Nest Bedding Coupon Code

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Nest Bedding has provided Mattress Clarity readers a coupon code for The Love Bed, the Alexander, the Alexander Hybrid, and other products. These mattresses go on sale around holidays like Fourth of July. See below for available coupons:

Alexander Hybrid mattress: $100 off using code “CLARITY150”
Love Bed: $50 off using code “CLARITY”

Nest Bedding Coupon Code

The $50 promo code is only applicable to The Love Bed, which is already reasonably priced.  It will apply to any size (win through California king).  The $100 off coupons will apply to the Alexander Signature Select and Alexander Hybrid respectively.

The discount does not apply when purchasing a Love Bed at Nest Bedding physical store (several locations in California), but mention it and I’m sure they will make people a great deal in store as well to match.

Highlights Of Nest Bedding

  • The company doesn’t believe there is one best mattress for everyone.  They have therefore created a line of mattresses with different materials and different feels and firmness levels.  People should be able to find a good match for them with one of their many different options.
  • The company provides a truly great value with their products.  They own their own factory now and so are truly able to go factory direct.  They spend very little on marketing and other overhead, so they are able to price their products lower than just about any of their competitors.
  • The company has a mattress for every type of budget as well.  People can get a high-quality yet inexpensive mattress with their Love and Sleep mattress.  They can also choose from a couple of different luxury options as well.
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