When Can Babies Sleep on Their Stomach?

Baby sleeping on stomach

Whether you are a first time parent, a friend of an expectant mother, or having your fifth baby, it’s common (and encouraged) to catch up on the latest sleep studies and newborn sleep advice. Sleep deprivation may already be expected by every parent, but it doesn’t mean you and your baby can’t still have long …

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Is Sleeping on the Couch Bad for You? 

A man sleeps on his couch.

Most people sleep on the couch from time to time. Whether you want to escape a snoring partner or watch another episode of your favorite show, you may find yourself unintentionally snoozing on the couch. Though doing so occasionally can be harmless, when it becomes a regular habit, it can lead to less than optimal …

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Hybrid vs Innerspring Mattress – Which One Is Best?

Before the bed-in-a-box industry revolutionized how people buy mattresses, innerspring beds reigned supreme. But these days, most companies create stylish hybrid models. Though they look similar, hybrid and innerspring mattresses aren’t identical. In this hybrid vs innerspring mattress comparison, we’ll go over all of the important components of each bed and help you find the …

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Is It Bad to Sleep on Your Stomach?

Only 16% of adults sleep on their stomachs, making it the least common sleeping position. Stomach sleepers may feel comfortable when drifting off at night, but most doctors discourage sleeping in this unique position. That said, the best sleeping position is the one that helps you wake up well-rested and pain-free in the morning. So …

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How to Sleep on Your Side

A woman rests on her side on the Logan and Cove mattress

Have you read that side sleeping is better for your health and sleep life in comparison to sleeping on your stomach? Like sleeping flat on your back, side sleeping offers great benefits including proper spinal alignment, increased blood flow, and improved digestion. Are you looking to start sleeping on your side, but don’t know how …

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