Tips To Getting Your Comforter Fluffy Again

You lie down in bed after a long day, ready for a long and relaxing sleep. The lights are off and you’re ready to doze off. But there’s just one problem

Your comforter is flat.

It can be very frustrating when your cloud of a comforter turns flat or lumpy. You aren’t getting the proper warmth and the whole sleeping experience is simply uncomfortable.

How do you return your comforter to its former fluffy glory?

First, always follow the care and cleaning instructions for your specific comforter.  After that, we have a few easy solutions you should consider.


Shake It Out

Comforters lose their loft and body when the down filling clumps up. You can prevent and combat this is by shaking out your comforter on a daily basis.

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Hold the comforter by the edges and give it a hard whip. You want to create a wave down the comforter. This separates the filling, evenly dispersing it throughout the comforter.

Separate The Clumps By Hand

Lay your comforter down flat and look for the sections with the most lumps (they should be easy to spot).

Gently massage the filling with your fingers, breaking apart the clumps. You can also use your palm or heel of your hand to push down into the lumpier areas.


Hang It On The Line

On a windy or breezy day, hang your comforter out on the clothesline. The fresh air moving through the bedding will naturally fluff your comforter as well as reduce odors.

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Tennis Balls In The Dryer

Place your comforter in a commercial dryer along with three or four tennis balls. Make sure to put the tennis balls in clean, white socks or they may stain the comforter.

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It is important that you use a commercial dryer because your comforter will expand as it dries.

Run the machine on the Air Fluff Cycle. The balls and spinning motion will help un-clump and fluff your comforter.


With these methods, you can recapture and maintain fluffiness in your comforter.  In the end, it is all about keeping the filling from clumping. Evenly dispersed filling means fluff, and fluff means warmth and comfort.

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    • Yes, it definitely can work with polyester comforters. Just make sure to read the cleaning instructions in case you do want to fluff in in the dryer.

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