Malouf L-Shape Memory Foam Body Pillow Review – Who Should Get It?

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When you hear/read/see the word “body pillow,” you envision a long rectangular pillow, right? Malouf’s innovative L-shaped, gel foam-filled pillow bends that rule ever so slightly (see what I did there?).

The creative L-shape design and a firmer core made of solid gel memory foam make this pillow a nice option for those side sleepers who want support without needing multiple pillows at night.

So what are the pros? How about the cons? I’ll give you my full take below; check out my video or read my written review!

Malouf Body Pillow Deals

The L-Shaped body pillow from Malouf is a nice option for side sleepers who are looking for extra support for the head, neck, and back. The Gel Dough memory foam filling helps keep the pillow breathable. 

Key Features

  • An L-shaped foam body pillow that’s designed for side sleepers and provides neck and back support
  • Width: 26″, length: 26″, height: 5″ and about 2.5 lb in weight
  • Cover: 100% Tencel (a synthetic fiber)
  • Fill: 100% polyurethane gel foam
    • The Gel Dough®  filling is a gel memory foam that’s infused with advanced gel material for a cooler feel
  • Care: wash the zippered cover in warm water using a non-chlorine bleach detergent on a gentle cycle with a cold water rinse
  • Full price on Malouf site: $115 (but about half the price on Amazon and available at other retailers as well)
  • One color option

Who Makes It?

The L-Shaped Body Pillow is made by Malouf and is part of their Z-Pillows collection.

Malouf is an established bedding accessories brand that sells a range of products from pillows to bed linens, mattress toppers, and more.

In addition to this pillow, we’ve also reviewed their 100% Talalay Latex zoned pillow and their bamboo bed sheets.


  • 5″ height profile and firmness make it a good fit for side sleepers who want extra back support
  • Nice cooling features
  • Versatile; can also be used between knees or as a pregnancy pillow
  • The outer cover is machine washable and dryer friendly


  • May take up space in a bed if you sleep with a partner or are in a smaller bed
  • The foam may be too firm for stomach sleepers and most back sleepers
  • The inner foam can only be spot-cleaned
  • Expensive if bought at full price

Best Sleep Positions For This Pillow

The L-shape design of this body pillow is intended for side sleepers. It works well in that sleep position but can really be used a variety of ways.

Side sleepers (or pregnant people who are sleeping on their sides for the moment) may get the most out of the pillow because of the 5″ height and medium-firm to firm support.

The shape creates a nice head/neck/spine alignment and allows you to have head and neck support while also feeling support on your back when you start to roll over.

The pillow’s design also allows you to use just one pillow instead of two.

Pregnant people may want to flip it around and use the design to support your head, neck, and baby bump. Side sleepers of all types can also place it between your knees to keep your hips open and aligned at night.

Stomach sleepers, this might help open your hips at night, but overall I think the height and firmness combo will be too much for you. Back sleepers, this height might be too much for you as well.

My Experience

I see a lot of benefits in a solid and supportive L-shaped pillow.

One of my favorite things about it is that side sleepers can achieve a neutral head, neck, and spinal alignment with added back support all in one pillow. I thought the 5″ loft and the firmer nature of the pillow were great for side sleepers, who typically need more height and support.

I also liked that you could do more than one thing with the pillow. If you decide you don’t want to use it as a head pillow one night, you can put it between your knees. You can also let it support your baby bump if you’re pregnant and looking for a more compact pregnancy pillow option. (Follow that link for more of my favorite pregnancy pillows.)

The cover is removable and can be washed separately, but you can only spot-clean the solid piece of foam.

While the foam filling has gel incorporated,  it’s not going to be as cooling as shredded foam or polyester. That said, neither of those fillings would be as supportive, so it’s a trade-off.

It will take up room in your bed, but less room than a typical, longer body pillow. This might be a nice workaround for those of you who want body support but are short on space.

Malouf Body Pillow Deals

The L-Shaped body pillow from Malouf is a nice option for side sleepers who are looking for extra support for the head, neck, and back. The Gel Dough memory foam filling helps keep the pillow breathable. 


Overall, I really like the Malouf L-Shaped Gel Dough Memory Foam body pillow. I’d recommend it to side sleepers who aren’t worried about sleeping cool and are looking for a good amount of firmness.

Definitely shop around at retailers that carry Malouf’s Z-Pillows collection in order to find the best price. We found ours for about half the price than on Malouf’s website, which makes it a better value overall.

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