Saatva Firmness And Feel

Saatva Mattress Firmness

The video shows the Saatva Luxury Firm model, Saatva also provides a soft and firm option.  As you can see, the mattress springs back very quickly due to the coils, which is really the feeling of the mattress.  Some hybrids feel like a spring mattress with a layer of memory foam, and some feel like a …

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Saatva Motion Transfer Test

Saatva Motion Transfer Test

This “test” consists of me rolling around on the mattress to see how much the bottle is disturbed. In the video I am testing the Saatva Luxury Firm mattress. Saatva also has soft and firm mattress models, which should perform similarly for the motion transfer test. As you can see, the mattress does well with …

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Saatva’s Comfort Levels

Saatva provides one product, but it does allow you to choose from one of three “comfort levels.”  For those who aren’t familiar with this concept at Saatva, I thought I’d give a rundown of what each comfort level feels like and who it would be best for.  Generally, I think most people are best fit …

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The Eco-Friendliness Of Saatva

There has been a big push in the US recently to understand better what the chemicals are that go into our products. There’s definitely a push to buy more “organic” products, although I’m sure that word gets used more often than it reasonably should. I’m starting to see that push come to the mattress industry …

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Saatva Delivery Overview

If you’re curious as to how the delivery process works when you buy a Saatva mattress, I thought I would give a little overview. Saatva is very well-known for its customer service, which I think is critical for success in this type of business. Here are a few points to note regarding the process. There …

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