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For those who are curious as to how the delivery process works when buying a Saatva mattress, I thought I would give a little overview. Saatva is very well-known for its customer service, but let’s go through exactly what customers can expect when getting their mattress.

There Is A Shipping Charge

Saatva actually has a delivery team come and put the mattress in the buyer’s home and, as a result, there is a small delivery fee to get the bed in the door. It’s not a very high price and it will depend on where the customer lives, but I did want to mention this small fee.

Not Shipped In A Box

In contrast to other online retailers who vacuum pack their foam mattress in a box and then ship with FedEx or UPS, Saatva uses white glove delivery and has a team make the delivery and install the mattress in the home.

Delivery Time

After ordering, customers will get a call or email from a customer service representative who will go through the entire process. They’ll explain how long it will take to make the delivery. A few days ahead of time, the delivery team will call the customer and they’ll get to choose a delivery time window.

Delivery Day

The delivery team will call customers again on delivery day and give a more precise arrival time. From there, a team will show up with the mattress and a foundation/frame if those were also purchased. They will also offer to remove the old mattress for a small fee. From there, they’ll do their “white glove” delivery and assemble everything so just sit back, relax, and watch everything happen.


This process is different from other online retailers. Customers will pay a small fee for it, but the delivery process usually goes very smoothly and it’s very hands-off from the customer perspective. It’s nice that they offer old mattress removal as a service as well. Saatva prides itself on customer service, and I feel that they have the delivery process down to a science.

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