Saatva’s Comfort Levels

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Saatva provides one product, but it does allow you to choose from one of three “comfort levels.”  For those who aren’t familiar with this concept at Saatva, I thought I’d give a rundown of what each comfort level feels like and who it would be best for.  Generally, I think most people are best fit for the “Luxury Firm,” and that’s something the company stresses in their marketing materials.  I’ll go through everything here nevertheless (and certainly check out my Saatva review if you haven’t already).

The Comfort Scale

Saatva’s comfort scale is based on a 10-rating system the lower the number the less support a bed offers. So, a rating of 1 would have very little support and be extremely soft. Imagine diving into a cloud or a pile of cotton balls. It is not quite that soft, but you get the picture. A rating of 10 would be extremely hard, like you fell asleep on the kitchen table. If you would be interested in a bed with a 1 or 2 rating, Saatva mattresses are not for you. Also, if your preferred level of support is somewhere up at a 9 or 10 then even Saatva’s firmest mattress would not have the feel you’re looking for.

Saatva Comfort Levels

Plush Soft

On a comfort scale of 1 to 10, Saatva’s Plush Soft mattresses are rated a 3. If you like to feel a mattress cradle around you as you make contact, then the Plush Soft options would be for you. As with all Saatva mattresses, the coils are individually wrapped, but with these ones every coil gets wrapped in foam that is just a little softer and more conforming than other mattresses in the lineup.

Not sure if this is the right level you should be looking at? Well, you definitely want to feel your bed and linens hug you to appreciate this level. You would be someone who typically sleeps on their side, but there are some people who choose this level that do sleep on their back. Also, if your arms ever fall asleep from lying on them this soft mattress would likely be a good option for you.

Luxury Firm

Saatva refers to Luxury Firm as its flagship level. On the comfort scale, Luxury Firm is a range of 5 and 6, providing support that offers a balance between firm and cushioned. Premium foam cushion layers promote proper spinal alignment. This would be the level Goldilocks would pick, as it is not too firm or soft.

If you have ever stayed at a luxury hotel or resort on vacation there is a good chance your room was furnished with a bed that had a 5 or 6 rating, as it tends to appeal to the largest crowd.

Luxury Firm is ideal for any sleeping position. It is also the preferred choice for couples with different sleeping preferences. So, if you are a side sleeper and your partner sleeps on their back or stomach this level would be comfortable to both of you.


If you always sleep on your stomach or back, and you are not fond of “sinking” into a mattress then the Firm option would likely suit you. It has an 8 rating on the comfort scale, so although firm and supportive, you are definitely not sleeping on a table.

The coils in these mattresses are individually wrapped with firmer and conforming foams that cushion your body yet allow you to “float” on top of the mattress, rather than sink.


Again, generally I would recommend the “Luxury Firm” comfort level, unless you fit the specific criteria that I mention for the other two levels.

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