Dr. Anil Rama, MD

Doctor of Medicine

Anil Rama, MD is at the forefront of sleep medicine and serves as Adjunct Clinical Faculty at the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine. As the Medical Director and Founder of Kaiser Permanente’s tertiary sleep medicine laboratory, he has successfully treated thousands of patients with complex sleep disorders. 

Dr. Rama is also an editorial board member of the Sleep Science and Practice Journal and has authored several book chapters and seminal peer-reviewed journal articles in sleep medicine. Furthermore, Dr. Rama is a lecturer for the Dental Sleep Medicine Mini-Residency at the University of Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.

In addition, he has been an investigator in clinical trials for drugs or devices designed to improve sleep and contributed to stories in national newspapers, local news stations, wellness websites, and health newsletters.

Dr. Rama is the author of the book SHUT UP and sleep.

You can view Dr. Rama’s website here.