How to Make a Memory Foam Mattress Sleep Cooler 

Memory foam mattresses have become so popular because of their ability to conform to your body, and they offer amazing pressure relief. However, memory foam is also a dense material that is prone to trapping heat. In this guide, I’ll explain how you can sleep cooler on a memory foam mattress and tell you what to look for in a cooling mattress. 

Why is My Memory Foam Mattress so Hot?

Memory foam is a dense, synthetic material that tends to trap body heat. Unlike innerspring and hybrid mattresses, all-foam beds don’t have a lot of room for air to travel and escape through the bottom and sides. Also, the synthetic materials that give memory foam its slow-moving feel absorb heat.

A woman's hand rises above a handprint in memory foam

Although memory foam mattresses typically absorb more heat than other types of mattresses, sleeping cool on a memory foam mattress is completely doable. Mattress brands often infuse memory foam with cooling materials like gel and copper. Many companies also use aerated memory foam, which allows more room for airflow.

Ways To Sleep Cooler at Night

If you are a hot sleeper and prefer sleeping on an all-foam mattress, all hope is not lost. There are several ways you can sleep cool on a memory foam mattress, even if it doesn’t have advanced cooling features. 

Lower Your Thermostat 

If you’re trying to improve your sleep quality, try sleeping in a slightly cool room rather than a warm room. Keeping your sleep environment between 60-67 F has been shown to be the best temperature for sleeping for adults. One study showed that sleeping in a room that’s too warm can decrease the amount of time you spend in slow wave and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. However, a 2023 study found that the optimal temperature range for sleeping may be slightly warmer (between 68-77 F) for elderly adults. 

Unless you’re sleeping in an extremely cold room, sleeping cool is not known to have negative effects on your sleep quality. If you don’t have control over your thermostat, turn on a fan to circulate air. 

Cooling Sheets

Some bed sheets are designed to keep you warm and cozy, and others are designed to dissipate body heat to keep you cool. How breathable or cooling a sheet set is mainly depends on what material it’s made of and its thread count. Bamboo and cotton sheets tend to be some of the most breathable materials for cooling sheets. Some cooling sheets are infused with TENCEL lyocell fibers derived from eucalyptus leaves to wick away moisture.  

A man sleeps on his side with the Pure Parima Yalda sheets.

Thread count refers to the amount of fibers found within a square inch of fabric. Sheets with lower thread counts allow for more airflow between threads, which makes them more breathable and cooling. Linen sheets and cotton percale sheets usually have thread counts of less than 300, which makes them lightweight and ideal for hot sleepers. 

Cooling Mattress Topper 

Purchasing a cooling mattress topper is an easy solution to help the top layer of your mattress regulate temperature. Cooling mattress toppers are commonly made from memory foam infused with cooling gel, copper, or graphite. Other cooling mattress toppers could be made from down feathers or natural latex. Mattress toppers can also offer extra pressure relief or support depending on their construction, firmness, and materials. 

Cooling Mattress Pad

Unlike a mattress topper, a cooling mattress pad will not significantly affect the overall feel of your mattress. Mattress pads are much thinner than mattress toppers, but they can still help you stay cool. The best cooling mattress pads are typically made from breathable, moisture-wicking materials like organic cotton and bamboo. 

Cooling Pillows

Like mattresses, pillows can trap heat, especially if they are made from solid blocks of memory foam. If your head, neck, and shoulders feel warm at night, you may want to get a cooling pillow. Typically, cooling pillows have fillings that promote airflow and regulate temperature. Many cooling pillows also have breathable, lightweight covers. 

Wear Breathable Pajamas

Switching to more breathable, lightweight pajamas is another easy way to sleep a little cooler at night. The Cozy Earth pajama set is made from viscose from bamboo which wicks away moisture and feels buttery smooth. Or if you want to sleep as cool as possible, sleeping naked might be the way to go. 

Cozy Earth PJs - sleeping

BedJet Climate Comfort System

The BedJet Climate Comfort System can help regulate your body temperature year-round. It consists of a base unit that fits under your bed and connects to a hose that gently blows cool or warm air underneath your fitted sheet. It can be used with your own bedding or with the brand’s Cloud Sheet Set, which is sold separately. Couples can even use the BedJet system and Cloud Sheet to sleep at different temperatures at the same time.

ReST and BedJet Partnership

The BedJet system is easy to set up and is compatible with every mattress size, including adjustable beds. It also comes with a 60-day “love it or return it” guarantee and a two-year limited warranty. Overall, the BedJet is a great investment for couples with different temperature preferences or sleepers looking for an easy way to sleep at the perfect temperature. 

When to Buy a New Mattress

If you’ve tried several methods to sleep cooler at night and haven’t noticed any improvement, you may need to invest in a new cooling mattress

What to Look For in a Cooling Mattress

If you’re a naturally hot sleeper, looking for a mattress with terrific temperature regulation is essential. Here are a few things to look for when shopping for a cooling mattress. 

Cooling Comfort Layers

In order to make memory foam feel cooler, mattress manufacturers often infuse the comfort layers with cooling materials like gel, copper, and graphite. These materials are intended to draw heat away from your body and wick away moisture. 

You may also want to consider getting a mattress made with latex foam. Latex is a natural material that is more breathable and responsive than memory foam. It is a better material for cooling mattresses, but does not conform to your body the way memory foam does. 

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Breathability refers to a material’s ability to allow air to pass through it. How breathable a layer of memory foam is depends on its thickness and density. The thicker or denser a piece of memory foam is, the less breathable it will likely be.

To make memory foam mattresses more breathable, some manufacturers use open-cell memory foam. Also known as ventilated and aerated memory foam, open-cell foam has air channels that help keep the mattress cool.


Mattresses that have innerspring coil systems have significantly more room for airflow than all-foam mattresses, which makes them better at regulating temperature. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses also feel more responsive than all-foam beds, which makes people feel more like they are sleeping “on top of” a mattress, rather than “inside it.” For that reason, these mattresses don’t trap as much body heat.


How do you make memory foam not hot?

There are several ways you can make your memory foam mattress feel cooler. First, you may want to make changes to your sleep environment. Try adjusting the temperature, turning on a fan, or changing into lightweight pajamas. If you don’t notice much improvement, try sleeping with cooling sheets and cooling pillows.

Do cooling pads for beds work?

Yes, cooling mattress pads can make your mattress feel cooler without significantly changing the feel of your bed. They’re usually made from breathable materials like cotton and bamboo.

Do cooling toppers really work?

Yes, adding a cooling topper to your mattress can really help you sleep cooler at night. Cooling mattress toppers made from infused memory foam are designed to pull heat away from your body and wick away moisture. Ventilated memory foam and latex are also good materials for cooling toppers because they promote airflow.

What are the coolest mattress toppers?

The best cooling mattress toppers are breathable and moisture-wicking. Cooling mattress toppers can be made from infused memory foam, down feathers, or latex. Our team of expert reviewers have named the Nolah as the best cooling mattress topper.

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