Best Weighted Blankets 2021

Weighted blankets are so popular right now – it seems everywhere I turn, there is a new article about the potential benefits of weighted blankets!

Well, I have tried and reviewed many of the top brands on the market, and I can say that weighted blankets really do work; they make it significantly easier to fall asleep, stay asleep, and they even cut down on my anxiety.

However, which ones are the absolute best? That’s what we’re here to talk about today – I’ve chosen my picks for the best weighted blankets; there’s something here for everyone, so read on!

Best Options

The Luna weighted blanket is an affordable option that comes in a variety of weights, sizes, and colors.

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Best Cover
Gravity Blanket
Gravity Blanket

The Gravity Blanket is an extremely popular and effective weighted blanket that comes with a very comfortable and warming duvet cover.

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Best Cooling Weighted Blanket

The Luxome cooling weighted blanket is an exceptional option for hot sleepers who don't want to overheat at night.

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Best Weight Distribution

The Honeybird is a high-quality weighted blanket that features exceptional weight distribution.

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Unique Design
Bearaby Napper
Bearaby Napper

The Bearaby Napper is a very unique weighted blanket that should be a fantastic option for hot sleepers and those who want something that really conforms to the body.

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Top Picks Explained

There are so many weighted blankets out there, and there is no one right option for everyone; this list is comprised of weighted blankets that should work for different types of sleepers.

Best Options


One of the main considerations that weighted blanket shoppers should have is, well, weight; most weighted blanket companies recommend that shoppers choose a blanket that is close to 10% of their body weight. That is why it is so fantastic when a weighted blanket company will offer numerous weight options for customers to select from.

Luna is one such company; they offer blankets in weights of 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 22, and 25 lbs. In addition, Luna allows potential buyers to select from multiple sizes; it is particularly important to find a weighted blanket that fits the size of one’s body, and Luna makes this quite easy!

Luna also allows customers to choose from a few color options and, if these aren’t suitable, the blanket can be easily secured in a duvet cover with its eight duvet tabs.

It’s always great to have options, and that is what Luna is all about; the majority of people should be able to find the perfect size and weight with a Luna weighted blanket.

What Makes The Luna Stand Out?

  • The Luna weighted blanket comes in a variety of weights, sizes, and colors; it is particularly easy to find the right match for many types of people.
  • The weighted blanket features Luna’s proprietary cooling cotton which should ensure sleepers do not overheat during the night.
  • The Luna is much more affordable than a majority of other weighted blankets on the market; it is an excellent weighted blanket sold for a value price.

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Luna Deals
Luna Weighted Blanket
Luna Weighted Blanket

The Luna an affordable, effective weighted blanket that comes in many sizes and weights. Click the button for the best deal on Luna.

Best Cover

Gravity Blanket

If someone searches online for weighted blankets, they will undoubtedly come across the Gravity Blanket; it was one of the first weighted blankets to hit the market and the company has been extremely successful.

The Gravity Blanket comes in three weights: 15, 20, and 25 lbs; it comes in a throw size which is 72″ x 48″. This means the blanket should be a better fit for people who weigh between 130 and 270 lbs.

The blanket’s duvet cover is really what makes it stand out; it is made from a soft microfleece that has a similar feel to Minky covers I have tried. This duvet cover adds some warm fuzziness to the Gravity Blanket and also makes it much easier to clean; just throw the duvet cover in the washer and dryer if it gets messy.

Those who are looking for a high-quality weighted blanket that is both warm and offers great deep tissue pressure should definitely consider the Gravity Blanket.

What Makes The Gravity Blanket Stand Out?

  • The Gravity Blanket comes with a free duvet cover that is warm and fuzzy.
  • The duvet cover makes it easier to maintain and keep the weighted blanket clean.
  • The Gravity Blanket comes in a throw size, designed to fit the body of one sleeper.
  • The blanket is constructed of high-end, durable materials that should last for a good amount of time.

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Gravity Blanket Deals
Gravity Blanket
Gravity Blanket

The Gravity Blanket is a high-quality, throw-sized weighted blanket that features a very comfortable duvet cover.

Best Cooling Weighted Blanket


Let’s face it, weighted blankets can sleep particularly hot; that added weight doesn’t always make for a cool night of sleep, and I have personally woken up clammy and sweating while using a weighted blanket.

That’s why I am such an enormous fan of the cooling weighted blankets from Luxome-customers can choose from a blanket with an integrated bamboo cover or one with a separate bamboo duvet cover. I tried both models but, as a fan of duvet covers, I did prefer that model with a separate cover.

The lyocell bamboo material feels wonderfully cool against the skin and definitely offsets some of the added heat weighted blankets can bring; there is also a sense of soothing coolness that comes with the bamboo.

People who are seeking the relaxing deep tissue pressure of a weighted blanket but don’t want to overheat at night should consider one of Luxome’s cooling weighted blankets.

What Makes The Luxome Stand Out?

  • The Luxome comes with either an integrated or separate bamboo duvet cover that should ensure sleepers don’t overheat.
  • The blanket comes in three weights: 8, 15, and 18 lbs – all three blankets feature the same weight concentration so, with each heavier weight, the blanket will be larger.
  • The Luxome is one of the more luxurious weighted blankets on the market and contains some very high-end materials like lyocell bamboo.

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Luxome Deals

The Luxome is a high-quality and effective weighted blanket that should also keep sleepers cool at night. Click the button for the best deal on Luxome.

Best Weight Distribution


While finding the right weight is important when choosing a weighted blanket, weight distribution is just as important of a consideration. Weight distribution is a measure of how well the blanket’s weight is dispersed across the sleeper’s body; out of the weighted blankets I have personally reviewed, the Honeybird features some of the most exceptional weight distribution.

The Honeybird features smaller gridding in its construction; this keeps the weighted fill more evenly distributed across the body. The blanket is also a throw size, so the weight is concentrated into a smaller area; lying underneath the Honeybird weighted blanket, the majority of people should experience an even amount of weight on every part of their body.

In addition, the Honeybird comes with one of my favorite duvet covers; it is flippable and features a fuzzy polyester side and a cooling cotton side. Sleepers can employ the polyester on those colder nights and flip the blanket to use the cotton side on those balmier nights.

The Honeybird is an excellent choice for shoppers who want to ensure their weighted blanket applies an identical amount of weight in every area of their body.

What Makes The Honeybird Stand Out?

  • The Honeybird boasts exceptional weight distribution and should provide even deep tissue pressure across the entirety of the blanket.
  • The weighted blanket comes with a flippable duvet cover that offers two different feels and experiences.
  • The cotton side of the duvet cover is exceptionally cool and should be a perfect match for hot sleepers.
  • The Honeybird is a narrower weighted blanket and is meant to fit the size of one person, not the size of a bed.

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Honeybird Deals
Honeybird Weighted Blanket
Honeybird Weighted Blanket

The Honeybird is a high-quality weighted blanket with great weight distribution. Click the button for the best deal on the Honeybird.

Unique Design


So, most weighted blankets look the same; they have the basic design of a comforter but instead of down, they are filled with glass beads. Just opening up the Bearaby Napper’s box, I knew I was in for a different experience; the Bearaby Napper looks more like a woven blanket, not like a standard weighted blanket.

The Bearaby Napper is made of 100% cotton that is woven into something similar to an afghan; the weight comes from the material itself, and there are no glass beads inside that could spill out.

The Bearaby’s unique design makes the weighted blanket stretchy; lying underneath the Bearaby, it feels like the weighted blanket is hugging the body. This is not a feeling one gets with most weighted blankets – it really provides that “deep hug” that could help with issues such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

The weighted blanket also leaves a good amount of room for airflow – there are essentially large holes across the entire blanket that allow for air to flow through and over the body. People shouldn’t be overheating underneath the Bearaby Napper.

People who are looking for a truly different weighted blanket should start their search with the Bearaby Napper.

What Makes The Bearaby Napper Stand Out?

  • The Bearaby Napper features a very unique, woven cotton design.
  • The weighted blanket actually hugs the body and even creates a massaging effect when the user moves around.
  • The Bearaby promotes airflow through the weighted blanket so that sleepers will not overheat.
  • Bearaby also offers a weighted comforter which has more of a standard weighted blanket design.

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Bearaby Deals
Bearaby Napper
Bearaby Napper

The Bearaby Napper is a unique weighted blanket that is a good match for hot sleepers and those who like a throw-size blanket. Click the button for the best deal on Bearaby.

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets and vests are conventionally used as a therapy tool, particularly for children who have autism or sensory issues. The idea is that weighted blankets provide something called deep pressure stimulation or deep touch pressure.

“Deep touch pressure is the type of surface pressure that is exerted in most types of firm touching, holding, stroking, petting of animals, or swaddling,” autism expert Temple Grandin explains on her website. “Occupational therapists have observed that a very light touch alerts the nervous system, but deep pressure is relaxing and calming.”

The idea is that a weighted blanket or vest gives your body a feeling that it’s enjoying a “warm hug,” which can be soothing. This helps explain why one study found deep touch pressure helped people feel less anxious at the dentist’s office while they were awake.

Can A Weighted Blanket Help Me Sleep?

Research on weighted blankets for sleep isn’t particularly conclusive.

One study (which focused on children with autism) concluded that weighted blankets didn’t help the subjects sleep any better — but that the participants liked the feel of the blankets anyway. Another study (which was funded by a weighted blanket manufacturer) found the use of a weighted blanket at night helped participants sleep more soundly.

Experts generally agree that a weighted blanket will rarely if ever cause adverse effects, so trying one probably isn’t a risk. But if you have any breathing or circulation problems, it’s a good idea to check in with your doctor before using a weighted blanket.

While it’s not guaranteed that a weighted blanket will help you sleep better, most users do agree that weighted blankets can have a calming effect. And calming down before bed is always a good thing for folks looking to enjoy a sound night of sleep.

What Should People Think About When Buying A Weighted Blanket?

  • Weight. If someone is buying a weighted blanket they should, of course, find the right weight for them. Most weighted blanket producers recommend that customers select a blanket that is 10% of their body weight, adding or subtracting one or two pounds; some companies offer more options than others, making it significantly easier to find that ideal weight.
  • Weight distribution. Once someone selects the right weight, they also want to consider how it is distributed throughout the blanket; will they feel an even amount of weight across the whole blanket, or will certain areas feel heavier or lighter? For maximum effect, select a blanket where the weight is dispersed evenly across the entire body.

  • Warmth and breathability. Because of their heavier fills and layers of fiber, weighted blankets are rarely the best at sleeping cool; that being said, some are particularly more breathable than others. Potential buyers definitely want to consider their sleeping environment and what time of year they will be employing the weighted blanket.
  • Fill. Weighted blankets are, of course, loaded with a heavy amount of fill, but what kind of fill is the absolute best? While some blankets use weighted discs, the majority of weighted blankets contain glass beads or poly-pellets – glass beads are usually smaller, and they make it so the weighted blanket has a lower profile; larger poly pellets can create a thicker, bumpier blanket.
  • Durability. No matter what type of bedding people are looking for, it is always worth knowing how long it will last – is it a solid investment or will it fray quickly? This becomes doubly important when buying a weighted blanket because, if someone buys a weighted blanket with low-quality materials and poor construction, the fill could spill out of the blanket – if people don’t want to wake up with glass beads in their bed, they should choose a more durable weighted blanket!
  • Budget. Weighted blankets for adults range in price from about $90 to over $300, depending on the size and weight of the blanket and its materials.


One of these blankets should be an excellent match for pretty much anyone – those who want to keep looking should just keep the above criteria in mind, and it should be easy to make an informed decision!


What is the best weighted blanket?

There are many fantastic weighted blankets currently on the market, but the one that really stands out among the rest is the Bearaby Napper; it offers the deep tissue pressure weighted blanket users are looking for, but it comes with a particularly interesting design.

The weight of the Bearaby Napper comes from 100% cotton fiber that has been woven back and forth upon itself; there are no glass beads like one finds inside the majority of weighted blankets.

In addition, the Bearaby is one of the most effective weighted blankets I have reviewed and offers a massaging experience and more of a deep, soothing hug.

How do I choose a weighted blanket?

The main thing to consider when choosing a weighted blanket is, of course, weight; most weighted blanket companies recommend that customers select a blanket that is close to 10% of one’s body weight. A few extra or fewer pounds can also be added depending on someone’s preferences.

Do weighted blankets make you hot?

In short, yes; weighted blankets contain very heavy fill that leaves less room for airflow. Because of this, many complain that weighted blankets make them overheat; that being said, companies such as Luxome offer cooling weighted blankets that are manufactured to offset this added heat.

Do weighted blankets work?

Yes, they do work; studies have shown that weighted blankets can make it significantly easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. What’s more, they have been proven to assist in the treatment of health conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and restless leg syndrome.

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