Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

Oggi Elevation Wedge-Based Pregnancy Pillow Review

The Oggi Elevation Wedge-Based Pregnancy pillow is a very interesting mix of two pillows: a foam wedge and a U-shaped full-body pillow. Combining these two designs into ones truly combats a lot of pregnancy...


The Needlework Arts: Quilting, Embroidery, Crochet and Knitting

Needlework is the art or practice of sewing or embroidery. Quilting, embroidery, crochet, and knitting all fall into the category of “needlework arts”. For some, quilting, crochet or knitting can be a form of art...


Casper Mattress Summer Giveaway

Summer’s here, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a free Casper mattress! Whether you’re on the hunt for a new bed or just stopping by our website, a new mattress is...

Perfect Sleeper

Serta Perfect Sleeper Castleview Plush Review – An Affordable Plush Bed?

The Serta Perfect Sleeper collection of mattresses is made up of innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses. It promises to help relieve five common sleep problems, including sleeping hot and tossing and turning. The...

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Research Suggests Religion Could Improve Sleep Quality

Could going to religious services and praying help you sleep better? A new study review suggests that religious involvement could help people get to sleep more easily. The researchers looked at seven population-based studies...

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5 Ways To Stay Awake During A Long Shift At The Hospital

Working overnight shifts or extra-long hours can take its toll on anyone’s health. After all, there’s a huge body of research connecting long shifts with sleep deprivation and its many physical and mental health...


Avocado Vs Winkbeds – Which Should You Choose?

Avocado and Winkbeds both sell combination spring-foam mattresses online and both run a bit pricier than traditional mattress-in-a-box options. Beyond these similarities, the two brands also have several differences. Read on to learn how...

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Perfect Sleeper

Serta Perfect Sleeper Castleview Firm – A Good Fit For Stomach Sleepers?

Serta created the Perfect Sleeper line to combat common sleep problems like lack of support and uncomfortable sleep temperature.  The Castleview Firm mattress should indeed do well at keeping you cool and supported while you...


Avocado Vs Sapira – Which Should You Choose?

Avocado and Sapira are both combination foam-spring mattresses sold online. Both are relatively firm, but otherwise these options have pretty different feels to them. We’ll run through the similarities and differences in this comparison....

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Perfect Sleeper

Serta Perfect Sleeper Excursion Super Pillow Top – Is It The Ultimate In Luxury?

The Excursion Super Pillow Top mattress is part of Serta’s Perfect Sleeper line. All the Perfect Sleeper mattresses are designed to help with problems such as sleeping hot, partner disturbance, and lack of support....