Sleep Health And Hygiene

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Sleep hygiene and health are essential to getting your best night’s sleep. Read our articles below to better understand the basics of sleep hygiene, how sleep works, how your sleep environment impacts your rest, and more!

Sleep Hygiene 101

How to stay asleep

How to Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep All Night

For many of us, getting into a cozy bed after a long day is one of life’s great pleasures. All your tasks are done and …

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Benefits Of Sleep

The Benefits Of Getting More Sleep

Here’s a tidbit for you: We spend almost one-third of our lives sleeping. This is a huge chunk of our lives, and it is a …

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Common Reasons People Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night

Waking up in the middle of the night is pretty common—and very annoying. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) explains that interrupted sleep can affect a person’s memory …

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How Sleep Works

How Genetics Impact Our Sleep

Sleep is something all humans need, and yet, so much about it remains a mystery. Scientists have established the basics—that there are multiple sleep stages, …

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everything your body should know about sleep revealed

Everything That Happens To Your Body While You Sleep

When falling asleep at night, it might feel like your brain and body are “shutting down” or switching off for a few hours. In fact, …

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What Would Happen If You Didn't Sleep

What Would Happen If You Didn’t Sleep?

What happens if you don’t sleep? More precisely, what happens to our minds and our bodies when we decide not to sleep? Our research tells …

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Sleep Environment

Bed in blue bedroom

Why Your Bedroom Colors Actually Matter

Can the colors in your bedroom affect your sleep? Most people select bedroom decor such as paint, furniture, and bedding based solely on their personal …

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A woman types on her computer.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Work In Your Bedroom

Doing work in one’s bedroom often sounds like an appealing idea. After all, most of us would prefer to stay in our PJs rather than …

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Even Bedroom Light May Contribute To Depression In Older Adults, Study Finds

Could exposure to light in your bedroom each night increase your risk of experiencing depression? According to a study recently published in the American Journal of …

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Sleep Positions

Sleeping While Sick

How to Sleep When You’re Sick – The Best Sleeping Positions

Let’s face it, it is no easy task to sleep when we are sick. Whether we are dealing with a cold, flu, or stomach problems, …

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A woman lies down in bed.

Should You Sleep On Your Right Side Or Your Left Side?

The average person spends about one-third of their life sleeping — so one’s sleeping position really does matter. “Eighty percent of the population will have …

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The Best Sleeping Position for Different Sleep Problems

It’s no secret that a lot of Americans are sleep deprived. In fact, more than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep …

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Young woman napping on couch

The Ultimate Guide To Naps

At some point, every sleep-deprived adult looks back at all the times they resisted taking a nap as a kid and wishes they could turn …

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Sleep, Exercise, And Activity

Athletes and sleep

How Sleep Impacts Muscle Recovery And Risk Of Injury

Looking for the best way to reduce your risk of athletic injury, and to ensure that your post-workout recovery times are optimized? Well, why not …

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Tai Chi

Can Practicing Tai Chi Help Me Sleep Better?

Ever heard of Tai Chi? The Mayo Clinic describes it as “an ancient Chinese tradition that, today, is practiced as a graceful form of exercise.” …

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What’s the Link Between Sleep and Exercise?

Take a moment to consider this: Say you enjoy a long, productive workout, whether that means running through the park or lifting at your friendly …

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Sleep And Allergies

All About Dust Allergies

Dust Allergies – Symptoms, Cleaning Tips and Treatment

We all know what dust is. It rests on top of bookshelves, counters, and pretty much any surface. In truth, it’s pretty gross, and people …

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Sick woman in bed

Is Allergy-Proof Bedding Worth Considering?

Allergies can be incredibly debilitating. If you have an inhalant allergy — meaning you are allergic to something you breathe in, rather than something you …

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3 Ways Your Pillow Affects Your Health

If someone is a reader of Mattress Clarity, they probably spend a fair amount of time thinking about what type of mattress and sheets they …

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Debunking (And Confirming) Sleep Myths

These 7 Sleep Myths Are Doing More Harm Than Good

How much do you really know about sleep? There are a number of popular myths and misunderstandings about sleep that you’ve likely heard. For example, …

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A wall of clocks on brick.

Is Daylight Saving Time Doing More Harm Than Good?

Daylight saving time (DST) is just around the corner. A one-hour disruption may not seem like a big deal — but research suggests daylight saving …

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Yawning woman

Is Yawning Really Contagious?

Have you ever “caught” a yawn from someone else? The other person opens their mouth for a great big yawn, and suddenly, you find yourself …

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School And Sleep

Sleep, Stress, College - featured

Stress And Sleep In College

There’s no doubt about it — college can be stressful. Gone are the days when your routine is predictable and calm. Now, you’re navigating sporadic …

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Sleeping college student

The Ultimate Guide to Sleeping Better at a College Campus

Getting a good night’s sleep in college can be tough. There’s an old saying: In college, you can have a great social life, get good …

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Student sleeping with head on desk

The Effects Of School Start Time On Student Sleep Habits And Performance

Time and again, research has demonstrated the role sleep plays in our overall health. Sleep improves the immune system, promotes mental health, and enhances overall …

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More Sleep Health Articles

Grief and Sleep: How Grief Affects Sleep and What You Can Do About It

If you weren’t already familiar with grief before 2020, you probably are now. In the wake of Covid-19, so many of us lost loved ones, …

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Sleeping when hot

How To Sleep Better During A Heat Wave

During a heat wave, our bodies undergo certain processes to help us cope with rising temps. While this makes it easier to tolerate hot days, …

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What Veterans Should Know About Sleep

Veterans may face unique sleep challenges due to the nature of their training and their time in the service, whether or not they saw combat. …

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