Best Duvet Covers – Which Stands Out?

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A duvet cover can be a great addition to any bedroom because simply by throwing your duvet cover onto a duvet insert or comforter, one can quickly change the look of your room. Also, it makes keeping bedding clean much easier, so simply throw the duvet cover in the washer it’s all set.

So which duvet cover should shoppers choose? Looking in stores or online, there seem to be countless duvet cover options. What should we be looking for?

I have the information shoppers need to find the right duvet cover for them. To make the buying process a lot easier, I have chosen six duvet covers that really stand out among the rest.

To find the right duvet cover, read on for my full duvet cover buying guide.


Top Picks Compared

There is no one duvet for everyone but, that being said, one of these six duvet covers should work for many types of sleepers. Those who have any further questions or need a recommendation should just leave a comment below!

Parachute Sateen Duvet Cover

Parachute duvet cover

This Parachute duvet cover is a great option for those who want a sateen option that isn’t quite so shiny. Most sateen duvet covers have a sheen to them, but Parachute specifies that theirs is a “matte sateen,” so we get the feeling of sateen with more of a flat, matte look.

In terms of feel, the Parachute is very soft and silky to the touch. The duvet cover is also made with 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton, a very soft fiber.

At the same time, it is a thicker material and because of this, the Parachute is a warmer option. It might not be breathable enough for hot sleepers, but those who want something for colder nights should like this duvet cover.

The Egyptian cotton is also very durable, meaning the Parachute should last for a good amount of time. In addition, the company does not use harmful chemicals to artificially soften their bedding, and the duvet cover is actually designed to get softer with each cleaning cycle.

What Makes The Parachute Stand Out?

  • It is a sateen duvet cover without the sheen.
  • The Parachute is a very soft, silky, sateen duvet cover.
  • It is a durable duvet cover that should be a good, long-term investment.

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Cuddledown Solid Sateen Duvet Cover

cuddledown duvet cover

The Cuddledown is a duvet cover with that classic sateen sheen, so it is a great pick for those who want a shiny look to their bedding.

Also, being sateen, it is silky and smooth to the touch. It is also made with 100 percent long-staple cotton which adds another level of softness and durability to the duvet cover. It should stand up to many cleaning cycles and last for many years to come.

The Cuddledown is also a great choice for those who want a lot of options. There are currently 25 color options available and, no matter which color fits their bedroom design scheme, shoppers should be able to find a duvet cover to match it.

What Makes The Cuddledown Stand Out?

  • The duvet cover has a very nice, shiny look.
  • It is very soft to the touch with a silky sateen feel.
  • It is made with long-staple cotton and should be a longer-lasting duvet cover.
  • There are many color options available.
  • Cuddledown will also stitch a customer’s monogram into their duvet cover.

Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover

Brooklinen duvet cover

The Brooklinen is a duvet cover with a crisp, linen feel, so fans of hotel linens will really enjoy this thinner percale duvet cover.

This is also a great option for hot sleepers because percale is a more breathable material, and it make sleepers overheat at night. I felt a lot of airflow with the Brooklinen, and I can say that pairing the duvet cover with a thin insert had me sleeping cool all night.

Like many of the duvet covers on this list, the Brooklinen is also made with long-staple cotton, a very durable material, so the duvet cover should be longer-lasting. Just note that percale can be wrinkly, so it might be necessary to iron the duvet cover after drying.

What Makes The Brooklinen Stand Out?

  • It has a crisp, hotel linen feel.
  • The duvet cover is very breathable and should be a great option for hot sleepers.
  • It is made with very durable materials and should be a solid, long-term investment.

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Pinzon Flannel Duvet Cover

Pinzon flannel duvet cover

The Pinzon duvet cover is a great option for lovers of flannel, and if someone wants to give their bedroom a rustic look or need something for a rural vacation spot, this should be a good choice. There are also seven design options to choose from.

The duvet cover is made with 160-gram flannel which is a bit heavier and also very durable. In addition, it is napped on both sides, meaning the whole duvet cover has a soft, velvety feel.

Also, this is one of the warmer duvet covers I have tried. While using it on a cold night, the duvet cover had no trouble keeping me warm and insulated, so those who need a duvet cover for colder nights should feel right at home under the Pinzon Flannel Duvet Cover.

Finally, at only $55 for a Full/Queen size duvet cover, the Pinzon is a very affordable option.

What Makes The Pinzon Stand Out?

  • It has a rustic look with seven design options to choose from.
  • The duvet cover features a very soft, napped flannel. It is very soft and fuzzy to the touch.
  • It is a great option for colder months.
  • The Pinzon offers a quality duvet cover at a value price.

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HC Collection Duvet Cover Set

HC duvet cover

The HC is a great pick for those who want a very affordable option. It is currently $27 for a Queen-size duvet cover with two pillow shams, and it is easily the least expensive duvet cover on this list.

While it might not be as long-lasting as the other duvet covers, it does feature soft microfiber in its construction. This material isn’t as silky as sateen, but it is still smooth to the touch.

Also, there are 12 color options to choose from. For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money upfront and want a solid duvet cover, the HC could be a good choice.

What Makes The HC Stand Out?

  • It is a very affordable duvet cover set that includes two pillow shams.
  • The duvet cover is made with microfiber and is soft to the touch.
  • There are many color options to choose from.

10 Grove Duvet Cover

10 Grove Duvet Cover Border

Now, the HC is very affordable, but what if someone wants something a bit more luxurious for a value price? If so, they should take a look at the 10 Grove Duvet Cover. It costs more than the HC, around $190 for a Full/Queen size, but this is a great deal when we consider the duvet cover we are getting.

I reviewed the Hudson duvet cover with percale fabric. One can also choose sateen but, as a fan of lighter more breathable fabrics, I opted for percale. My 10 Grove duvet cover is very breathable and, when paired with a lighter duvet insert, it sleeps quite cool. I was not overheating underneath the 10 Grove.

In addition, I am a fan of the duvet cover’s sleek bordered-style. I am not the most stylish guy, but the 10 Grove adds a real modern touch to my bedroom.

Those who like a luxury, modern duvet cover but don’t want to spend too much money should take a look at the 10 Grove.

What Makes The 10 Grove Stand Out?

  • It is a high-quality, well-made duvet cover but is competitively priced.
  • The percale model is very breathable and should be a good fit for hot sleepers.
  • 10 Grove offers many other styles and border options.

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What To Consider When Buying A Duvet Cover

  • Feel. As with any piece of bedding, it is important to think about what your duvet cover is going to feel like. Those who like a soft, silky feel might want to consider something with sateen. For those who want something with a crisp, linen feel, percale might be a better option. People who want something fuzzy and soft should take a look at something with flannel.
  • Look and options. Another thing to consider is what look is desirable. For those who want something with a sheen, sateen might be a good option. Also, if one wants a printed design or specific color, how many options are there to choose from? Some companies only have a few to choose from while others have a wide selection.
  • Breathability. If someone is going to add a duvet cover to their bed, is it going to make them sleep hotter or cooler? Shoppers want to think about how much air is going to move through the duvet cover. Some fabrics, like sateen, feel nice, but they are not as breathable. Other fabrics, like percale, are thinner and let more air pass through. It is true that the duvet insert plays a big part in how hot a sleeper will feel, but without a breathable duvet cover, they might be sleeping even hotter.
  • Cleaning and durability. A major benefit to using a duvet cover is ease of cleaning. Instead of having to wash a whole comforter or heavier blanket, one can peel off the duvet cover and wash it at home. While this is very nice, it is important to think about how well the duvet cover will stand up to many wash cycles. Will it start to fray and fade or remain intact and, basically, is it a durable piece of bedding or not? To know if a duvet cover is going to last for some time, consider the materials used. If it has long-staple cotton, it should be more durable. Materials like microfiber, while much more affordable, may not be as durable.


Again, there are many duvet covers out there but, no matter what type of sleeper someone is, one of these six great duvet covers should be a good match. If our readers want to keep looking, keep these criteria in mind, and it shouldn’t be difficult to find the right duvet cover.

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