. Just stretching out on a Temperpedic for a couple of minutes was enough for me to know that’s the wrong way to go. Any suggestions?

If cool is the most important thing – I’d try to get away from memory foam. Are you open to latex or innerspring? If you really like the memory foam feel, maybe a layer of latex on top of memory foam (think Ghostbed, Casper, etc).

We are looking to get our first memory foam mattress, we are primarily side and back sleepers. We don’t suffer from any sort of back pain, but the one thing I do notice now is what I wake up from sleeping on my side, it feels like my shoulder has been compressed in and it aches a bit. Here is what I have our search narrowed down too:

The LUCID 14”
Sleep Innovations Shiloh
Amerisleep Liberty
Next Alexander Signature
The Hyphen

Any insight?

Hi Marc – I haven’t tried the LUCID or Sleep Innovations yet, so I won’t speak to those. Of the next three, I’d say Amerisleep would probably be my top pick in terms of my favorite, though they all have fairly similar feels and would be fine options for side sleepers.

I’m tired and still confused about what do do for a new mattress.
1) Husband & I are in our 70s
2) We now have an old King Tempurpedic which way back when was very comfortable. However, it did take a long time to air out and off-gas.
3) I can no longer sleep on it because of sciatic hip pain. He is still very comfortable on it.
4) I have been sleeping on a 3-cushion leather couch… Cushions are starting to go flat.
5) We spent hours at a Mattress Firm store and conceded to buy a new Tempurpedic Split-King with individual controls… Don’t recall the exact model name as by morning we came to our senses and said the price was way beyond an acceptable cost for us.
6) I have slept comfortably at a Hampton Inn… the mattress seemed to cushion me but…
7) My husband is a toss & turner and I don’t know if he’d been sleeping there too, would I have been tossed up & down.
8) SO NOW… We’ve decided that the motorized beds are out of our price range and we have to find a mattress that will suit our needs.
9) I keep reading about the Latex, then the various Foam types, and the Combinations of each plus Innerspring combinations as well.
10) I keep walking away from the computer still not knowing what to do.
11) Yes, I see that there are trial periods… The trouble with that is, once they take away our old box spring & mattress, what’s to sleep on if we have to return the “trial” mattress? Nothing but the floor?
12) You are absolutely right though about not being able to tell if a mattress will work for you by testing it out in a store… You have to actually sleep on it unless your a light-weight spring chicken, in which case you can sleep just about anywhere on anything. That’s not us anymore!
13) Along with that point, we are not in good enough shape or health to do the Bed-in-a-Box mattress.

There you have it! I’m still confused.

Hi Du – thanks for your message! I would start by looking at Loom & Leaf – it is the most similar feel to Tempur-pedic at a lower price range, and they do white glove delivery (no bed-in-a-box). They do a trial, but no way around the in-between time if you decide to return it (I’d say keep your current mattress on hand until you have a winner if you have the space).

My husband and I are both side/back sleepers- occasionally I also sleep somewhat on my stomach. I have been looking into a new mattress and have found 3 I think are good but I’m still unsure. Top 3 in no particular order are- ghost bed, Leesa, and the purple. My husband is an active guy and weighs about 205. I am tall and have 3 little kids and am about 165- and our 5 month old also tends to sleep on our bed too. We want a mattress that will stay somewhat cool- we live in the Northwest and love it! We currently have the mattress they sell at Costco and haven’t had it for 5 years and you can see the indents where we sleep. Oh and we want/need it to be a king. I am aware the purple is the most expensive and slimiest-not by much, but my husband thinks their “commercial” is pretty cleaver.

Hi Rach – If you’re looking at cooling, I think Purple is actually the best bet. The other two also slept cool in my experience as well, so I don’t think you’d be going wrong with either, but the gel on purple retains very little heat.

I purchased a Leesa Queen a few months back,,it started out fine,after several months sleeping on it,,I found out its not my cup of tea,,not firm enough,,on a scale of firmness,,I give it a 6.2,,maybe,,doesn’t support my lower back as I expected,,I feel like Papa Bear trying to find my sweet spot/mattress.

What about Novosbed and Endy as compare to Loom & Leaf. I have very bad neck and shoulder pain. Normal weight (52Kg)

Hi Myra – I think of Novosbed and Loom & Leaf as very similar quality and similar feel, Endy also a great mattress but a step down in quality (reflected by the price as well, btw).

I have a Tuft and Needle. While it supports my back and hips well, I wake up with hurting shoulders as I am a side sleeper. Any suggestions? Too bad cause I wanted to love this mattress…

Hi Betsy – I think of the Tuft & Needle as pretty firm, so I usually don’t recommend it for side sleepers. If you want to stick with T&N, you could add a mattress topper on top to make it feel softer.

My wife and I are looking for a king mattress. We have been sleeping on a tempurpedic . I weight 350 lbs so I am having problems with the weight capacity of many of the mattresses.
Do you have a recommendation for me ?

Hi Bill – I’d take a look at Loom & Leaf and Amerisleep, both have a feel that can be compared to Tempur-pedic and should hold up well for higher weights.

My husband and I are side and side/back sleepers, ages 65 and 59 respectively. I have some arthritis that can cause shoulder and hip pain. We have a 14 year old Tempurpedic that is starting to break down a bit. We would like to find an excellent new mattress for less than a new Tempurpedic! We’ve been lookink at the Amerisleep Colonial but then saw your review of the Loom and Leaf. Hard to know which is a better choice. Any thoughts?
Thanks so much!

Just to explain a little more: The reason we thought the Amerisleep Colonial might be right is the softness/firmness level. We had tried a Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme in a store as the Amerisleep rep suggested we do to get a rough idea. It felt pretty good, but we were only on it for 5 to 10 minutes.
The reason we are wondering about the Loom & Leaf is because they will set it up for us and because it is even less expensive than the Amerisleep. But I am a little concerned that even the relaxed firm will be too firm for my hip and shoulder.
I should also mention that I weigh only 105 lbs and I’ve been told that this will make any mattress feel firmer than it might for a more average wieght person. Do you know if this is true?

Hi Shelah – sorry for the slow response!

1.) Yes being lighter can make a bed feel firmer – beds are designed with a certain weight in mind, usually higher than that, and you are often meant to sink in to a few layers of foam. Since you’re light, that will happen less for you, which can change the feel of a mattress generally.

2.) Yes I found L&L relaxed firm to be a bit firmer than average. If you want something that will definitely feel soft/plush, I think Amerisleep Colonial is the way to go.

Last thing 🙂
The Amerisleep $200 off promo ends tonight. If at all possible, it sure would be great to hear back from you today! TIA

We bought the Helix. Can’t move around on it during love play at our age, feel like sludging through quicksand. Plus have just had it a month and last night my hips were aching again with side sleeping. Have myofascial pain syndrome so looking for something really good with pressure points. Any recommendations?

Hi Cort – sounds like you might prefer an all-latex mattress, it will be pressure reliving but give you more bounce than the Helix.

Just bought a Tuft and Needle recently. While my back and hips like it, my shoulders don’t – yes, I am a side sleeper. I am looking for another mattress. I worry about soft ones supporting my back well but want my shoulders to feel better. I haven’t had much experience with memory foam but I know that I don’t like to sink in too much. I get hot flashes as night so something relatively cool would be good – preferably under $1000. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi Betsy – yes T&N is on the firmer side, so generally I don’t recommend it for side sleepers. I’d start with my best under $1k or best for side sleepers picks, let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Trying to figure memory foam or latex

Both good options – depends on your preferences, what are you looking for?

my comment is a ?? i feel a need to go from queen size up to king. i need the extra 16-18″ width to accommodate a beloved pup who will not sleep unless between myself and my wife. there is talk of”edge weakness” in describing the saatva mattress. would that problem negate my attempt to gain the extra 16″ width ? many thanks in advance.

Hi James – it wouldn’t totally negate it, but a mattress with good edge support definitely makes the mattress feel bigger.

I have lower back problems. I use a memory foam mattress now, but its old. What do you recommend?

Hi Nancy – a new quality mattress is probably a good solution for your lower back pain (at least something to try), but which one really depends on your preferences, sleeping position, budget, material likes/dislikes, etc. Let me know if you have more info to share on your preferences as you cruise around the site!

LOVE your site and comparisons. I’ve narrowed down my choices to Winkbed or Saatva. I’m a side sleeper exclusively and have had problems with my shoulder/arm and always have back pain – -oh and neck pain from pillow issues. Husband just wants less transfer of motion. We are not big or heavy people (160 and 135). From your videos, the Saatva appears to have a bit more softness on top than the Winkbed – I’m leaning toward Saatva for this reason. Any comments, questions or other input that will help me settle the choice? Thanks!

Bought a Wink bed. Just received and it seems very firm. I will let you know if it works or if I need to return it.

Hi Joe,
This whole mattress shopping thing is seriously confusing and I’m not really sure where to start. As soon as I find a mattress I want to buy based on one mattress review site’s recommendations, another gives it a lower rating and casts doubt on that decision!

Can you recommend a mattress category for me to start with? I’m 54 years old, fit at 155 pounds and in good overall health, but I am about to have a hip replacement in a couple of weeks. I’ve worn my body out from years of athletic pursuits and hard physical labor, so I wake up with lots of aches and pains. I sleep on my back most of the time and occasionally my side and have been sleeping on a coil spring mattress for the last ten years since my waterbed gave up the ghost. 🙂 I like the plush feel of a pillow top mattresses I’ve experienced at decent hotels, as well as the support they seem to afford. It will be only myself on the mattress.

So do you have a recommendation for a category to start with, or any one certain mattress that stands out for someone like me? I’m OK with spending $1000, give or take a hundred or so, as I want lasting quality.

Thank you for your help! Great website!!


Hi Steve – with the hip replacement, you’re definitely going to want a big focus on pressure relief. I’d look at memory foam or innerspring hybrids to start.

Thanks for the reply Joe! You are a man of your word. I have been leaning towards the Saatva or the Loom and Leaf, but then I read your Wink Bed review and really like the idea of it. Based on your reply, it sounds like that might be a good choice. Thanks for all your help and for what you do! Steve

I have had my Loom and Leaf for 1 week now. So far we like it.

So happy I found your website reviews! I think we’ve narrowed our choices down to either Saatva (their luxury firm/standard) or Winkbed. From your video review, the Saatva appears just a little softer on the top – which I like. Husband and I are side sleepers and I have back trouble and neck pain. We are 5’8 160lbs & 5’2″ 133 lbs. Do you have any additional thoughts or input to help me settle the choice?

I think the feel is ultimately the decider between these two – so the videos speak best!

Hey joe , your website was a great help in my choosing a mattress . I never really thought much about mattresses in the past usually buying one in a store after laying on it for 5 minutes or so .. Your website had so much valuable information . I decided to purchase a loom and leaf relaxed firm . Should get it next week .

Thanks for the kind words Eric! Hope you really like the Loom & Leaf, let me know if you have any questions or feedback after trying it out for yourself!

Joe, I’ve appreciated all the information and buying support that you offer through your articles and mattress reviews. I agree with your observation, that finding the right mattress can be a challenge given the many options. I would like to ask for your thought on a couple memory foam mattresses. You rate the Loom and Leaf as a top choice, but also have recommended Tempur-pedic as a solid memory foam option, other then the higher cost. Side by side, with cost being equal, or a non-factor, how would you compare the two mattress options? From my review, price aside, it seems the Tempur-pedic is the top choice for a best quality memory foam mattress?

Hi Tom – Tempur-pedic has a variety of models, so hard to compare broadly. However yes I would say if price was absolutely no consideration, a high-end Tempur-pedic would beat the L&L for me.

Hi Joe, thanks for all of the very thorough research. With more and more online options out there, the online shopping experience can be just as confusing as the actual store. I was hoping you could make a recommendation – I am moving into a new place and want to upgrade my mattress. I really love the feel and experience of sleeping on a high end hotel chain bed, and was wondering if you had any recommendations that match that experience. I was leaning towards a Leesa just for the design and quality but would love your input. Thanks!

Hi Kevin – appreciate the kind words! Hotel beds are often medium-firm hybrids because these are the feel that will please the most people. I’d check out WinkBeds or Saatva to start. If you have a specific hotel mattress in mind, let me know and I’ll see if I can recommend something similar (assuming it’s not for sale).

Thanks for all your great reviews. I ended up choosing Layla for the copper infused foam….cooling, decreased inflammation, joint relief. We’ll see after I’ve tried it for a few months.

Hi Bren – glad you found the blog useful, let me know how you like Layla after a few weeks!

How does the loom and leaf compare to the brentwood home 13″ gel matress? I recently bought the brentwood and it causing both my wife and I back pain.

Hi Sam – I think the Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13″ is great value, but you will get a higher quality mattress by paying more for Loom & Leaf (in my opinion).

We bought the queen Purple — have only had it 3 days but we are pretty sure we are in love with it! Both of us are sleeping better already and the morning aches and pains are gone!

Glad you found one you like Gail!

When you talk about edge support, is that about sitting on the edge or sleeping near the edge?

Both – people care about it for different reasons, but same concept.

I haven’t bought a mattress yet. I am waiting til I have some more bills paid off. I think I will have to buy a foam mattress, as an innerspring mattress will not go up the stairs to my bedroom, nor do I have a window It will fit through. I am tempted by the helix due to what would seem the quality to price range and the no interest payment options.

Hi Joe,
We’ve been through so many different mattresses and have yet find the one that lasts! We had paid for high ends, to furniture store quality ones. My husband has back pain issues and he needs relief! He likes a firmer type luxury mattress, but I like the ‘sleeping on clouds’ feeling of a memory foam bed. We never have issues with sleeping hot before, but having issues with sagging defects within two years of any new mattress! We’re under 150 lbs each. Which brand, type would you recommend? I’m leaning between Amerisleep and Ll. Please help!

Hi Mimi – Amerisleep is definitely amongst my top memory foam options, especially in the luxury category. It’s definitely better than most memory foam options in terms of sleeping hot. Unfortunately I can’t personally test Amerisleep for durability (long term), but they’ve been around a while with strong marks so I expect they will hold up well.

hi joe. nope i haven’t bought a mattress yet. i am looking for latex or foam. i have a pillow top lady americana mpw….and found out it’s really difficult to buy sheets for a 19″ mattress. it’s also uncomfortable to sleep on a “cloud” it’s got no substance. the most comfortable mattress I’ve been on was at a Marriott Courtyard.even if it was hard, no pain in the morning. I have shoulder, neck, and back pain on the home mattress. I sleep on my side or propped up to avoid snoring.

Hi joe would you be able to compare the simmons hotel diamond mattress at the brick in canada to world class in usa. thanks steve

Hi Steve – I’ll put them on the list for future reviews, thanks for the suggestion!

I have shoulder, hip and back pain. Lull or Casper?

Hi Carly! I think both can be a good option for hip and back pain. They just have slightly different feels, so really depends on your preference in that regard.

After reading your various reviews I think I am narrowed down to Layla or Helix or Purple. I am a side sleeper, I have 5 herniated discks, 3 cervical 2 lower lumbar. I have terrible back & shoulder pain problems, but after reading your site I believe I am not aligned right due to my ancient mattress. I’m (today!) 58, 5′ 7″, 128 lbs, Fe. I do get hot sleeping. What firmness & support level should I have? Which brand would be best for me or you know of one more suitable? I sleep alone.

I’ve zeroed in on the Loom & Leaf for a new mattress purchase. Now I’m trying to decide between the “Relaxed Firm” (rated at 6/10 firmness) and the “FIrm” (rated at 8/10). I’d much rather order the correct firmness on the first try, than to have to do an exchange.

I’m a 6’3″, 285 lb male with sleep apnea. I have chronic lower back pain & get up 2-3 nights per week with leg cramps. I typically rotate between back and side sleeping 2-3 times per night.

I’m tending toward the “firm” model based on my weight and the idea that it might last longer for someone of my size. I’d appreciate any insights you might have to help me make the right choice.



Hi Tom – if you like a pretty firm mattress, the firm option is probably right for you. You’re right that the heavier you are, the more you’ll sink into the mattress (of course). I’d start there.

I think I do NOT want a memory foam mattress or any one that will cause me to sweat. I do want an adjustable base so the mattress will have to work with it. Was considering the sleep # because I change positions quite a bit and might like to adjust the firmness from time to time to better suit me. Not happy about paying that much money for a queen size and then not liking it. The idea of an all natural mattress might be something for me to consider. I want to make the right choice since I have arthritis and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. I will have to spend a decent amount so I don’t mind waiting tell next year but am getting impatient. If you have ideas or perhaps know of a mattress that will last and has a great comfortable feel please email. I need all the help I can get.

Hi Linda – Sleep Number is very unique, so I don’t have any great suggestions for a similar option. If you’re looking for a natural mattress, I would start by looking at PlushBeds and Zenhaven.

My wife is mostly a back sleeper, I’m mostly a side sleeper. I usually like a fairly firm mattress. From your comments, it seems I should consider Loom & Leaf or Lull. The former is about $150-200 more. I can afford the difference but don’t like to wast money if there is no clearly noticeable difference. And I gather you think both would be better than Tuft and Needle, which you don’t mention. What would you recommend? Thanks.

Both L&L and Lull are good value (in my opinion), I think you do get more with L&L if you are willing to pay more. Same logic for T&N vs these two.

Searching for best bed option. Am a multi-position sleeper. Multiple surgeries over the years as a result of athletics (back,knee, neck, shoulder). Currently on a cheap discount store mattress (coils). Wake often with numbness and tingling in arms,hands and legs. Finding that the more I look the more confused I get. Was going to go with Saatva. Then Winkbeds. Then Ghostbed. Then Leaf and Loom. Any help you could give would be appreciated. I would like to make the purchase in the next week if possible. Any opinion on pillows btw?

Hi Sean! Saatva>WinkBeds>Ghostbed>L&L means you’re all over the place lol. I would decide generally what you want (springs? foam? combo?) then dig in there. Let me know if you have any specific questions!

What is your opinion of the purple bed?

Very unique, I personally liked it. I have a full review here.

Hello Joe,

I’m looking for an all natural all latex mattress or hybrid latex over foam or springs mattress. I would say we would like a medium bed in terms of firmness with some comfort on top. We are side sleepers. We have a Kings Down Magnificent now and we are very happy. I fall asleep often on my back because it is so comfortable. We would like to find something comparable in feel but less in price. What are your recommendations and are there any deals going on now? I have never bought online before but would be willing to try a twin bed for my son and if pleased perhaps a queen size for my mother. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day!

Loom and Leaf has a bed memory foam that can be used on my adjustable base. Do you like this bed made by Saateva? I am little gun shy bout buying a mattress without trying it first! I have been use to spring mattresses but have had a nightmare with Beauty Rest sinking in the middle 2 inches bout a year old. This is my 4th mattress and last from them I was under warranty but Simmons NOT the same company from years ago

Hi Joe, I love your Q&A site.

My husband and I are planning to purchase a Leggett & Platt adjustable Split King bed so will need two Twin XL mattresses. We have always had coil mattresses, Medium firm with light pillow topping. We do not like the memory foam sinking feeling. Any suggestions for something similar to the feel of a coil mattress that will work on an adjustable bed ? My husband has acid reflex and lower back problems. Luckily, my only problem is being a “hot” sleeper. I contacted Saatva but unfortunately the warranty is void with adjustable beds. Thank you.

Hi Marcie – thanks for the kind words! If you like Saatva, I would check WinkBeds as well, I believe that the warranty still applies on an adjustable bed. If not, there are many hybrids that still have springs, but are heading more towards a foam mattress (Sapira, Nest Alexander Hybrid).

Hi Joe. I’m hoping you can help me focus my search a bit. I’ve only ever slept on an innerspring mattress. I’m a thin-framed 125lb. side-sleeper and have always preferred soft beds for that reason. Right now I’m sleeping on a Denver Mattress Co pillowtop (the softest they had IIRC) and before that was sleeping on a euro-pillowtop that wasn’t soft enough so I added a VERY soft down mattress topper. I travel quite a bit and definitely prefer plush, soft beds like the Westin Heavenly Bed, but I understand after a bit of research that it isn’t a great bed. It seems like foam/latex/hybrid mattresses are all the rage now, but I’m concerned that it might be too much of a departure from what I’m used to.

The most important factors for me are: first – that the bed is soft and allows me to sink into it, and second – that the bed doesn’t retain heat. I tend to keep the bedroom VERY cold because I sleep hot (and when my bf stays over, he’s even warmer). While I never considered mattress heat to be a consideration, it seems it’s an important factor and may help me sleep better going forward.

I’d really like to hear your thoughts in general. Do you think I should stick with an innerspring (or possibly a hybrid) bed, or do you think it’s possible to find a alternative material that is both soft and cool enough. Thanks so much in advance!

Hi Chris – if you like innerspring, I would definitely explore a few of those mattresses. You may also consider latex as well, which should be soft and sleep cooler than memory foam (though depending on the mattress, generally not as cool as an innerspring).

Hi Joe!
This whole mattress business still so confusing!!
Anyway- between loom & leaf relaxed firm ( I know it’s a saatva)
OR saatva luxury firm??? It’s basically choosing between memory foam- or foam wrapped coils!
Please help!

Hi Elliot – it really comes down to your preference! Both similar quality, just different feels.

I am without a mattress and am interested in Winkbeds, Queen size and foundation. Need ASAP. How long would it take to deliver? Thanks.

Hi Susan – I just review mattresses, please check with individual companies for shipping info.

i bought a hybrid mattress. it is spring with HD foam on top. It is probably 6 weeks old at this point. The place on the bed where my butt lies(mostly back sleeper) the foam feels like it is softer, almost like it is wearing down there and no where else. it doesn’t have the same level of firmness in that spot. I’ve been sleeping good since i got the mattress. i just want to make sure it is holding up properly. Is this normal for this to happen?

Hi Joe – this will happen a little bit, but if it increases, it could be a problem. Unfortunately some hybrid mattresses don’t have high density foam on top, which leads to indents/imprints.

Had the Loom and Leaf for 3 weeks, just okay, trading it in for a zenhaven. Will be at wits end if this does not measure up.

which mattress would u recommend I am 5’0′ 105 lbs back sleeper right shoulder issues Currently have hybrid mattress and wake up w lower back pain until I stretch out.. never had issues before Loved The Savvy unity mattress but too pricey.. Any suggestions? Thank u Dianne

Planning on around the first of the year. Back pain? Yes. Leaning towards foam. Will purchase online. These articles have been very helpful, though I have not made my finale decision yet.

I was wondering what your suggestion would be for two side sleepers with chronic pain. I’m also looking into pillows if you have any suggestions there.

Hi Crys – I’d start with my best mattress for side sleepers page, let me know if you have any follow up questions!

You like Tempur-pedics! Well, I purchased one, the Cloud Prima, and I hate it! I wanted a bed to help my ailing back…this bed aggrevates my condition! Is it because it has very little adaptability? I have tried the Heirloom…similar results and that bed was hefty in pricr too! Luckily, I was able to return. What suggestions can you offer?

I have been trying the casper mattress for the last 2 months. At first it seemed like it would be it but now I realize I’m still not truly comfortable and have some stiffness in the morning in my back. I have been reading reviews all morning and narrowed it down to a Leesa or Loom and Leaf. The price difference for a king size is quite wide and so I’m trying to determine what to do. Leesa is $815 (with discounts) and Loom and Leaf is $1399. Any thoughts? Is the Leesa just a one step up from the Casper? I am in my fifties, a little overweight if that should come in play. I probably can buy either but always want to maximize my savings/quality.

Looking for a good mattress full size to buy online. Side. Sleeper
What mattress should I buy?

Hey Linda! I’d start with my best mattress for side sleepers suggestions.

Just ordered a helix king size

We just got a Saatva inner-spring/hybrid mattress. The support & feel are awesome but the whole “stack” wiggles when I turn over and this wakes up my husband. We got the low foundation and the 14.5″ (thick!) mattress. We’re going to try putting the whole thing on the floor to see if it eliminates this problem, but I suspect it won’t. Just wondering if you have encountered this? (I’m in contact with Saatva & they agree we should try the stack on the floor)…. Thanks!

Hi CJ – I’d guess the wiggle would come from the base, so floor is a good way to test!

What do you think about Zinus mattress the 13″ gel foam

Check out my full Zinus mattress review

We have a Old mattress 20 yrs, have narrowed down the, new mattress to Zenhaven, Loom & leaf is to soft! But I see you have said that the Ghost bed is a good buy!
Can anyone tell me the comparison Zenhaven vs anything else that’s comparison?

We have had a temperpedic for almost 12 years and would like something similar but don’t want to pay that price again

I’d check out some high quality memory foam options I’ve reviewed – Amerisleep, Loom and Leaf, Novosbed, etc.

When I get in bed I always start on my side though I usually wake up on my back. I think I end up on my back because the beds I have been on are a bit too firm though I’m not sure. I rarely have aches and pains unless the bed is really firm. I’ve slept on some softer mattresses and stayed on my side all night. As a 5’11”, 155lb male, do you think the GhostBed would be a good option for me or will it be too firm? What else would you recommend?

Ghostbed is not super soft, but soft enough for the average side sleeper I think.

My wife and I slept for three nights on a Tempurpedic Rhapsody Luxe in my brother’s guest room and my wife absolutely loved that bed. She has severe back and shoulder pain and hasn’t slept well for years, but she slept great with very little pain on the Rhapsody Luxe. The problem is, we can’t afford that bed. What mattress would you recommend to provide the closest possible feel to this bed?

Hi Jeff – It’s definitely a great mattress! I’d start with my best memory foam mattress page, let me know if you have any follow-up questions or if more mattresses would be useful!

Do you have any thoughts about the Zenhaven latex foam mattress?

Definitely! Check out my Zenhaven mattress review.

Thanks joe.. I needed your help in selecting mttress. Have wasted 2k in difft mattresses which have done nothing but worsened my back pains.

Me n my husband are indians used to coir mattresses. We are 5.1 and 5.6and weight 55, 65kgs. Looking for a firm mattress for my back and waist pain and sore neck. Which woukd be best for me, lisa, saatva or loom and leaf

Joe, I’ve been mattress shopping and like the feel of the TEMPUR-Contour Elite Breeze Mattress but would love to buy direct from an online retailer from a value perspective. Any recommendations for similar feel/quality? Thanks

How good a quality is Zinus gel memory foam mattress is it built with good foam? Or will it turn into mush?

I only tried the mattress for 2 weeks, but looking at the foam densities, I would consider this mattress more for a short-term (2-5 years) type of buy.

Yes I went with the Zinus 13″ gel memory foam just received today will let you know what I think

I’ve had a tempurpedic mattress that I didn’t like and slept on local made spring mattress with a pillow top. I’ve fibromyalgia and bad osteoarthritis and bought an adjustable bed that I hate. I’ve exchanged the mattress once and still not happy nor do I like the adjustable frame. I wasted a lot of money and still not sleeping. I also have sleep apnea thus I thought the raised head would be good. I used to sleep on my side but my hips hurt after so long and my back hurts , too so toss and turn.
any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have had a high end innerspring Beautyrest, but now I am leaning toward a Latex. I have narrowed it down to three websites: Habitat 9″ Sky Bed King Split Set, Botanical Bliss 10″ ( medium ) Split King and with the Select Sleep 13″ with four layers. The bottom layer is X firm Dunlop,2nd is firm Dunlop, 3rd medium Dunlop and 4th(top layer) is medium Talalay. I am also considering a split king adjustable bed which I think a Latex mattress would be the best fit.

Any input would be great!

Thank you.


Joe, I have read your write up , was wondering why you did not include the latex mattresses; would you be so kind as give your top three any company online that is flying under the radar.


Hi Joe! I really thought choosing a (new) mattress would be so much simpler. I switch around between sleeping on my belly, side sleeping, and on my back. After checking out your different reviews I think I’ve narrowed it down to ghostbed and saatva (although their shipping charge adds an unnecessary risk factor). My last bed was pretty firm and springy with a pillow top but I’m not sure how I feel about foam. I suspect it may be better for my back. What do you think?

Hi Yair! Two good options, but very different! I think it really comes down to preference – both offer good support and comfort, so *could* be good for your back.

Purchased Helix! Arrived yesterday. Have not tired it out yet thanks for wonderful reviews on all mattresses!

Congrats Mary! Let me know how it works out for you!

I have not selected a mattress as of yet. In part because my back went out and I just had no drive to research more, and there are SO many options it is overwhelming.

I am a plus size female and a side sleeper. I would prefer to keep my purchase under $1500 (even lower if possible), but would consider more if it was the best mattress for my body/criteria. I am open to a variety of kinds/brands but I do not want a bed that sleeps warm and I am afraid of off gases. I have enjoyed reading your articles. Thank you! If you have any further suggestions for me, please let me know.

Do you have an opinion on the Purple Mattress?

I am female, sleep on my back, and weight 98lbs. I have chronic pain issues due to lower spinal fusion and nerve problems which send pain from my back down my right leg.
Because of my weight, I don’t seem to be able to find a mattress that supports my lower back. I don’t weigh enough to allow the mattresses to conform to my contours.
Please suggest a few that I can look at that you feel might take care of this problem.

Overwhelmed by choices! I’m a side sleeper who has lumbar spine damage. Currently have a 5yo Tempurpedic that felt great at first but now feels like a rock. Don’t know which choice to make now.

Hi, fellow Brooklynit,
I am a side sleeper. We just purchased the Zinus 14 inch on a Amazon Prime deal. Great price.. My hubby likes it but I was getting pain in the shoulder. I have read every web -site and I still I do not want to pay more then 450$. On Amazon alone there are soo many beds.Lucid, Zinus Sleep innovations. I want it to be health certified ( if that means anything) .Made in USA is a bonus too. Do you have any recommendations for me?
Thanks and have a great day.

Hi BK Mom – at $450 or below you’re not going to find a mattress of Zinus/Lucid quality that’s made in USA (in my opinion). If you’re getting shoulder pain, it may just be the mattress is a bit too firm for you. I’d go with a slightly softer option of either Zinus/Lucid at that price range.

Hi – Thank you for your reviews. I’m writing because you said to ask questions here (I think).

I used to have a Tempur-pedic (10 years) that I loved for it’s pain-relieving qualities, but it became way too hot. I don’t want a memory foam mattress anymore – I sleep too hot, and don’t want the ‘have to crawl out of the hole” feeling anymore – but am interested in Latex. I’m a side sleeper, and my bf is a back/side sleeper, we are both in our 50’s – I am the pickier sleeper. Two months ago I purchased a Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex in medium – it is a little firmer than I want, but more importantly, the zoned coils are driving me crazy. The middle zone is way too firm, I feel it, and it causes pain in by the morning. They sent me a foam topper (soft), but although it is a nice soft initial feel, I can still still feel the too-firm middle coils, and my alignment was even more off (and hence more pain). (I tried the mattress in their showroom for 15 minutes or more on several occasions; oh well.)

I’ve been thinking latex or a latex hybrid would be at least temperature neutral. Since I don’t want memory foam, do you think the Zenhaven is a potential good mattress for us (in the softer one)? What other mattresses would you suggest – even if it isn’t latex?

Hi Ricki! Latex will definitely sleep cooler than memory foam, and I think Zenhaven is a great choice. If you want something that sleeps very cool, I’d check out Purple as well (though it’s a very unique feeling mattress).

Thank you for the reply (for some reason I missed it earlier). I’m going to check out the Zenhaven. Hopefully that will work out.

I have been considering a new mattress and, with some research, I was leaning towards the Lull mattress. I am a side sleeper. How does Lull compare to your choices?

So I bought the Alexander Hybrid. But It’s too soft for me. It gave me lower back pain and hip pain, due to the sinkage. I need something firmer,, but not to firm where it would cause me a hip pain as well. I mostly sleep on my side. After having back surgery, it’s not easy to be on a mattress which works for many. Can you please help with suggestions?
(unfortunately I have to wait until after 30 days to get a refund, in which I hope it will not be a problem to get)

Hi Carmen – a slightly firmer and similarly constructed bed would be Sapira, let me know if more suggestions would be useful!

Hi Joe… yes more suggestions would be useful and greatly appreciated.
It doesn’t need to be like the Alex-H, because I know there is no way that I can be on a mattress that has that much sinkage. So all the suggestions you have I will take into great consideration. And I’ll look into the Sapira as well as your review on it. … Thanks lots

If you want less sinkage but a more innerspring feel, I’d check out the Saatva (probably the luxury firm). For more of a foam feel, maybe start with Amerisleep (one of the firmer options)

We have a mattress Beatyrest recharge. Is there a difference which end goes at the head.
We have it since Oct. It felt very soft ,so we turn it end to end, for now we fell better

What do you recommend for a side sleeper weighing 250 lbs?

Hi Sue – start with my best mattress for side sleepers page, let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Costco, Sealy Posturepedic, Ashton LTD Queen, $500. Any thoughts? As well Foundation only $99

One of the biggest headaches in mattress-buying is getting rid of the old one. Many of the traditional strores will take the old mattress away for free if you spend more than $500 or so on a new one. I did see one of the online e-tailers mention a $35 fee. Do you have any more info on any of the others?

Hi Keith – most of the online guys do not remove the old mattress.

Looking at the Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid Sybel Plush at US Mattress (I think it’s the same as the Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid Branson Plush at Carson’s). However, want to know if it’s going to feel hot and if the mattress will hold up well over time.

Hey Joe,

Background :
I sleep on my side 90%, stomach 10%
My wife, 80% stomach, 20% side
My wife and I have always slept on conventional mattresses… we would have told you we preferred a firm mattress.
We had no real reason to update our mattress other than a desire to move from queen -> king and our current mattress is >10yr old.

After doing my research, I was set to order a Tuft & Needle king. At the last minute, my wife suggested I check out the GhostBed. I did and decided to give it a try… good quality materials, great price, ranked on your side sleepers list, etc..

The GhostBed arrived in mid-October. It seems comfortable enough, but I’ve noticed I often wake with a sore shoulder and it seems to sleep warm (we do have a mattress protector on it (which is supposed to ‘breathe’)).

So… I’m ready to try again. We want to stay in this same price bracket. I’m under the impression that T&N will be more firm than GB and wouldn’t be a good way to go.

What one or two mattresses should I turn my attention to now? (Lull, Leesa, Casper?)

Thanks, VL

Hi VL – if you like the general feel of Ghostbed, but want something slightly softer, I would try Casper or Leesa. Both will sleep about the same temperature as Ghostbed though. I’d try the Ghostbed without the mattress protector while you have it to see if that makes a difference, if it does go with Casper/Leesa (and get a different protector), if it doesn’t then let me know and I’ll make some other non-latex recommendations.

We are still looking for a mattress,, concerned because friends who ordered online and were not satisfied had to pay the shipping costs to send their mattress back.. also a lot suggest putting the mattress on the floor, we are 70’s, so don’t know what to do about that. Our old mattress is 20 years old so definitely need a new one, but so many options

Hi Linda- no company that I know of requires you to pay shipping to send the mattress back (though a few do not refund the shipping cost when offering a refund on the bed). No reason to put the mattress on the floor, a bed frame/box spring works great if that’s what you prefer.

I’m looking at Alexander but can’t decide medium or luxury firm. I have had firm mattresses, I’m 5’7″ 155lbs. 64 yrs., former athlete, some back pain, generally a back sleeper sometimes wake up on my side, can get hot. I currently have a Sleep Number set at 75. Any suggestions?

Based on that info, I’d say go for the luxury firm.

Thanks for the info, I have a few questions:
Spring or memory foam?
Which one?
My husband and I are both in our 50’s and primarily side sleepers. I tend to get hit during the night so am concerned about memory foam being too hot, is it?
We currently have a refundable deposit on a Temurpedic Cloud breeze(I think) but it’s very pricey, is there another comparible that you’d recommend? Any advice is very welcome! Thanks, Lynn

Hi Lynn! Spring vs Memory Foam is definitely all preference, cannot say definitively which one would be best for you guys.

If you’re looking at Tempurpedic, I’d say the most similar mattresses at a lower price range are Amerisleep and Loom & Leaf.

What do you think about the Leesa mattress? Your article has been very helpful, by the way.

Hi Kathy! Check out my Leesa mattress review.

Have you heard of or tried My Green Mattress?

My mind is boggled with all the information out there. Some people say the Centri-Pur Certified foam, which seems to be what’s in most of the “natural” mattresses out there, is no good, because its still polyurethane. And others say that even if a company claims to use “organic” cotton, latex, or wool, that only part of it may be organic. Boggled.

I have not yet! Think it’s worth a review?

You don’t mention Brighton homes that much what do you think of them I’m looking for a higher end it won’t break the bank but has durability and non-SAG long-term . Bouncing between Wink, Saatva, and Brenthomes…

Hi Jeff – I haven’t tried Brighton Homes yet, so no comment!

Hi Joe, Do you ever review mattresses like Sealy or Serta? I am a stomach and side sleeper with lower back pain. My husband is a back and side sleeper. I am leaning toward a pillow top, coil spring mattress. We are on a limited budget. I hope you have some recommendations for us.

Thank you. Jan

Hi Janice – currently I haven’t done much from Sealy or Serta, but lots planned for 2017!

I had a tempurpedic memory foam for years and recently replaced with a Sapira, which has other types of layers including some springs. I was hoping for more bounce, but now find that I’m having lower back pain (its just been a few days). I’m a tall thin guy. The company says it may take 30 days or so for my body to adjust. Is there hope for this? Should I consider getting a memory foam topper? or should I think about sending it back and trying something else? Any thoughts will be most welcome

Hi Brian – If you’re having a really hard time, I would not say tough it out, but generally I think 30 days is a good time frame to let the mattress settle in and have your body adjust. At that point I think you’ll know better what next steps would be (nothing, add topper, or new mattress). Let me know after 30 if you need some more recs, thanks!

I am looking at the Dromma matress….have you reviewed this one…. I am currently sleeping on a 15 year old temporpedic….Thanks!

Great site! I look forward to reading through your various reviews.

I am primarily a stomach-sleeper and my wife is primarily a back-sleeper. We currently have a foam Sealy mattress with a pillow-top (and it was quite expensive).

After about six years, we are finding that the mattress has caved in a bit, as it were, and that we’re sleeping in indented areas on the mattress — neither of which we like. I suspect that this type of mattress is not for us.

Any suggestions on what type / brand we should look at? Preferably one that can be bought by mail-order (we’re in Canada)? Is it possible to get mattresses that don’t have that “new mattress smell”?

Hello Joe, I gotta tell ya this shop for a mattress has me spinning. So hopefully you can be of help. I am 62 and have COPD so I sleep with a Bipap mask on my face. I slept on my side anyway so that helps with the mask idea. I just want a firm mattress so I can stop feeling like a question mark when I get out of bed in the morning. Even though I search for a TWIN mattress they Always suggest a Queen. Don’t want or need a bed bigger than a Twin. I had an Awesome Sealy Posturepedic Firm Queen when I was married and loved that bed. I just can’t understand why it’s so hard to find the same or at least reasonable facsimile. Back then the Memory Foam or Jell Foam idea wasn’t even an option. I’ve slept on a Memory Foam mattress for 6 weeks while staying with a friend and liked it for the first week or so but then I decided I don’t think I would buy one. I Need a Twin Firm Mattress. Sounds like such a simple request but am finding out it’s not so simple. Then there’s the prices!!!!????. True that Awesome Queen I bought in like 1987 *yes I know it’s a long time ago” we paid $450.00 for the mattress and box spring. I expected the prices to be higher now but not. $500.00 and up for just the mattress. If you can help with some idea of what current mattress fits my needs and dear lord where to buy it for a reasonable price I would be extremely grateful. On a fixed income it’s incredibly hard to find quality anything for a price that doesn’t make me homeless!!! Thanks so much for your help and kindness.

Still have not made a purchase. Back issues and need a cool sleeping bed. Considering a Pure Latex Bliss but having issues spending over $4000 for the mattress. Any suggestions?

I’d check out my best latex mattress page to start!

Hi Joe, here’s our dilemma. We already bought a saatva mattress in the luxury firm and returned it because we felt it was too soft. They were great. No complaints. But after shopping around and trying another mattress, we kind of feel like we want to go back to Saatva but in the firm. We are afraid it might be too firm. And we don’t want to keep spending a 100.00 on delivery. Any suggestions? Thank you so much.

Hi Nancy – Saatva will often send a topper if it is too firm (free of charge), so you’ll have an option there if it ends up being too firm.

This blog is awesome! I am replacing my old Tempurpedic mattress. I’m on a budget, and I’m planning to purchase a Bear Mattress, thanks to your review. My main complaint about my current mattress is sleeping hot– I just can’t get comfortable sometimes. I’m not an athlete, but I have back issues & want something very comfortable with great value for the $. Thanks for your awesome reviews!

Thanks for the kind words Mary! Hope Bear works well for you!

Hi Joe, Im undecided on two matress ,a Helix,and a ghost bed, our bed is to firm,Im a back sleeper and my wife is a side sleeper, I’ved had 4 back surgurys and need a good bed ?? Thanks Ken

Hi Ken – both great beds, really depends on your preferences! Difference to note would be Helix can customize each side, in case you and your wife have very different preferences.

So if you have a reccomendation. I live in Toronto and I need a Queen mattress. I’m really don’t have any extra money so I’d prefer to spend as much under $1000 as possible and still have a sleepable mattress. (i bought an ikea mattress for about $400 a few years ago at it totally broke and was laughably terribly, springs sticking out etc) So looking to spend between 500 and 1000$. I think the endy is going to be my best bet though but I don’t know if there’s anything cheaper that’s going to be useable. I’m looking for my matress to last about 5 years at which point I’ll have a higher income and can buy something of the highest quality, but right now I want best value that’s not going to compromise my sleep.

My wife and I are side sleepers. I am starting to get some shoulder and hip discomfort on current memory foam mattress. It also sleeps a little warm for me. We are thinking about going with the Amerisleep Liberty but haven’t totally ruled out the Amerisleep Colonial or the Loom and Leaf Relaxed Firm ( don’t really like the delivery fee on the L&L but its not a deal breaker). Any suggestions?

Both great brands – Liberty vs Colonial is really all about preference, I’d suggest getting on the phone with Amerisleep to talk through which one will fit you better.

Have not chosen yet! We are a couple. I am a side and back sleeper with degenerative disc disease and chronic (minor) back and hip pain. Husband is a back sleeper. He likes it firmer than I but is willing to go my way on this mattress. Of course we’d like luxury but finances are a consideration so we are looking for a good value and a great mattress! Easy right? 🙂 Thinking about Loom and Leaf but want to keep our heirloom oak bed frame (so a platform type bed won’t work i don’t think). Help!

Hi Janetta! You could always get a foundation to work with your bed frame and a foam mattress.

Looking for a soft mattress. Already Novosbed soft and Cocoon soft were not soft enough, i read that might be the case but i wanted to give it a shot. I get pressure pain with mattresses too firm for me (tried Leesa in showroom, too firm)… What next? Tried in the showroom the Nest Alexander in soft, my alignment was noticeable off so skipped it, even tho i did find it pressure pain free. About to go to the Helix showroom and try that (even tho not crazy about a latex-like feel). Any other recs for me? 5’2″, 120lbs, side sleeper.

If you want even softer than Novosbed soft, I’d look at Layla.

I have tried the queen size Saatva luxury firm for 90 days then the Loom & Leaf relax firm for 8 weeks. I worked on the Railroad all my life and everything was big and heavy so for the last 15 years I have had lower back aches. I still can do everything I ever did but not as fast. Both mattresses felt fantastic for several weeks but then the lower back pain would slowly come back just as bad as it was. I have read reviews for months and as a result picked those two mattresses and by the way the customer service from both was unbelievable and very rare these days. So I now after more research have decided to try one more time and am focusing on the Amerisleep Liberty or Colonial mattresses . I would like your 2 cents worth on my picks. I am 5ft 9in /140-150 lbs and she is 5ft /105lbs. both mostly side sleepers. I also would like to buy my mattress pick with the $250.00 discount some on the net have mentioned but can’t find how to go about getting it. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated and I will for sure give the same once I try one of those mattresses hopefully for the last time. Thank You Rocky

Hi Rocky – sorry to hear the Saatva/Loom & Leaf didn’t work out! What did you not like about them specifically? Amerisleep is a great line of mattresses, but I would say the same about Saatva/L&L as well, so the more information the better rec I can make!

Haven’t decided yet.
We want a foam mattress for two mostly side sleepers weighing 145 and 120 pounds.
Preferably 10″ thick and that can be used on our current foundation which is in good condition.
And free pick up & removal if it doesn’t work out.

would you recommend a Helix mattress. I just came across their website and it sound pretty good (custom made)

Hi Jan – check out my Helix Mattress review for my thoughts!

Thank you for the great website, although I’m still having trouble narrowing down a mattress because they all sound good. I recently purchased a Nectar mattress, but I find that it is a little too hard. Any recommendations for a 5’4″ 125 lbs. side sleeper (predominantly), who likes a medium-firm mattress, but also appreciates the cradling sensation of a topper or pillow top without feeling like I’m falling into it and can’t get out? With the Nectar my shoulders are not comfortable and I feel as though I am on top of the mattress. I like a cool mattress, but interestingly, I’m finding the Nectar is almost cold at times. (Maybe I just need a warmer comforter.) Anyway, thank you for any advice you can offer.

Based on your article, I purchased the Liberty from Amerisleep today. I’m very excited to try it out. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Looking forward to hearing how you like it!


Thanks for your site. I got the email saying to post here and you could recommend a bed. Yes, I am looking for a mattress. First, I need an apartment. I am relocating to San Diego. I have a temporary spot and then I will need a mattress in a few weeks. I have been a memory foam user for years. I will tell you what I have used and liked. I am mostly a back sleep. Sometimes I sleep on my stomach, and even occasionally on my side. I am around 120 lbs. I normally sleep no person, but with a dog that is about 60 lbs.

Here are the mattress I have had: I had a classic brands mattress. That was my first memory foam mattress. I put a latex and memory foam combo topper on it, and I absolutely loved it. It was very comfy with the topper! Anyone who ever slept in it loved it as well.

My next mattress was a cheap foam mattress. It was pretty horrible. I bought a nice latex topper for it, which helped a lot, but I still missed the foam feel. Then, I got a Bed In A Box, pretty comfortable, nice memory foam feel, but I did wish it was a tad more dense. I have never owned a Tempurpedic, but have slept in them and found them to be extremely comfortable. I have never had any complaints about being hot or sinking in, so I do like that marshmellow memory foam feel. A Tempurpedic is just out of my budget.

My last mattress was a Bob-O-Pedic Gel, which was made a a dense foam, but it was too firm.

I’d like to try to stay at $1000 or less. I was thinking of going with the Novosbed based on some reviews I’ve read and the fact you can change it to firmer or softer to get it just right at no extra charge. I am also intrigued by the Bear mattress since I am quite active and hit the gym a lot, but I read it is rather firm. I think I lean toward medium or medium soft.

Let me know what you think.


Hi Lisa – based on what you’re saying, I think Novosbed would be a great one to try!

We wound up buying an Amerisleep Colonial and matching foundation. It arrived within 5 days of placing the order. Box that contained the mattress was beat up and damp. Luckily the mattress was sealed up well. Sent pictures to Amerisleep and let them know. Put the foundation together and is not as long as the mattress. Also let Amerisleep know about this issue, still waiting for a reply. We have been sleeping on the mattress for almost 2 weeks now and I must say, it’s pretty comfortable and doesn’t sleep hot. I’m still not sure if it is too soft for me, but my wife says its fine. I’m 170 lbs and she is 115 lbs. I thank Mattress Clarity for all their input on this and other mattresses.

Glad it has worked out so far Michael, would love an update after a few months if you remember!

Thanks for the education and suggestions Joe. I’ll be getting a foam styled mattress. After a miscommunicated test session with Endy in Toronto over the holidays; I am going to wait until a fall move to dump the old and have the new delivered to the new place.

I went with the Amerisleep Liberty with adjustable frame.
Thanks for the information to guide my choice.

Let me know how it works out!

I have degenerative scoliosis with arthritis in all three (C, T, L) area of my spine as well as my right hip. I am also very heavy at 290 lbs. What would your recommendations be for a mattress for me? I have been looking into this for some time, an not able to narrow down my search.
I truly need advice and definitive reasons for the choices. Thank you very much for your time and help.

I would go with a hybrid to provide optimal support, but with some cushion. Maybe start with the Oceano or Sapira.

Hi Joe! I have read a lot of your reviews and they have been very helpful. Even though you recommend Amerisleep, you mentioned that you have some cons with the Liberty Amerisleep mattress. Even though it is well constructed, what are the negative concerns that you have with it? I like the Amerisleep, thinking that it could be easier to move around and get out of bed than with some memory foam mattresses. We have considered the Amerisleep and the Loom and Leaf. My husband and I are in our 70’s and have some pressure point and back pain. Which would be more suitable for our back/pressure point issues? Which has more support? Does the Loom and Leaf make you sink in too much or give the stuck in bed feeling, or not? Can you move around easily in the Loom and Leaf? In your email letter to us back in November you mentioned Loom and Leaf as the best memory foam mattress in that price range. Do you consider it to be a little better than the Amerisleep? If so, why? Is it it’s comfort, and/or other qualities? Which one is more durable over time? Of these two, which one would you recommend for us in our older years of life?

What queen memory foam mattress under $500 would you recommend for side sleepers. We are looking for a soft & cool(temp) one.
Thanks, Brad Chesak

Your article led me to Liberty by Amerisleep. Thank you! Helped me to make an informed decision.

Hi Joe, All the many reviews I have watched can create an overwhelming and confusing journey into mattress hunting. I am a 79 year old still very active female with rotator cuff pain and hip pain. My husband is 80 and not so active. We have a Kingsdown Mattress that is 8 plus years old. It was so comfortable when we first got it. Now I toss and turn with these aches and pains and there are valleys created between where we both sleep. I do feel that we need a softer mattress. Have looked at Saatva and your suggestion of WinkBed. These may be a little firmer than I think we need. I have been looking at Nest Bedding Alexander which offers 3 different firmnesses. This looks like a considered choice. What do you think? Any other suggestions?

I forgot to add that I weigh 110 lbs. and my husband weighs 175 lbs.

Thanks for the review….found it to be very insightful.
My husband(300)and I(180) are very heavy individuals, do you have a favorite pick for our body type?
What are your thoughts on ‘Bed in a Box”?

I bought this past summer a Satva Queen size set and have been very satisfied with it. I also have a Futon all wood frame couch bed. Am looking for a high quality queen mattress for it that would still let me fold the frame up into couch position. Any recommendations would be very helpful. Most company’s like Loom and Loft said to large 12″ for folding..Leesa said might work but.

Would you know how the Liberty compares to the Contour Elite? Would you consider the Contour Elite as “medium”? How would you rate the two beds on the firmness scale?

The Amerisleep website and your review describe the Liberty as “medium”. I’ve chatted to a couple of Amerisleep agents and they have told me the Liberty is comparable to the Tempurpedic Contour Elite, which is in my sleep store experience very “firm”.
I would therefore like to know which is firmer between the Liberty and the Contour Elite.

How does the Amerisleep Independence compare with the Tempurpedic Flex Supreme? How does each rate on the firmness scale?

I weigh 170 lb and am 5’10”. I am deciding between the Independence and the Liberty. I am mostly a side sleeper who occasionally sleeps on my back. I think I prefer “medium” beds; my current bed is an innerspring I would consider “plush”.

Dear Joe, First of all may I thank you for all your excellent work, the Blog is so useful.
I have a new firm mattress and am finding it very hard to sleep upon. I am a side sleeper and wake up constantly throughout the night with real bad shoulder and hip pains.
As the mattress is lass than a year old I am loathed to dispose of it. I wondered what the best topper or other option you could recommend me. Thank you.

I am very happy with my Saatva mattress set but due to recent medical problems I now need to purchase a moveable base so I can go from laying down to sitting at the press of a button. As you know Saatva does not make a bed to fit my needs. I need a mattress that I can sink somewhat into, rather than lay on top of. I really don’t want to have to purchase from a big box store, So I would appreciate any recommendation you can give me Joe. Thank you.

I’m almost 72 years old, weigh approx. 200 pounds (maybe a little less), sleep alone and am mostly a side sleeper with some back thrown in. I’ve had a Tempuredic Rhapsody Queen since 2012 and liked it. Recently however I wake up because of shoulder and hip pain. I don’t know the firmness of the Rhapsody but I’ll guess it’s on the upper end of the scale from 1 to 10.
I’m thinking of replacing it with a bed in a box but one that’s softer thinking a softer mattress would be less painful.
IF you agree with my thinking (or if you don’t) that a softer mattress might help, could you kindly recommend a few to me?
I’m looking at the Leesa but it may be a little too firm for what I’m trying to do.
I would appreciate your input.
Thank you,
Donald Weiser

Hi Donald – it potentially could be the firmness of the mattress, but could be other issues as well. Check out my best soft mattress page to get started.

What do you think of Craig’s beds in Manhattan for purchasing a mattress?
Are they a reliable company as opposed to departments stores that push you for sales. Appear highly recommended online.
My current mattress is 40 years old , I am 70 and will be looking as soon as friend leaves my apartment.
I am a stomach sleeper, occasionally on my side and hope never to buy another mattress, looking to spend between 500-1000.

I know Craig personally – really good guy, definitely less annoying than the average mattress salesman 😉

Trying to decide Oceano vs Saatva vs Wink. I am 72, sleep mostly on stomach or side and cannot carry any mattress in a box up my stairs. Suggestion??

I desperately need your input please Joe. My husband and I are researching mattresses. We are both primarily side sleepers. However, there’s a big difference in our weights. I am 5’3, 280 and my husband is 5’11 and about 175. I have read online that latex mattresses are the best for obese people, but I have never had a bed that was anything other than inner coil. I am willing to spend up to $2K for a queen size bed. I have read all your reviews and know that everything is subjective, but can you please give me an idea of which product lines to concentrate on for my size? Thanks so much!

At 280 you want a bed that has serious support in mind (even if some beds feel good initially, they need to feel great in a few years as well). I’d look at either an innerspring hybrid or latex. Winkbeds (call in for their “heavy” version), Plushbeds, and Ghostbed (budget) come to mind.

Hi. Thank you for posting the mattress reviews. They are so good, helps in the decision of which one to get.

Thanks for the kind words Licia!

Would you recommend a mattress in the 1-2 soft comfort range? I like plush, sleep on my side, have hip pain on current mattress, weigh 125 lbs, and prefer natural products due to chemical sensitivities.

I’d check out PlushBeds – they have a variety of firmness options, and some great natural mattress options.

Hi Joe, I’ve been reading & comparing for days & have narrowed down to Purple, Ghost Bed & Aviya. I’m a very hot sleeper so looking for the coolest mattress possible. I am a stomach and side sleeper; however I have had to switch to side only since my liver transplant. Looking forward to your suggestions.

All three are great options, for side sleepers especially – but have very different feels. Really a question of your preference between latex feel (Ghostbed) vs innerspring feel (Aviya) vs gel/unique feel (Purple).

Hi again…..thank you for your response. Unfortunately I don’t know my preference as I have been sleeping on my current pillow top over 10 years…I just know I don’t like it! After looking at more reviews on the side sleeper suggestions in your post I am leaning more to the Layla. The lifetime warranty, coolness, double sided choices as well as being one of you side sleeper recommendations is making this look like the perfect choice. My top priority is coolness and my very very close second is no more shoulder, hip and back pain. Thank you very much for all of your reviews they have made a very confusing choice much clearer.

Tired of buying an expensive mattress then having it sag and lose its shape after a few months. And no, my husband and I are not overweight. Which mattress is guaranteed not to sag, etc? Thank you!!!

Hi Paul – Husband is 6.2 and I’m 5.5. We both have allergy issues, and I have sleep apnea. We are leaning towards the Helix though we have never owned an foam or latex mattress before. We will be buying a king size.

I’m trying to decide between the loom and leaf firm and the Alexander signature series firm. I have lower back pain and sleep mostly on my back. I would be purchasing an adjustable base with the mattress. Which did you prefer? Which one has the most pressure relief and contour. I’m 6’3 240 lbs. Thanks for your help.

I haven’t personally tried the firm version of either, but I think overall you will find the sleep experience pretty similar between the two.

My husband weighs 245. I weigh 135–which mattress will not have a “mound” in the middle?

Have tailbone pain. Want to get a memory foam mattress. Thanks for your reviews. Helpful. I think I am just about ready to choose one.

What’s leading the list?

Still haven’t decided. They seem to be very expensive. Probably just looking for a very good deal.

Have you ever tested a Zeopdic brand mattress? I’ve seen them in Big Lots, but I can’t find much else (unbiased) about them.

Hi Brett – I have not, but maybe later this year.

No I have not made my purchase yet. My 1st time through was very informative but still overwhelming. So After many more nights of painful sleep I am looking once again. Thanks for your site. It has really helped.

Let me know if I can help Jane!

I have not bought a mattress yet but I am leaning toward Saatva. My wife is wondering about old fashioned mattresses that you can flip. More longevity. i’ve done some research and found out that they are making a comeback. Your thoughts on these type of mattresses? Any recommendations on an innerspring mattress that you can flip?

Hi Tim – really depends on the brand. I haven’t tried any flippable innerspring mattresses myself.

Actually went with a Helix duo comfort and have had it 3 nights and so far have been very happy. Time will tell if it holds up……..

What about the Perfect Pressure mattress from HSN?

Have not reviewed Perfect Pressure yet!

What do you know about Zeopedic mattresses [from BigLots]?

Have not tried them yet!

Oops did not mean to send yet. Have you reviewed Turf & Needle’s mattress? Their price point is better than Purple and they seem much the same. It is so hard to tell and your reviews are so well done! I am looking for the best non-innerspring supportive heat etc. I am back sleeper and usually still while my wife is a side sleeper and very active rolling about. Would like to be under $1000.00 but want the best value. And I can never get her to go to stores! Help?! And THANKS!
Dixon Teter

Yes – check out my Tuft & Needle review.

Hi Joe,

Thanks so much for this site!

I am currently in the 100 night trial window with my Endy mattress. Unlike other mattress reviewers who have described the Endy as firm, you rightfully classify the Endy as a soft mattress. Since we have the same taste, I’m hoping you could help me find a replacement for the Endy, which is really hurting my back.

Price range is no more than $1000 CDN ($750 USD) for a Queen. I’m a back sleeper and don’t want to feel like I’m sinking into the mattress (like the Endy), I want to feel like I’m sleeping ON something. Like my back is getting some push-back. If you call the Endy a 5 on the firmness scale, I guess I’m looking for a 7. The Endy also SUCKS for sex, so I’m looking for something with more bounce and edge support.

From reading your site, it looks like the Love And Sleep Mattress might tick all my boxes. The shipping and customs to Canada may price me out of it, however. I’d really appreciate any other suggestions!

Thanks, Joe.


Hey Corey – Love & Sleep is a great option, it should have some more bounce than the Endy. Leesa should also be in that price range, and may have slightly more bounce, and feel a bit firmer than Endy.

Thanks for the quick reply, Joe. For comparison sake, what firmness ratings would you give the Endy, Love & Sleep, and Leesa?

I also found the Endy sleeps VERY hot. Did you notice L&S or Leesa being cooler? Maybe that’s just the reality of memory foam… But nobody seems to buy/review innerspring anymore and everyone says memory foam is good for bad backs like mine, so I just hope my next one doesn’t overheat.

Hi Joe. Trying to decide on which to go with. Leaning towards Tuft/needle. I’m a 140 lb stomach /side sleeper, sleep hot, accustomed to innerspring, prefer firmer feel. Rather not spend a fortune but happy to pay for quality and comfort. Thinking of some type of foam bed as I have a lot of back pain. Have looked into purple, tuft/needle, casper, amerisleep, lucid, and loom/leaf. If you chose a bed for me what would it be? Thank you for your help.

Hi Joe — Lots of great reviews here, but the selection is dizzying!

I am a stomach-sleeper and my wife is a back-sleeper. We currently have a Sealy pillow-top mattress that is seven years old.

We find that the pillow-top has “caved in” over the last few years — so it often feels like we’re sleeping on the sides of a hill. Additionally, we find the mattress uncomfortably “hot”, even in the winter.

Any suggestions for brands / styles that (a) suit both stomach- and back-sleepers, (b) won’t “cave in”, and (c) don’t cost an arm and a leg?

Thanks, from another Joe!

Great to meet another Joe! With the “caving in”, you just want to make sure that you have some very high quality (best gauge is high-density) foams. Pillow tops, to generalize, are not great for this. I’d check out my best mattress page for top picks as a starting point.

My husband and I are at odds about a new mattress. He doesn’t trust any reviews since he thinks they’re all biased. He keeps looking at the Saatva because he’s worried about memory foam being too hot. I’m looking at the Amerisleep because we both mostly sleep on our sides but also on our backs occasionally. We currently have a pretty thick foam topper on our old mattress and have had it for a couple of years or more. We are getting a lot of low back and hip soreness. My question mostly is – isince we’ve been sleeping on the foam topper, is that enough to give a good idea of what an entire foam mattress would be like? At this point, I’m thinking separate beds!

Hi Pam – all foam vs hybrids are very different feels. Separate beds may be the answer, could go split king!

Hi Joe!

We currently own a 2 year old queen “love bed” by Nest bedding.

Now looking to upgrade to a king. We love our “love bed” but wish it had some more support. We are looking at the saativa and winkbed. We are interested in trying one with springs and I love a traditional Spring bed. We are also curious about the Alexander hybrid but don’t love memory foam.
We are 210/150 lbs and mostly side sleepers (wife sleeps on her back sometimes) and we need a cool bed with a quilted too.
Any thoughts?

Hi Ernie – the Love Bed has actually changed to the Love & Sleep mattress, which has added support. Might be worth starting the search there!

I don’t see any information on the site about gel beds like Intellibed or Technogel. How do they compare to memory foam for side sleepers?

Check out my Intellibed review and Purple review for more info! Have not tried Technogel yet.

I just tried to send a reply to you from an e-mail update that you had sent to me, but I don’t know if that worked, or if it was o.k. to send it that way, to click on REPLY. Did you receive that e-mail from me ? In case you didn’t, I am sending it again on here. I am wondering if you can please tell me which memory foam mattress has the LEAST or NO smell (or off-gas) ? Also, what do I need to get to put the memory foam mattress ON ? I read that the boards are NOT supposed to be more than 4 inches apart. Where can I get that item – the thing to put the mattress on ? Thank You for all your great reviews of mattresses, & other related products. It is a great help.

Hi Licia – the smell of the memory foam comes most from when the mattress is compressed, so look for mattresses that are not compressed. For ones that are delivered, Loom & Leaf is probably the best option, or a store-bought brand that comes non-compressed.

You can put a foam mattress on a platform bed, box spring, or any hard surface. Slats work as well, but good advice, just make sure the slats are not too far apart (check the warranty for the actual mattress you buy for guidance).

Hi Joe,

Have you heard of the hybrid mattress by Futon Covers Online? I don’t see it in your list of reviews, and I was wondering if you have heard any positive or negative feedback about them?



Hi Keena – I have not, but I’ll keep an eye out!

Joe, I am desperate, need to buy 5 mattresses for summer home Don’t want to spend a lot because used only 50 days of the year but want good mattresses that last forever. Believe in quality so don’t want to be cheap just to get cheap! I have a Nature’s Spa mattress that I love and the Schiftmans all from Bloomingdales. Do I buy from Sleepy’s or should I buy from online like Saatva to get better quality? My price point give it take is $1,000 per mattress w box spring. I would like firm beds. Please help, I am dizzy from reviews & websites! Thank you.

Hi Kristin – if you like Nature’s Spa/Schiftmans, I stay stick with what you know! Make sure to negotiate, they should give you a much better deal if you’re buying 5 mattresses.

We plan to purchase a mattress in near future but are having trouble deciding – there are a number of them.
We are both pretty light weight, 145 and 120 pound mostly side sleepers so…………

Hi Joe,

I am searching for a new mattress. My finalist list is Avocado, Purple, Sleep on Latex, Alexander Hybrid Nest, Saatva and Winkbed. Can you please provide any advice or insight on these mattresses. I know they are all different. FYI: I am 135 pounds, age 43. I sleep mostly on my side and sometimes on my back. I prefer a bed that is not too firm and not too soft. I do not want to sink much. Right now, I sleep on an innerspring mattress that is decades old.

Thank you,

Hi Frank – you’re all over the spectrum in terms of feel, material, and price with those options – so not sure how much insight I can provide at this point. I’d really focus on the feel you want, then narrow your focus from there.

Hi there…thank you for all the reviews. I am a side sleeper, at least that is how I always prefer to fall asleep, but I don’t really know what happens to my position when I’m not awake so I may end up on my back, but definitely not my stomach.
I also have significant lower back pain (L4/L5 disc trouble) and want to get a mattress that provides decent lower back support. Not sure how this affects the question about side vs back sleeping.
Lastly, my bedroom tends to get pretty warm in the summer months to the point where I just sleep with a top sheet and no blanket/comforter. So would prefer a bed that does not run hot. I worry a bit about a foam solution, and have read about hybrids potentially as an answer, or just sticking with an innerspring. I realize some foam options like the Layla are not as hot as other foams, but how do they compare to non-foam options?
As far as price goes, I am not on a tight budget, but if I do pay more, I want to make sure I’m getting something of value for the extra price.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated! Thank you!

Take a look at the Herobed.

Looking for a mattress for a big guy, over 360 lbs. Any recommendations?

How does the new titanflex compare to latex? If it were a blind test would you be able to tell there differences in general feel? Im currently sleeping on a latex mattress at my parents house that is 3inches 22 ild over 3inches 30 ild of blended talalay latex. I find it on the true medium size of plushness and was curious if the new titanflex medium would offer similar feel or if I would have to go to the soft option to get a similar feel.

Let me know what you think, just basing it off people saying the new titanflex is stiff.


They seemed very similar. Not sure if I could tell much of a difference if I was blindfolded.

Hi Joe-

Wanted to get your thoughts on sealy posturepedic aldercrest plush euro pillowtop available at Costco. I am a side sleeper and they have a deal right now for mattress and foundation (queen) at $574.99. Do you think it is a good buy? I was reading your section on mattresses for side sleepers and looks like this deal is better than the 4-5 companies you have listed.

Thank you!

Hi Meha – unfortunately I haven’t reviewed the Costco line, so can’t compare to my top picks unfortunately. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

Debating between the loom and leaf and the Amerisleep LIberty. Slept on an Angel bed at a friends house one night. Awesome! I have never had a memory foam bed though and have heard mixed reviews from friends. I am a stomach/side sleeper.

I’m not familiar with Angel Bed unfortunately – check out my comparison of Amerisleep and Loom & Leaf for more info on those two.

I’m an unhappy other of a serta icomfort (either savant or revolution can’t remember now) split king on adjustable base. I LOVED my bed the first year (tops!) And then it had severe sagging near shoulder area from my butt (where I sat up in the bed and read at night) I’ve since married and now wish I didn’t have the split as most nights I end up in the crack. I finally paid off my bed and am looking for replacement. My husband and I both have back and neck pain that’s relieved when traveling so I know it’s our bed. I’m considering a spring hybrid. I just want suffering to last around ten years (ive had my serta about five years) I’d prefer spending around $1000 but would spend more if they financed the difference (don’t have good credit btw) please help! Also my husband and I sleep “spoon” style. I’m 5-4/ 140 he 5-6/ 200.

Take a look at the Sapira.

I am buying a new king size mattress and need help. I usually sleep alone. I am 44 years old and I’m in half decent shape from the gym. 5’6″ and 130 lbs. I sleep on my stomach (can’t fall asleep any other way) and sleep very hot. I suffer from insomnia and have chronic lower back pain, likely due to muscle tightness. Please recommend the best mattress for me as I am overwhelmed with the choices. Thanks!

Hi Anique – I’d go with latex or innerspring if you sleep hot. Check out my best latex and best innerspring pages for my recommendations, let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Joe, I have been looking at the Brentwoodhome line of mattresses, specifically the innerspring hybrids Oceano and Del Mar. Do you have any info on these?

Hi Marian – I did a comparison of the innerspring hybrids here, let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

I am looking at a Zinus Memory Foam 12 in Cloud mattress. Any thoughts on this one?

I think it’s great value for the money.

Help!! I bought A Brooklyn Bed and woke up stiff. Returned it got a Leesa which I liked even less then the Brooklyn (mells horrible months later). Im a bit heavy and a side sleeper. I don’t want to keep buying beds and returning beds (returning beds is a pain!) I want the next bed to be ‘the one’ . I have read so many reviews my head is spinning: Ghostbed, Bear, Helix, Purple….go back to Brooklyn Bed? We are buying a King and I would like to not spend more then $1000. Besides the smell of the Leesa I didn’t like how low the edge support was. Also did not find it comfortable. Thought I wanted firmer but not sure anymore that that is the answer. Thanks

If you are a side sleeper and feel uncomfortable, you should want something softer, right? If you want good edge support and don’t want any smell, then something like the Saatva would be good. If you want more pressure relief, the Purple should be a good choice.

Hi Joe-
I have a simmons worldclass trident luxery pillowtop that I think is about to be warranty replaced because it is indented. It was $1900 in 2013 when I bought it. It seems that that model is gone- what do you recommend as a replacement from Simmons?

To clarify, are you saying you want another Simmons model?

They are doing a warranty replacement. They just delivered the Queen Beautyrest Platinum Spring Grove Luxury Firm Pillow Top yesterday. I found it significantly harder and after only one night- my lower back is killing me.

My husband and I are seeking out the ideal mattress. We threw away our old Sleep Number and tried a Helix last year; it was too firm. We have been sleeping on a Saatva intercepting for 9 months; now we’ve decided it’s also too firm or just doesn’t give pressure point relief like we need. We are over 40, 5’9″ 175lbs and 6’3″ 210lbs, side and stomach sleepers, and sleep very light. My husband turns a lot and we wake each other up (probably due to pressure points and some minor back and hip issues). He would like to try a split cal king (not easy to find). I was keen on latex, but maybe too firm. Can you recommend a mattress with minimal motion transfer, that is made for side sleepers and doesn’t sleep hot? At this point, we aren’t worried about cost. We just want to be able to sleep next to each other. Thank you! Ann

I think the Nolah would fit your criteria. It was made specifically for side sleepers. It doesn’t sleep hot and it has good motion isolation. See my review here,

Have you tried the Nectar Mattress? How do you rate it?

I did. Check it out,

I’m trying to decide between a Ghostbed (Queen, $850) and Loom and Leaf Memory Foam (Queen, $1099). Money is a big concern! But I want a very solid, long lasting, FIRM, supported bed. (No indenting in foam where body lies!) Does the Ghostbed deliver? Or is there considerably more quality with the Loom and Leaf? I welcome your recommendation as well as suggestions of other brands that fit the bill. THANK YOU! I LOVE YOUR SITE!

I don’t think the Ghostbed will have indentations because it uses high-density foams. I say give it a shot!

I’ve just ordered a Murphy / Wall bed for our guest room. The mattress will be used infrequently (holidays, etc.) by guests. What recommendations would you have? Should we go cheap because all vertical mattresses will break down or slump in that position? Should we go moderate because the mattress will not be used much and will last a long time? What sort of materials – springs, foam, air, etc. And general firmness for guests. Thoughts?

I don’t have any experience with Murphy beds, so I’d be afraid to make any firm recommendations.

Excellent job on the articles/reviews! I’m trying to decide on a mattress, but I keep on ruling out one and finding another one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tend to sleep hot, I weight 280, average height, and I mostly sleep on my stomach and sometimes on my sides or back. I have been looking at loom & leaf, lessa, purple, helix, sleep number, etc. I would appreciate any help.

Take a look at the Sapira. It’s a good fit for people over 250 lbs.

I currently have a Sealy cushion firm mattress that sleeps hot (probably because of the memory foam). I’m looking at the Aviya mattress because of the 9.7 rating given on your webpage for not sleeping hot. This is a better rating than Saatva and Aviya also costs less. I don’t believe your review discusses the Aviya’s high rating for sleeping cool. I wasn’t sure for the reason it is rates well in this category. Is it because of the polyurethane foam? And, do you agree that the Aviya mattress does not sleep hot? I also like the totally free return policy of Aviya. Thanks for your help. Great website.

It’s a spring mattress, so by default it will be cooler than almost all foam mattresses.

My husband has restless leg syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder. Need less to say, I am exhausted! By reading your reviews, I feel like you are recommending the Loom and Leaf. I searched other comments on motion transfer with RLS and PLMD and wasn’t very successful. Please help!!! Thank you so much.

If motion transfer is your biggest concern, Loom and Leaf will be a good choice. Check out any of the other memory foam mattresses as well.

I am wondering if you know anything about beds by design out of Sioux falls SD or fargo nd. Was looking at the serinty or prestige bed which on the web site says one price and when you go to the store it is another. they seem high but it is local do you have any idea’s or suggestions?

I’m not familiar with them unfortunately.

Joe – My wife and I are finishing our 100 day trial of the Purple mattress, and find it a tad too soft, waking up each morning with sore shoulders/hips. Besides the lack of support, we love the feel of the Purple Mattress. We are thinking of purchasing the Amerisleep AS2 to provide more support. Is this what you would recommend as a next step, or is there another mattress we should be considering? We are both side/back sleepers, 135 & 190lbs.

The AS2 is best for back/stomach sleepers. If you sleep on your side much at all, then you’ll probably find it too firm. In that case, the AS3 might be a better choice.

I tried Lull. Fantastic customer service (crazy good) but just too firm. Bought a Nola. Initially it was so soft and comfy but over the past couple of weeks it too has gotten increasingly firm. I have pressure points in my hips. I keep waking up in pain, rolling over and trying to go back to sleep. Through this experience I’ve learned that I LIKE the memory foam, squishy, get stuck in it feeling. Being cradled in softness is what my body craves. Which is the softest, squishiest, help I’m stuck mattress you’ve reviewed?

Take a look at some of the softer Tempur-Pedic mattresses, namely the Cloud collection.

Hi! I currently have a low quality memory foam mattress that I am looking to replace. I like memory foam, but in the summer when the house heats up (no AC) it gets soft and doesn’t support my back and causes pain. In the winter it is nice and firm and supports my back fine. I know all memory foam is affected by temperature to some degree, but do you think I should stay away from memory foam altogether? Or would a higher quality mattress not suffer from this problem as much? I’ve been looking at the loom & leaf. Or maybe one of the firmer amerisleep beds. Thanks!

There are some mattresses like the Bear mattress that have memory foam that roughly keeps the same performance no matter what the temperature is. That might be an interesting one for you to take a look at. If you sleep on your back/stomach the Amerisleep AS2 could be a good option for you as well.

Trying to decide between Brooklyn Bedding and Alexander signature ( both soft versions as I am aside sleeper). Any thoughts? I know Brooklyn Bedding is cheaper

I like the Alexander signature slightly better for side sleepers.


I have narrowed my choices to Sapira and Zenhaven. My typical preference is a firm mattress. I am in my late 50’s, with the usual aches and pains that come with that time of life, so I am looking to upgrade my mattress support. We have a king bed, split as 2 twin xl’s (my wife has a Sapira), so I can select an option unique to me. Cost is a secondary issue, I want to get the best option. One other variable is that I have an adjustable base, so that’s why Zenhaven is an option. Your thoughts?

How would you compare the Sapira and Zenhaven in terms of firmness?

I think the Sapira and the Zenhaven firm side are about the same (firmness is subjective, so keep that in mind). Both are highly supportive mattresses that are firmer than average.

Hey Joe the first mattress I stumbled upon was the lull and you didn’t mention it all what do you know about the lull I have neck and back injuries I like a firm sleep my girlfriend has a cloud are any of these comparable to a cloud or better than a cloud? Thank you so much Joe

Great resource, thank you. I’m shopping for a memory foam mattress for my 4-year-old and wondering if you have an opinion on one that is better for smaller people/children. I’d ideally like to have this bed until she is a teenager or goes off to school. Lull, Leesa and Ghostbed seem like great options and affordable in the twin size.

Sure, for someone really small you are probably going to want something on the softer side. I would check out this article,

Hi Joe. We are in need of a new mattress, despite the fact that our current one is less than 2.5 years old. And it is our 4th mattress in under 10 years. (The one before that was a Scandinavian foam one that we had for 30+ years before moving to a king bed.) All quite expensive, I might add. All developed the same issues. We have tried latex, spring, memory, combination, you name it, we’ve tried it.
We are not tiny people, but neither are we overly large. However, I am disabled. I suffer from chronic pain due to advanced arthritis and severe spinal & foraminal stenosis. Throw in a little avascular necrosis, numerous tendon tears and just plain old aging, and you start to get the picture. Because of this, I spend a fair amount of time in the supine position. To complicate matters, my internal thermostat is broken and I seriously overheat above 70F.
These are our 2 main problems:
1: Overheating. Every mattress (with the exception of a bamboo one (in which we sank through to the box support very quickly) have caused almost unbearable overheating. Actually, lately it has been unbearable.
2: Body impressions. They have all formed significant body impressions in an inordinately short period of time. Usually this impression is apparent even when the bed is made and has been unoccupied for several hours. Unfortunately, the current mattress ‘bounces back’ fairly quickly, but the material in the impression area is weakened and, within 5 minutes of lying back down, the rut is back. My pressure points are screaming. And it is excessively difficult to change positions. (Those ruts have walls!?)
Neither of us sleep in just one position. My husband switches from back to side. I switch from side to back to the other side – often.
One other thing. My hearing is working overtime. Why would that matter? Believe it or not, I can actually hear the springs in a mattress within a very short period of time.
And … we (I) are desperate! Can you, would you make a suggestion?
Thanks in advance for your efforts on our behalf.

You might want to take a look at Purple. The gel layer on top allows air to pass through freely. That makes it basically temperature neutral. It won’t develop a body impression very easily at all either.

My wife is a stomach-sleeper, I am a side-sleeper. We are in search of a luxury mattress that will serve both our needs. What say you? Thanks.

If your needs are really different, check out Helix or Tuck. They can customize each side of the mattress to both of your individual needs.

I ordered a foam bed-in-the-box mattress that is 10″ thick after comparing reviews for some time, and it’s too firm for me. It was rated about a 5 on the firmness scale, but some reviewers said it was too soft so even though I like softer beds I thought it might be fine. I tried it for 8 nights to adjust and my hip, neck, and back pain and general nerve pain increased so that I couldn’t sleep so I’m back on my old bed, a 15yr old sealy innerspring plush.

I am a back and side sleeper who is on the high side of average weight. I like a cloud feel like I’m softly floating above the mattress, I usually like the beds at Hilton hotels.

I’m not sure a foam mattress is for me, what do you recommend? I’m thinking about a hybrid maybe. Thanks!

I would check out Nolah or Purple. They seem to be a good fit for what you are looking for.

What else would you recommend for someone who prefers a softer mattress that is not too expensive, i.e. under $850ish? The first one you recommend is what I’m trying out and it’s too firm for me so it will be going back. The Purple sounds like it also runs firm from reviews, or is it just a different feel? Because 5 was too firm for me, something in the 3 range on the firmness scale may work. Thank you!

Check out Nolah. It looks like it’s in your price range and it is definitely a softer mattress.

Hi! I am a petite 40 yr old woman. I am a side sleeper with a lot of joint/body pain. I am trying to train myself to be a back sleeper to alleviate the pressure on my neck/shoulders/arms from sidesleeping. My husband is 6’2″ and a crazy, hot, sweaty sleeper. He prefers a firm bed. What mattress would you recommend? We would like to spend less than $1000 and prefer a king size bed. Thanks so much!

If getting too hot is a concern, then innerspring would be a good choice. Saatva could be a good match, although it’s going to be a little over $1,000 for a king. You might also want to take a look at Purple, which is completely temperature neutral.

Hi Joe! I have a quality/longevity question. I built my own mattress six years ago by ordering high density foam from any upholstery shop. My husband & I are heavy sleepers, but not giant people. We have already worn out the upper 3 layers. I want a new matress with a warranty this time. Our experience is that the upper softer layers invariably begin to compress & dip & sag over a year or 18 months. That results in a loss of pressure point relief since the foam compresses & you can feel that hardness of it compacting on itself, and also the sag results in lack of proper support, which hurts our necks & backs. In your research, experience, & word through the grapevine, which matress(es) have a longer life in this regard? We just bought the Helix and it is terrible: the “soft” side is incredibly firm & cuts off the circulation in my hips. I’m not picky about the “hug” you mention in your reviews, but I do need a plush/soft feel WITHOUT the dip that seems to happen because the manufacturers typically use lower density upper layers, which degrade & compact pretty quickly. Help!

Have you checked out the Big Fig mattress?

I recently purchased a Bear mattress and have been sleeping on it for about a month. I sleep on my back and side. I really want to love it but it feels too firm for me and my arms are going to sleep at night (while sleeping on my back). It is better than my old mattress because it supports my back, but I don’t love it. Is it the firmness level that is causing my arms to go to sleep? Do I need a softer mattress? If I go softer, will this comprimise back support? I have been looking at Loom & Leaf, Ghostbed (because I like the idea of natural latex, but prices are generally high), or a medium or medium soft Intellibed. Any thoughts on this? Thanks so very much.

Yeah it’s probably just a little too firm. Have you looked into getting a topper? That could solve the issue too.

I’m trying to get an opinion on the indigo mattress…there seems to be no reviews other than the site thats selling it…it looks unique in the send that the top can be flipped and rotates and cleaned.

I’m not familiar with that mattress unfortunately.

We have a 40’ sailboat and looking for a 6-8 inch Mattress. We need firmness and back support. My husband weighs 240 and I weigh 115 . The base is wood. Mildew is always a challenge for boaters. Any recommendations for a new Mattress would be greatly appreciated!

Don’t think I’ve tried any yet that are that thin unfortunately.

My husband and I start out sleeping on our sides and occasionally I wake up on my back. He tends to move around a lot at night and sleeps mostly on his side. We are both in our 50’s. He weighs ~230 and I weigh ~155. I usually go to bed “cold” but my husband “sleeps hot” and it balances things out for me. We currently have a regular “too hard” spring mattress with a memory foam topper (from WalMart) that has surprisingly worked well for 9 years. I am starting to have some shoulder pains so looking for a new mattress. I have done some research and read /viewed all your reviews. I have narrowed it down to Nolah & Amerisleep (was considering Leesa, but feel these other 2 might work better for us?). An additional question about a base. We have an antique 4 poster rice bed so we would need a box spring. (We will move the old mattress to guest bedroom once we buy an a new one for the master.) So, do we just go to another store or Amazon to buy a box spring? I am used to these being in sets so purchasing just a box spring seems unusual.
What is your direct comparison of AS3 and Nolah? It seems Nolah may be the best considering all things. Also looking to take advantage of Cyber discounts today if you are able to reply.
Thank you for all your research to help consumers narrow down all the choices!

I would say the Nolah is a little softer, so if you just sleep on your side it would probably be the better choice. As far as a box spring, you can put these mattresses on any flat surface. I personally am a big fan of the platform beds that Zinus has available. Check those out.

What is best mattress for 400lb male?

My husband and I have a Temperpedic bed with moderate firmness. We got it because his back was always hurting and he doesn’t have that issue now. However, I have hated the smell from the very beginning (it doesn’t smell now after 3 years), but I have had alot of problems with night sweats and waking up with migraines otherwise it is comfy. I started sleeping on an old matress in our spare bedroom to see if my problems were the bed and my migraines and night sweats have almost gone away. So, I want a new bed, but I am afraid he won’t be comfortable (he is a side sleeper and I am a back sleeper). I have looked into the Naturepedic, Avacodo and Zenhaven so far. I just don’t know what to do. We haven’t even paid off the Temperpedic yet so I’m not thrilled about spending alot of money, but I will if I have to. Can you help?

Sounds like you want a mattress with a similar feel but without sleeping hot. I would take a look at Amerisleep. They have a line of mattresses with a similar feel to the Tempur-Pedic mattresses. They do an excellent job of addressing the issue of sleeping hot in their construction.

I keep buying mattresses and they develop body impressions within a week. The first was Beautyrest World Class Keaton. Second was Loom & Leaf. I LOVED how both of these felt when I got them, but the impression that develops makes them uncomfortable. I assume this is normal, since it’s within a week or two, rather than years of use. I also tried Tuft and Needle, but that was too firm. Do you have any recommendations for beds that won’t develop an impression? Or do I just need a firmer version? Many thanks.

Those mattresses shouldn’t develop impressions quickly at all. This is very unusual.

I am looking for a queen size air bed that is not dual. Sleep Number makes them, but does anyone else that would cost less?

Haven’t tried any yet.

Hey Joe, thanks for sleeping on all these mattresses for us! What is your recommendation for soft mattresses? Currently I am sleeping on a Nectar & with being so skinny & a side sleeper it leaves my sides hurting in the morning. Around the same price range would be great, TIA!

Your reviews are extremely helpful. Have you ever published a list ranking memory foam mattresses in order of firmness: softest to the most firm? That would be extremely helpful as well. Even a partial list based on what you have seen so far would really help.

Thank you so much.

I have not. Let me know which ones you are down to and I can give my opinion on the firmness of each one.

What are your thoughts on the new T & N Mint vs the L & L. In reading your reviews and recommendations the L & L compares favorably to a Tempur-Pedic at a much better price point. Looking at the spec the L & L is a 12″ with foam density ranging between 4 – 5 lbs/cubic feet vs the new T & N is a 12″ with foam density ranging between 2 – 3.5 lbs/cubic feet. Although the T & N is about $200 cheaper than the L & L. What’s your take on which one is the better deal long term? Considering I am heavy set at about 290 lbs. Thanks

I haven’t taken a look at the Mint yet unfortunately.

Thanks for sharing your opinions on mattresses. It’s been very helpful and I am more familiar with some of the terminologies now after reading your posts.

I am looking to buy a mattress after a really long time. I prefer mattresses that are on the bouncy and firm end of the spectrum (one having good support and that doesn’t sink much). I sleep in a variety of positions. From a budget standpoint, I could spend between $800 and $1300 for a queen. What would you recommend?

Thanks a ton!

Saatva is definitely one to check out that I think meets your criteria.

My wife and I are both side sleepers, I am 235#, she is 110#. We have a king size bed. We tried the Tuft and Needle that our kids recommended but it is too firm. I would sink through the adaptive foam layer and could feel the foundation foam, both still having hip and shoulder pain. We actually moved the tuft and needle out and put our 20 year old Simmons Beautyrest back on the bed. Not sure whether to try a different foam mattress (Leesa, Casper or Amerisleep) or continue the search for a innerspring with more comfort layers. (i.e. cotton batting with additional layers of different foam. I realize the Tuft and Needle is least expensive, the Leesa and Casper a little higher priced and the Amerisleep significantly more but am concerned we would have the same problems with another foam matress. Even looking at Winkbeds. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Something like the Amerisleep AS4 would be a good fit. The comfort part is thicker so I don’t think you would have the same issue as with the T&N.

Looking for recommendations for a new mattress. I’m 65, have lower back issues, and am interested in a memory foam or combo type mattress. I’d prefer to stay close to or under $1000.00 as well.


You can check out the Tomorrow Sleep Medium Firm mattress. It has memory foam and a spring system that is very supportive. It’s also under $1,000 for a Queen.

Hello. I’m currently considering buying a Sheex mattress (they only sell one as of now). I looked throughout your website, including Slumber Sage, and did not find any results, but maybe I was looking in the wrong spot. Do you have any reviews on Sheex? If not, do you plan on checking them out in the future? Thanks.

I’ve never come across them, so I’m not sure if we plan on reviewing them anytime soon.

Hi Joe,over the last two weeks I have looked at numerous mattress review sites and I am somewhat confused. I have always wanted a Tempurpedic. I do not think I can tolerate coils much longer. Now I have the opportunity to buy one and also have been dealing with a lot of upper back shoulder, & neck pain. of course I was intrigued in learning about all these new companies that were of high quality but less expensive. I am also a side sleeper. So anyway I found your site two days ago after I had already decided to purchase the tempurpedic. I read your review and comparison to the Purple which I thought might be the right one for me then I saw your review of the Amerisleeep which I have never heard of and thought WOW! this sounds like the mattress I need. So anyway I was just wondering what is your opinion? I am side sleeper but now also on my back due to the shoulder pain. What do you think, I made the tempurpedic purchase but I can cancel as they are not being delivered until Friday. Anyway, I apologize for rambling on. I look forward to hearing from you. Val Schuster

I would say to give the Tempur-Pedic a shot. I believe it will handle your shoulder pain pretty well.

Hi Joe,

I’m 130 lbs and start sleeping on my side but roll over and switch to my stomach and back throughout the night. My husband and I got a Nectar a few months ago, our first memory foam mattress, and I love how it isolates motion and he’s comfortable (145 lb side sleeper), but I hate how hot it is and wake up in pain in every position. I’m thinking I need a softer mattress so I sink in more, but maybe I need a firmer one to support my back better? (Our initial firm spring mattress with a pillow top was even worse, though.) Or maybe the foam construction doesn’t lend itself well to multiple sleep positions?

We’re at a loss for what type of bed to try next, so any suggestions would be great. I’m looking at a Tomorrow as a low-risk way to try a hybrid since it’s cheaper and has a long return period. I’m also open to Amerisleep AS3 or 4, or Loom and Leaf Relaxed Firm, but I’m not convinced the higher price tag means better construction, especially in terms of sleeping cool, since the whole bed in a box industry is based on the premise that mattress companies lie and inflate prices. 🙂

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have!

What kind of pain are you experiencing? Is it numbness in your shoulders or lower back pain?

Lower back pain. The numb shoulder pain went away when we switched from a firm traditional spring mattress to Nectar, but the back pain didn’t.

The page won’t let me reply directly to your comment above, but I’m experiencing lower back pain. Thanks!

I would try the AS3. It will sleep cool and it is a bit on the firmer side, which should be better for preventing lower back pain.

Hi Joe — I recently bought the Tuft & Needle Mint, and my Fiance and I are in a rough spot. At first it was super comfortable and we loved it, but about a month in, we’re both experiencing back pain in different ways.

My lower back, right above my buttocks, is killing me. I have to get up and bend over to touch my toes to stretch it out constantly, and can’t lie in the bed for more than a few hours, and I’ve had to get out of bed earlier than I want to because of this. Side sleeping only temporarily relieves that, but it starts to hurt again. I prefer to try to sleep on my back, and usually transition to my side at some point (so I’m a side/back sleeper). I’m 6’1 215 pounds.

My Fiance sleeps in all sorts of positions — back, side, stomach. She’s been having neck pain and middle of the back pain develop from sleeping on this bed. She’s 5’6 155 lbs.

We both very active and weight lifters, in good shape.

Trying to find a recommendation for a bed, because the T&N bed isn’t doing it for us, and we’re going to return it. To me, it just feels too firm, it’s like my buttocks isn’t sinking in far enough, so my lower back is floating and not being supported. Maybe I’m wrong… but I’ve heard T&N runs on the firmer side — something people say should be good for a back sleeper, apparently not though.

Any recommendations would be great. Thanks!

I would check out the Purple. I think it could be a good fit for you.

Hi, Joe,
Thanks for your great website and services ! I see in the past you were asked this question, but I will ask it again: have you reviewed (or heard anything) re: M Lily products? My friend is working for them and I would like to help him by buying one of these mattresses, but you haven’t reviewed it yet that I can tell. Have you heard anything about them? Thanks !

I haven’t heard of them yet.

Hi Joe,
I’m confused as to why you have Casper in the hybrid category. Everything I see on your website and their’s seem to make it a memory foam mattress. Great website, by the way.

Hybrid is loosely defined.

I am a large person 360# who sleeps on her side. I have seen your recommendations for side sleepers, but which mattress do you recommend for the large person who sleeps in a side lying position?

I would check out the Purple 4 mattress.

We have a Tempurpedic that is awful! It is sooo hard. I woke up the other day with my hip and arm totally asleep and the hip is still sore! It’s also very hot. Really haven’t liked it for several years now but after the other night/am, I’m pretty much done with it. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

I would take a look at Nolah or any of the Purple models if you want some good pressure relief and don’t want to sleep hot.

I have purchased a couple of mattresses over the years due to lower back pain and while the current mattress
, Serra perfect sleeper-Serra mentor has helped with the severe lower back pain, both my husband and I noticed an increase in shoulder numbness and neck pain. I know back sleeping is best -I am a side sleeper. I am 5’5 169 and my husband is 5’10 185. We need a pain free/good night sleep and just can not seem to get. We were looking at your reviews and would like guidance . When I went to NY and stayed at Hilton- I had a good nights sleep,and was thinking of purchasing a Hilton bed. I came across your website and noticed reviews on Saatva. I thought of purchasing Saatva -then I started looking at all your bed reviews. Can you please help advise- help us find the needle in the haystack 😁