Should You Sleep Naked?

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When it comes down to it, we all like to sleep our own way. Some people prefer to sleep with the soothing sounds of a white noise machine. Some swear they don’t need a top sheet when their duvet is doing the trick. And, some of us, a lot of us, like to sleep naked.

According to a Mattress Advisor poll, 58% of adults sleep naked, and nearly two-thirds of millennials sleep in the nude. While this habit is clearly popular, is it good for you? If you’re considering sleeping in the nude, our guide will give you all the pros and cons of ditching those pajamas.

The Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Sleeping in the buff can have a positive impact on both your physical and mental health. It can improve your bodily functions and make for a more comfortable night of sleep.

Improved Sleep and Physical Health

A big part of practicing good sleep hygiene involves keeping your sleep environment cooler. Setting your thermostat to between 60 and 67 degrees, opening the windows, and investing in a cooling mattress and bedding can help you maintain deep and healthy sleep. Studies show that sleeping in a cool bedroom makes it easier to fall asleep and spend more time in the deeper, rejuvenating stages of sleep.

If all these steps just aren’t cutting it, sleeping naked could help you lower your body temperature those few extra degrees. Without pajamas or sleepwear, you could be enjoying some of the best sleep health of your life.

There are a number of physical benefits to getting good sleep on a regular basis.. For example, healthy sleep can greatly improve your heart health. Numerous studies have connected good sleep to a decrease in cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke. Obtaining the recommended 7-8 hours can also give you cleaner, clearer skin, and even help you lose weight!

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Improved Confidence and Mental Health

Stripping down before bed can also increase your confidence and general feelings of well-being. A recent study found that living a naturist lifestyle can up your self-esteem and promote body positivity. Basically, sleeping naked can make you much more comfortable with your body. You don’t have to go join a commune, but throwing off your boxers could help!

Getting better sleep also has a huge effect on your mental health. Depression and anxiety are much less likely in people who maintain a solid sleep schedule. A lack of sleep increases the production of stress hormones such as cortisol. This can make you feel activated and anxious. But, when you practice good sleep habits, your hormones, brain, and body can relax.

Decreased Yeast Infections and Increased Male Fertility

While underwear can be comfortable, it can also do a number on our genital and sexual health. Both women and men can suffer when they wear undergarments that are too tight or stifling. Underwear made of non-breathable materials such as nylon can trap moisture and increase a woman’s chance of yeast infection. Underwear that is too tight can also decrease a man’s sperm production.

Cotton underwear is more breathable for women, but not as breathable as no underwear at all. For men, boxers are looser than briefs, but not as loose as a good old birthday suit.

Better for Couples

Even when you’re not being intimate, sleeping naked with your partner can really improve your relationship. Skin-to-skin touch releases oxytocin, what experts call the “love hormone.” This strengthens the bond between sleeping partners. Oxytocin can also decrease feelings of stress, making both partners feel more relaxed and at ease.

Drawbacks of Sleeping Naked

Sleeping naked clearly has its upside, but sleeping naked isn’t all cool nights and relaxed days. There are some downsides that you should consider before you try sleeping naked.

Sleeping Too Cold

Sleeping too hot is definitely bad for your sleep health, but sleeping too cold is no dream either. If you live in a cooler climate or live in a drafty house, sleeping naked might not be the best option. Sleeping cold doesn’t have the same negative effects as sleeping hot, but it can still be uncomfortable. You could find it difficult to fall asleep, and you might need to supplement your bedding with some warm pajamas.

You Can’t Do It Everywhere

Let’s face it, there are some places you can’t sleep naked. If you’re crashing on a friend’s couch or guest room, you might want to keep your clothes on. Also, if you’re sleeping at a hotel, make sure you trust that the sheets and bedding are clean. You don’t want to be lying naked on someone else’s dirty sheets.

Sleeping nude might not be the best option for sleepwalkers who don’t live alone. Otherwise, they could be bearing all of their roommates if they go strolling in the middle of the night.

Washing Sheets More Often

When you’re not wearing clothes, your sweat, hair, and other bodily fluids will sully your sheets and bedding much more quickly. If you wash your sheets every other week, you might have to wash them every week to ensure you are sleeping on truly clean sheets.

An illustration of a woman carrying a load of laundry

Some experts say you absolutely shouldn’t sleep naked because of fecal matter. Without undergarments, if you pass gas in the middle of the night, you will be releasing fecal matter directly onto your sheets. Not all experts agree, but this is worth keeping in mind!

Other Ways To Sleep Cool

Besides sleeping naked, there are other great ways to keep your bedroom cool.

  • Lower the thermostat. This is an easy one. If you’ve got good AC, set your thermostat to a lower temperature. Keep in mind that this could raise your electricity bill!
  • Invest in a cooling mattress, sheets, and pillow. Whether you know it or not, if you sleep hot, your mattress and bedding could be the culprit. Take a look at our best cooling mattresses, best cooling pillows, and best cooling sheets.
  • Close your curtains during the day. With the curtains open, your bedroom can trap sunlight during the day and hold onto that heat all night. Close your curtains to prevent this from happening.
  • Avoid food and drink that makes you sweat. Spicy foods, caffeine, and some alcohol can raise your body temperature during the night. Watch what you eat and drink!
  • Wear breathable clothes. If you don’t want to sleep naked, invest in some cooling pajamas or sleepwear. We personally love the Cozy Earth pajamas.


How many people sleep naked?

According to polls, 58% of adults sleep naked. More specifically, 74% of people in relationships sleep naked, and 49% of single people sleep naked.

What happens to your body when you sleep naked?

When you sleep naked, your core temperature is lower, and this helps you enjoy deep, healthy sleep. In turn, this can improve skin, heart, and brain health. If you sleep with a partner, your oxytocin (love hormone) levels can rise, and this can lower stress.

Does sleeping naked increase testosterone?

By sleeping naked, men can enjoy healthier sleep. This can, in turn, increase testosterone production. What’s more, without underwear, men can see an increase in their sperm production.

Does sleeping naked burn fat?

Sleeping naked does not directly burn fat. However, sleeping naked can help you get healthy sleep. Healthy sleep can then make it easier to burn fat and lose weight.

Does sleeping naked burn more calories?

When you sleep naked, you sleep at a cooler temperature. This can increase your brown fat levels which may burn additional calories during the night.

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