Purple Launches In Select Mattress Firm Stores

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Popular online mattress retailer Purple announced today that their patented technology is available in select Mattress Firm stores across the country.

In a press release, Purple says they plan to sell their mattresses in approximately 13 retail stores throughout Washington, D.C., with additional launches in stores in Austin, Texas and Sacramento, California to follow. The company says these locations were chosen based on consumer research from Mattress Firm.

Mattress Firm is “laser focused on helping people find a bed perfectly suited to their needs,” said Sam Bernards, CEO at Purple. “That passion makes them an exciting distribution partner for us.”

Purple Mattress Reviews
Purple mattress

Purple may be best known for their mattresses and other products that are made with their signature Hyper-Elastic Polymer material. “This highly elastic material is designed not only to help consumers sleep better, but also optimized to disperse pressure and cradle the hips and shoulders while providing excellent support,” says the company.

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The select Mattress Firm locations will be the first to pilot Purple’s “next generation of mattresses,” which will include several new models, according to the release.

The company says the new models will feature fully pocketed coils, which are tuned to work with Purple’s patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer material.

“From the start, Purple has been resolute on providing the most comfortable and supportive mattresses on the market,” said Bernards. “We continue to improve our mattresses to help people feel better and reduce uncomfortable pressure using our proven sleep science, which is revolutionizing the mattress industry. We’re excited to roll out this new blended channel approach and to help people sleep better all over the country.”

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