Tuft And Needle Mattress Topper Review – Responsive Comfort?

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Foam mattress toppers can be a great addition to your mattress. They can soften your mattress if it is too firm and/or give the mattress a different feel.

However, foam mattress toppers also have their drawbacks. They can trap heat and also cause you to feel stuck.

The Tuft & Needle mattress topper is designed to avoid these issues. It contains responsive foam that is also breathable.

As a fan of the original Tuft & Needle mattress, I was interested to see how their topper would compare.

Is this a truly responsive, cooler foam topper? Read on for my full review.

Tuft & Needle Mattress Topper Deals
Tuft & Needle
Tuft & Needle
Tuft & Needle

The Tuft & Needle mattress topper is a great choice for back sleepers, side sleepers, and those like a responsive foam feel. 


You Might Like The Tuft & Needle If …

  • You are a back sleeper. Back sleepers should always be looking for a good balance of comfort and support. If your mattress is extra-firm, the Tuft & Needle mattress topper could soften it enough to let your hips sink in. At the same time, the foam should conform to the shape of your body. Back sleepers of many sizes should enjoy the Tuft & Needle.
  • You are a side sleeper. Side sleepers want to make sure their sleeping surface is soft enough to relieve pressure on their shoulder and hips. If you are a side sleeper and want to add some softness and pressure relief to your mattress, the Tut & Needle could be a good option. It will soften your firmer mattress and ease the pressure you feel on those heavier areas. Even larger side sleepers should feel some nice pressure relief.
  • You want a foam topper but worry about getting stuck. Again, one of the drawbacks of many foam toppers is that they can make it more difficult to move around on the mattress. Whether you have mobility issues or simply move around at night, the Tuft & Needle should work for you. It features soft foam that is also responsive. You will sink in, but you shouldn’t feel stuck.
  • You want a foam topper but worry about sleeping hot. Foam toppers are also known to trap heat and direct them back at sleepers. If you prefer a soft foam topper but want to make sure you are still sleeping cool, the Tuft & Needle could be a good choice. It features open-celled foam that should promote a decent amount of airflow. You won’t be sleeping cold on the Tuft & Needle, but it shouldn’t be adding heat to your mattress.

A man presses his hands into a foam mattress topper.

You Might Not Like The Tuft & Needle If …

  • You are a stomach sleeper. Stomach sleepers usually require a firmer sleeping surface. You want to make sure your hips get the needed support. Without this, your hips and core could dip into the mattress, which could lead to back pain. The Tuft & Needle should soften your mattress a fair amount. If you are primarily a stomach sleeper, a soft topper like the Tuft & Needle is not the best choice.
  • You prefer the classic memory foam feel. True memory foam has a very slow-moving feel that lets you sink in. If this is the feel you are looking for, the Tuft & Needle is not the best option. While it is made of soft foam, it is also very responsive.
  • You are looking for a more affordable mattress topper. If you consider the quality of the Tuft & Needle, it is a very good deal. That being said, it is currently $150 for a Queen-size topper. While there are more pricey toppers out there, there are more affordable options as well. If $150 is outside of your budget, you might want to look at a lower-end topper.

A man feels the cover of a mattress topper.

Construction And Options

  • The Tuft & Needle is 2″ thick.
  • The cover is made of a polyester blend and has a sweatshirt quality. It is soft to the touch.
  • The topper contains 2″ of a responsive foam. This foam is open-celled, which makes the topper quite breathable.
  • On the bottom of the topper, you will find silicone beads. These add some grip to the Tuft & Needle so that it does not shift around on top of your mattress.
  • In terms of size options, you can choose from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.
  • The Tuft & Needle is made in the USA.

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A man places a mattress topper on top of his bed.

Tuft & Needle Mattress Topper Deals
Tuft & Needle
Tuft & Needle
Tuft & Needle

The Tuft & Needle mattress topper is a great choice for back sleepers, side sleepers, and those like a responsive foam feel. 

My Experience

When the Tuft & Needle arrived at my house, I opened it immediately. Something you will notice with many foam toppers and bed-in-a-box mattresses is that they can emit a strong chemical smell when they are first unboxed. But I did not get much of a chemical smell with the Tuft & Needle.

In addition, with many foam toppers, you need to wait a few days before you can actually use them. Soft memory foam toppers, for instance, could take two full days to reach their full body. However, with the Tuft & Needle, I was ready to use the topper right away.

In order to get an idea of the Tuft & Needle’s firmness, I placed it on a mattress with a firmness of 8/10. When I laid down on the mattress and the topper, the firmness felt closer to a 7 or 6.5/10. That means the Tuft & Needle topper is softening the mattress by about 1.5 points.

As with any topper or mattress, the firmness will really depend on your weight. I am 230 lb. Lighter and heavier people could feel like the topper is softer or firmer than I did.

A man lies down on his side.

Here is how I felt in different sleeping positions on the Tuft & Needle:

  • Lying on my back, the Tuft & Needle is a good fit for me. It softens the mattress a fair amount so that my hips can sink in farther than they did on the firmer mattress. I also feel the foam conform to the shape of my body.
  • When I move to my side, I am also feeling some great pressure relief on my shoulders and hips. As a larger person, I often drop right through softer mattress toppers. However, the Tuft & Needle is responsive and not so soft that I press right into the mattress below.
  • The Tuft & Needle softens the mattress so I am feeling less support on my hips. I am getting the sensation that my hips are dipping into the mattress. Because of this, I am feeling some strain on my lower back.

Overall, the Tuft & Needle topper has a balanced foam feel. The topper is soft and pressure-relieving, but when I apply pressure, it snaps back into place very quickly. I have no real issue moving around on top of the Tuft & Needle.

Also, while this is a foam topper, it is not adding any heat to the mattress. The foam is open-celled and breathable, so it shouldn’t make you sleep hotter. At the same time, it isn’t necessarily making the mattress cooler.


The Tuft & Needle is a high-quality mattress topper that could be a good fit for back sleepers and side sleepers. Stomach sleepers and fans of classic memory foam might not find the topper to be the best match.

The Tuft & Needle comes with a 100-night sleep trial, a 3-year limited warranty, and free returns.

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