Saatva Mattress Review – A Combination Sleeper’s Dream?

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Saatva is a mattress company that is all about options and value. They offer three firmness models with two height options for their Saatva innerspring mattress. They also sell an all-foam mattress, the Loom and Leaf, and a pure latex mattress, the Zenhaven.

I received the 11.5” Luxury Firm, their top-selling model, to review. I was very impressed with the Loom and Leaf’s comfortable foam layers, and I was excited to try out the Saatva again.

Is this innerspring mattress a true value? Read on for my full review.

Saatva Mattress Deals

Saatva is a great value that happens to be both comfortable and supportive at the same time.  You can get the best current deal on Saatva simply by clicking the link below.

You Might Want To Pick The Saatva If:

  • You are a combination sleeper. If you move around while you sleep and switch positions, this could be a good choice. The coils give the mattress good support, but the pillow top also relieves pressure. It should be a balance of comfort of support.
  • You want a good value. Considering the durable construction and high-quality materials, this is quite a value. If you are looking for a long-lasting mattress, but don’t want to break the bank, the Saatva could be the mattress for you.
  • You sleep hot. There are two coils systems in this mattress. They both promote airflow throughout the mattress, so you shouldn’t be overheating while you sleep.

A closeup of a mattress.

You Might Not Want To Pick The Saatva If:

  • You prefer a softer mattress. The Saatva Luxury Firm, the most popular model, is firmer than average. If you like more softness, you can consider their soft model or another mattress.
  • You are a lighter side sleeper. If you are under 160 lbs and sleep on your side, this mattress might feel too firm to you. You might be too light to really press into the mattress.
  • You like a memory foam feel. The Saatva has more of an innerspring feel. If you like memory foam, and the feeling of slowly sinking into your mattress, this might not be the mattress for you.
Saatva Mattress Deals

Saatva is a great value that happens to be both comfortable and supportive at the same time.  You can get the best current deal on Saatva simply by clicking the link below.

Construction Overview

  • The custom slim mattress is 11.5” tall.
  • The cover is made of organic cotton and quilted with foam to create a plush Euro Top feel.
  • Below this, there is a thin layer of memory foam that is meant to support your lumbar area as well as relieve pressure on shoulders and hips.
  • Next, there is a layer of individually wrapped microcoils. These are made to help with contouring and support.
  • Then, there is layer of high-grade coils that add another level of support.
  • The mattress is surrounded by a foam encasement to improve edge support.
  • The Saatva is made in the USA.

A man sleeps on his side.

Construction Takeaways

  • The mattress is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.
  • The support coils add a level of durability to this mattress. Compared to an all-foam mattress, this should be longer-lasting.
  • The layer of microcoils is helpful with contouring, spinal alignment, and relieving back pain. They work independently as well, so that could help with motion transfer.
  • Because of the two layers of coils, this mattress is firmer than average. They give the mattress good support, but the Euro Top helps with pressure relief as well. This makes me think the mattress should work for multiple sleeping positions.
  • The two sets of coils also allow for some airflow. There is plenty of room for air to circulate through the mattress which should help keep you cool while you sleep.

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How This Mattress Compares To The Loom And Leaf

Looking at these two mattresses, the first notable difference is construction. The Saatva is an innerspring mattress with a pillow top and the Loom and Leaf is an all-foam mattress.

Their firmnesses are actually very similar so the main thing to consider is your preferences in regard to feel. If you like sleeping “on” your mattress and have had success with innerspring mattresses, the Saatva should be the better choice. If you like sinking in and sleeping “in” your mattress, the Loom and Leaf is the way to go.

Read our review of the Loom and Leaf mattress, HERE.

How This Mattress Compares To The Casper Mattress

If we compare the Saatva to one of its main competitors, the Casper, the differences are fairly clear. First, the Casper is a softer mattress with more of a memory foam feel. The Saatva is a firmer innerspring mattress.

If you are a back or stomach sleeper, the Saatva is going to be the more supportive mattress. If you are a side sleeper, the Casper should give you better pressure relief.

It also comes down to feel preferences. If you like a firmer innerspring feel, the Saatva should work for you. If you like a softer memory foam feel, choose the Casper.

If you are hot sleeper, the Saatva should be a cooler sleeping mattress. The coils allow for airflow and it is a more breathable mattress overall.

Finally, while the prices are similar, the Saatva should be a longer-lasting mattress. If you factor in the extra years you will be able to use the mattress, it is a better value.

Read our review of the Casper mattress, HERE.

Firmness and Feel

In terms of firmness, I thought the Saatva was a 7/10, a bit firmer than average. The euro top is quite soft, but the coils below that add some firmness.

I found the mattress to be a good fit for me in all sleeping positions. When I was on my back, the top layers pressed up into my lumbar area. Also, the microcoils conformed to my body very well.

When I was on my side, I felt some very nice pressure relief. The euro top felt very soft on my shoulders and hips and I felt very little pressure. On my stomach, I also felt well supported.

The mattress has an innerspring feel with a pillow top feel as well. There is some bounce, and it is easy to move around on the Saatva. Even with the euro top, it feels more like sleeping “on” the mattress rather than “in” it.

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Motion Transfer

During my tests, I did see some motion transfer on the Saatva. The glass moved quite a bit when I was pressing into the mattress. Also, when Marten moved around on side of the mattress, I felt it on my side.

This is an innerspring mattress without thick layers of memory foam. Memory foam is usually better at absorbing motion,so I wasn’t surprised that the Saatva didn’t have the best handling of motion transfer.

I would say the motion transfer is decent for an innerspring mattress, but it may not be the best option for couples.

Edge Support

If you want to utilize your whole mattress, you should think about edge support. On the Saatva, I was very impressed by the edge support. It has a foam encasement around the edge and is also an innerspring mattress.

Because of this, I felt very secure sitting near the edge. Also, lying down near the edge, I did not feel like I was going to roll off the bed.

You can see the great edge support in the photo below.

A man sits on the edge of the bed.

Marten’s Take

Marten is a staff writer for us. He has a much different body type than me: He is 6’7″ and weighs about 230 lb; I am 5’9″ and 160 lb. Here is what he thought about the mattress:

I agreed that this mattress felt like a 7/10 in terms of firmness.

I felt very nice on my back. The pillow top allows my hips to sink in a bit, but not too much. My lumbar area is also supported.

On my side, I expected to feel more pressure on my shoulders and hips. However, I felt pretty decent pressure relief.
On my stomach, the mattress was a bit too soft for me. I felt like I was bowing in at the hips. There is a firm mattress option from Saatva, and I would consider that if you are a heavier stomach sleeper.

While I found that the mattress worked for me in numerous positions, Marten did not have the same experience. As a larger person, he pressed into the mattress more, so he felt less pressure relief on his side. Also, being bigger, he needed a firmer mattress to give him the support he needed on his stomach.

What Makes This Mattress Stand Out

  • It is a value, considering the high-quality materials. This mattress is affordable and made with durable components, so it should be long-lasting.
  • It could be a good fit for multiple sleeping positions. For someone of average weight, this mattress offers a balance of comfort and support. You should feel nice pressure relief on your side as well as support when you are on your back or stomach.
  • You shouldn’t be sleeping hot on this mattress. The two layers coils allow for some very good airflow. This should keep you cool while you are sleeping.
Saatva Mattress
4.7 Reviewer
  • Tremendous value
  • Firmness options
  • One of few direct to consumer innerspring options
The Saatva mattress is a great option for people that like the innerspring/hybrid feel. It is one of the few innerspring mattresses that is direct to consumer, competing with the top brands (eg Beautyrest Black) at a fraction of the cost. They also have firmness options to accommodate different preferences. Overall I enjoyed my experience on the mattress
Value (Price)4.5
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.9
Motion Transfer4
Edge Support4.8
Company Reputation4.4
Return Policy/Warranty4.7
Overall Sleep Experience4.7


In the end, the Saatva really is a great value. It uses durable materials and is sold at a very affordable price. Considering this mattress should last you for some time, it is a good deal.

Average weight sleepers should find comfort and support in numerous positions. They should also be sleeping cool. However, those who prefer a softer mattress or like more of a memory foam feel should consider the softer Saatva model, the Loom and Leaf, or another mattress altogether.

The Saatva comes with free White Glove Delivery and a 120 Night Home Trial. Financing is also available.

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152 thoughts on “Saatva Mattress Review – A Combination Sleeper’s Dream?”

  1. Saavta won’t honor the 120 day trial if they replaced the mattress. My first mattress was defective, they replaced it with another. This has to be the worst mattress I’ve ever had. If I don’t sleep directly in the middle I feel like I’m going to roll off the bed, it kills my back, I haven’t had a decent nights sleep since I’ve owned this bed. So being I’m passed the 120 trial which applied “only to the first mattress, they will not replace the 2nd mattress which I’ve had for 40 days. Bogus warranty that don’t mean a darn thing

  2. It’s been 20 months of sleeping with our Twin XL 11.5” Luxury Firm Mattresses and it’s been a downhill drive. More issues as time goes by. Granted it was all slow in coming, first with a little shoulder discomfort and slight hollowing out at the hip location and than arm discomfort along with the shoulder problem has turned up. I just discovered your column and have found I’m not alone with very similar or same issues. At this late stage of ownership is a possible solution a Topper and which kind would you suggest? Additionaly would there be that sort of remedy directly from Saatva.

  3. Like any mattress they take a little getting used to.
    After a year we really love our Saatva king mattress. It’s the Luxury firm 11.5 with the thicker box spring so it’s a little taller than we expected but it’s perfect height for some of our other activities which the firmness of the edge also supports well.

    My wife complained that the tufts are a little deep which I don’t feel. She could tell they are there as a feeling not lumpy but there nevertheless. We put a mattress pad on and that seemed to take care of it for her.

    It’s comfortable in all positions for us. We are older and weigh around 220 each and good support in all positions.

    The ordering and delivery process was great. No problems at all. I would highly recommend this mattress.

  4. Like any mattress they take a little getting used to.
    After a year we really love our Saatva king mattress. It’s the 11.5 with the thicker box spring so it’s a little taller than we expected but it’s perfect height for some of our other activities which the firmness of the edge also supports well.

    My wife complained that the tufts are a little deep which I don’t feel. She could tell they are there as a feeling not lumpy but there nevertheless. We put a mattress pad on and that seemed to take care of it for her.

    It’s comfortable in all positions for us. We are older and weigh around 220 each and good support in all positions.

    The ordering and delivery process was great. No problems at all. I would highly recommend this mattress.

  5. Ordered the queen firm mattress. After reading reviews and websites, I thought Saatva was a more natural alternative to standard mattresses as I have bad allergies. Paid extra $300 to get mattress shipped to Hawaii- got the mattress and it had the same chemical smell of typical mattresses. Its been almost a week and I still can’t sleep in the room because my nose burns, my throat is sore and I have headache. Looked into where Saatva gets foam for mattress and it is a company in Iowa that makes foam for national mattress brands. Just because you put an organic cotton cover and have a name called Saatva doesn’t mean that the mattress is not made with toxic materials like other companies- just better marketing.

    I contacted the company about my issue and asked if I could donate the mattress and get a refund as other companies offer that and they kept telling me how they never have this problem and basically I would have to may another $500 to ship the mattress back- not worth it for a $1200 mattress.

    If you have severe allergies and want a natural alternative, skip Saatva- just window dressing on same old mattress, and same crap customer service as bigger companies.

    • We had zero odor from our mattress and believe me my wife would have said something. Perhaps it was the shipping container.

    • I also just received my mattress 4 days ago and cannot go in my bedroom. The Off-gassing is terrible. I’ve had 2 fans going in my bedroom 24/7 one directly on the mattress, other airing out the window. I have chemically induced Asthma and bought the Saatva mattress because they say it does not have any chemicals, that it was infused with essential oils. I called Saatva and the girl told me it was impossible, to have Off-gassing. I had just tried Dream Cloud, and it was also terrible. I aired it out for about a week and finally covered it and slept on it for 3 months. But was unhappy with it and decided to try Saatva. I told the girl I know the difference between essential oils and chemicals. She refused to believe it was chemicals. Hopefully it will air out in a few more days. So beware if your wanting a mattress without a chemical smell, Saatva is not the one.

  6. I was saddened by my experience with the Saatva Luxury Mattress company. We purchased a mattress and the lineal base after a considerable amount of time researching third party websites, reviewing the Saatva website itself, and then speaking to a representative. After the purchase you wait a few weeks, when your bed is ready they have a third party company (whom they contract with) reach out to schedule delivery of your bed. Everything was going smoothly until this occurred.

    On the day of deliver, the third party delivery team was unable to get the lineal base up the stairs of our house. They told my husband that they could leave the mattress with us, remove our old mattress, and then we could contact Saatva to request a split lineal base that would work for our stairs. My husband asked if this would involve any further commitment from us, and the delivery person stated that it would be covered and fine.

    Immediately after the delivery I contacted the Saatva customer service team to request the split lineal base. The representative told me that they did have this product and could send it our way… for another $1000. When I expressed frustration at this, the representative responded in kind and transferred me to his manager. The manager, Ashley, was very pleasant and nice, but unfortunately she had to perform her job as directed by the company and its policies. This is where I finally can state that this company, in general, deserves a poor rating.

    Even with the acknowledgement that as customers we did nothing wrong, and that there had been a misstatement by the delivery team, and that Saatva should work on a better process whereby they provide adequate and proactive information to customers about the delivery process, Saatva believed we as customers should be made accountable and put in the middle. I understand that they have a contract with their delivery people, that should include indemnification in the event human error occurs. Rather than viewing it this way, they failed to stand behind the promise of customer service excellence that they claim to have and sought to have us pay for the damage caused.

    I will freely admit that they reduced the amount of the frame from $1000, but not significantly, and only after a great amount of time in discussion (when I finally shared I was an attorney and understood consumer rights). Ultimately, while it may have been easier from a convenience standpoint to just pay the extra money we chose to return everything and go with a local mattress company. I did not want to have any 10 year purchase from a company that does not stand behind its product at the outset.

    • I guess it should be your responsibility to measure the area to be moved into.
      I used to deliver vending machines and appliances and I can’t tell you how many times we got there and oops, It doesn’t fit . Not my fault.

  7. I have only slept 2 nights on the Saatva luxury firm – a compromise with my husband who doesn’t like the feel of sinking into memory foam as I do. He prefers a firm (7/10) intercoil mattress. I’m a 120 lb. side sleeper and I haven’t been able to sleep through either of these 2 nights – waking with a lot of pain (back, shoulders, neck) as well as from motion transfer when my husband turns. I’m pretty exhausted which I take as poor sleep quality.

    My questions to the forum and Mattress Clarity:
    1. Should I buy Saatva’s charcoal infused topper (husband sleeps hot), hoping that that will give me better spinal alignment and solve my pain issues,
    2. Arrange for a return and find a better compromise? If so,
    3. Which is the next best option under $1500 (mattress only)? My husband weighs 160 lbs and prefers to sleep on his back.

    Thanks for the advice

  8. I just got a Saavta Soft Plush and slept on it last night. I suffer from back pain, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea and a few other things. Side sleeper only. When I first laid down, it felt okay. However, I woke up 5 hours later in agony. My back, hips, legs, shoulders, neck were all hurting. I felt like the mattress was “low” around my heavier pressure points, and “high” on the lighter areas, such as my hips and knees felt like they were in a trough and the upper legs were up out of the trough. Like the mattress was bumpy or wavy. I have a 2 inch memory foam topper and I put it back on the bed this morning and laid down and it felt much better and more supportive to my pressure points. So my question is, does my experience sound like I need a firmer mattress? I am trying to decide whether to move up to the Luxury Firm or return the mattress altogether and continue looking. I am older, with health issues and ONLY sleep on my left side. That will not vary. Thanks for your advice.

    • I am experiencing the same problems with significant pain from sleeping on the luxury firm (6.5-7/10) Saatva mattress and am wondering how the memory foam topper works for you. I need to decide whether to send mine back or try their topper. Thanks!

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