The Best Cooling Weighted Blankets of 2022

Best Cooling Weighted Blankets Featured Image

Picture this: you’re wanting that calming sensation of a hug, so you bundle up under your weighted blanket. But then after a while, you begin to sweat, and feel stuffy. So, you end up tossing the blanket off, and lose that calm sensation. Luckily for you, cooling weighted blankets have come into the fray and …

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How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

Showing the inside of a weighted blanket on a bed

Bought a brand new weighted blanket but not sure if you can throw it in your washing machine? We’ve got you covered. Read on below to learn how to care for different types of weighted blankets. Can You Wash a Weighted Blanket? It really depends on the blanket. The first thing you should do is …

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Weighted Blanket Calculator

Resting Under Luna Weighted Blanket

What is a Weighted Blanket?  A weighted blanket is a blanket that is made with an inner fill, which gives the blanket its weight. This inner fill can range from glass beads, to sand, to plastic pellets (though plastic is not as common nowadays). Some weighted blankets can be used as is, while others are designed to …

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Weighted Blanket Pros and Cons

Weighted blankets can help alleviate anxiety and promote restful sleep, but those aren’t the only reasons people love them. For some folks, these heavy blankets can even help them fall asleep faster. But, like all things, weighted blankets don’t work for everyone. If you’re on the fence about buying one of these popular products, take …

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Hush Weighted Blanket Review – Calming for Couples?

Hush Weighted Blanket Featured Image

Weighted blankets are a great sleep accessory for people for a few different reasons. I love them because of how much they keep me from tossing and turning, but others love them for their calming and anxiety reducing properties. Hush’s classic weighted blanket does all of that, and with bigger sizes available, multiple people can …

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