Purple Debuts New Plush Pillow

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Purple has added a second pillow to its line up — and it’s the only one that does not feature the company’s patented Smart Comfort Grid™ support system.

Instead, the Purple Plush Pillow (say that five times, fast) is filled with the popular mattress brand’s “interlocking, Smart Fluff poly-fiber balls” and has zippers along the side that help adjust its firmness.

“We wanted to create a pillow that was good for any sleeper in any position at any time in their lives,” Matt Rogers, Director of Category Management for Purple, told Mattress Clarity. “The Purple Plush Pillow was designed [to] be affordable, but more importantly to give users the benefits of comfort, adjustability, and cooling that all sleepers look for.”

Purple’s Plush pillow cover is a mix of Lyocell (known for helping to regulate temperature) and nylon. It also contains moisture-wicking properties.

The whole pillow is machine washable and dryer-friendly. The company recommends you add a tennis ball to the dryer to help separate the inner filling during the drying process.

The most innovative feature of the Plush Pillow is the ability to adjust the firmness — from firmer to softer — via two zippers on either side of the pillow. When zipped, the pillow loses its gusset and becomes tighter/firmer. When you unzip either side (or both), it feels softer and airflow within the filling is enhanced.

How does Purple’s original pillow stack up to the new, plusher option? “The original Purple Pillow is specifically designed for sleepers who need low-profile neck support and advanced cooling all night,” Rogers told us. “Many sleepers don’t need these benefits and want a fluffy pillow that you can cuddle and personalize to the perfect size. The Purple Plush Pillow fills this need.”

The new, plush pillow is also half the price of the original at around $49. (It comes in one size.)

Rogers says that Purple will continue working on its mattress line this year as well as other products that relate to sleep.

From now until Presidents Day, customers may receive one free Plush Pillow with the purchase of a Plush Pillow.

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