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DISCLAIMER: The Purple Plush pillow is no longer available for purchase. Instead, check out the Purple Harmony pillow, which is made with the brand’s proprietary Purple Grid to give a “floating on air” sensation. Read our Purple Harmony pillow review for more information!

Finding the perfect pillow can feel daunting. Should it feel firm or soft? What’s the best loft size? If you’re struggling with these questions, the Purple Plush might be for you.

This pillow has two zippers, so you can easily adjust its height and firmness level. In this Purple Plush pillow review, we’ll examine how these zippers impact its firmness and feel. We’ll also check out its cooling features, pricing, and more. Keep reading to see what it’s all about!

Purple Deals
Purple Plush Pillow
Purple Plush Pillow
Purple Plush Pillow

The Purple Plush Pillow is a simple but innovatively designed pillow that features a Lyocell and Nylon blended cover and is filled with "Smart Fluff" which is interlocking polyester fibers.

Purple Plush Pillow Overview

Thanks to their hyper-elastic polymer grid, Purple has carved out a prominent place in the mattress industry. You’ll find this squishy gel grid in the Purple Harmony and Original Purple Pillow, but the Purple Plush has a completely different construction.

This product features the company’s Smart Fluff filling, and like the Purple grid, it creates a nice balance of comfort and support. With this pillow, sleepers have the option to zip up the sides for a firmer feel or unzip them for more softness.

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Even though it’s super versatile, the Purple Plush will work better for some people more than others. Here’s a quick overview of its pros and cons.

Who Might Like The Purple Plush Pillow

  • Combination sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • People who want customization options

Who Might Not Like The Purple Plush Pillow

  • Those who want something made with Purple’s smart comfort grid
  • People who prefer memory foam pillows
  • Fans of an especially firm pillow

Purple Plush Video Review

Want to see the zippers in action? Watch our Purple Plush Pillow video review below.

Purple Plush Firmness And Feel

When shopping for a new pillow, you want to pay close attention to its firmness level and feel. Keep reading to determine whether the Purple Plush will work for you.

How Firm Is The Purple Plush Pillow?

Because of its customizable nature, the Purple Plush has two firmness levels. When both sides are completely zipped up, it feels slightly firmer than average. This option works well for side sleepers. When the pillow is unzipped, it feels slightly softer than average. This works particularly well for stomach sleepers.

Sleeping On The Purple Plush

No matter your preferred sleeping position, you’ll want to make sure your pillow helps you maintain a neutral alignment. If you’re a side sleeper, this means you’ll want your ear to line up with your shoulder. When you’re resting on your back or stomach, make sure your chin aligns with your sternum.

Purple Plush back sleeping

When it’s zipped up, the Purple Plush works well for most side sleepers. When it’s unzipped, the pillow helps back and stomach sleepers maintain the proper spinal alignment.

What Does The Purple Plush Pillow Feel Like?

Because it doesn’t feature the company’s gel grid, the Purple Plush has a more of a traditional pillow feel. It’s stuffed with interlocking polyfiber balls, which creates a luxurious softness. However, the filling is still supportive enough to prevent your head from sinking straight through the pillow.

When you press your hand into the pillowcase, the material quickly snaps back into place. It’s not as bouncy as Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer grid, but it still feels responsive.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lbs – 230lbs

As we mentioned earlier, the best pillows promote a neutral alignment. Of course, this differs depending on your body type. If you’re an average weight back sleeper, you’ll likely feel the most comfortable with the pillow completely unzipped. Side sleepers, on the other hand, will want to zip up the pillow to get some extra support.

Stomach sleepers, across the board, should sleep with the pillow unzipped. This will prevent the neck from craning out of alignment.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230lbs

If you have a larger frame, you may need some extra support. When back sleeping, we recommend zipping up the pillow completely. Side sleepers will also want to rest on the most supportive version of this pillow.

Stomach sleepers, though, still want to keep the pillow soft and unzipped. If you rest on a tall and supportive pillow in this sleeping position, it could cause neck pain.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130lbs

Lightweight sleepers, like average weight people, will want to keep the pillow unzipped when back and stomach sleeping. People in this category will still need some additional support while side sleeping, however, so it’s best to zip up the pillow for added firmness.

Purple Plush Pillow Construction

The dual-zipper system isn’t the only interesting aspect of this pillow. Let’s look even closer at its construction.


The cover, made out of a Lyocell-blend material, feels naturally breathable. Because it’s moisture-wicking, the Purple Plush works quite well for those who tend to sleep hot at night.

Purple Plush Construction


Inside the cover sits pieces of Purple’s Smart Fluff. Made with pieces of interlocking polyfiber balls, this material allows for plenty of breathability. It feels supportive, but still light and malleable.

On the long sides of the pillow, you’ll find zippers. These allow sleepers to customize the pillow’s firmness level and feel. When it’s zipped up, the pillow feels firm and supportive. Unzip them, and you have a soft and fluffy pillow.


The standard size pillow weighs 3.6lbs, and the king size pillow weighs 4.4lbs.


A pillow’s loft, also known as its height, greatly affects how comfortable it feels. With the Purple Plush, you have a bit more control over how tall it is. When it’s zipped up, it is slightly taller. When it’s unzipped, it will fall a bit flatter.

Purple Plush Pillow Size Options and Price

The Purple Plush is a fantastic budget-friendly choice. To learn more about size options and pricing, check out our handy chart below.

Standard Size20″ x 31″3.6 lbs$49
King Size20″ x 39″ 4.4 lbs$64
Purple Deals
Purple Plush Pillow
Purple Plush Pillow
Purple Plush Pillow

The Purple Plush Pillow is a simple but innovatively designed pillow that features a Lyocell and Nylon blended cover and is filled with "Smart Fluff" which is interlocking polyester fibers.

If you want to learn more about the company’s classic bed, read our Purple mattress review.

Purple Plush Pillow Performance

Now, we’ll take a moment to examine the pillow’s cooling features, off-gassing period, care instructions, and more.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

If you’re a hot sleeper, the Purple Plush is a great pick. It has several features that help people stay cool all night. Its Lyocell-blend cover helps dissipate heat, and the Smart Fluff inside promotes airflow.


When you unbox online mattresses, you’ll sometimes notice a faint chemical smell. We call this “off-gassing,” but it isn’t an issue with the Purple Plush pillow. You can rest on it right away.

Care Instructions

The entire pillow is machine washable. Make sure to wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. Tumble dry on a low setting with dryer balls.


Unlike many down pillows, the Purple Plush shouldn’t trap dust mites or allergens.

Company Policies

Before purchasing a new pillow, make sure to read the fine print! Here is a quick overview of Purple’s company policies.

Warranty Info

Purple offers a 1-year warranty on all pillows.

Sleep Trial

The Purple Plush comes with a 100-night sleep trial period.

Return Policy

If you aren’t happy with your Purple Plush pillow during the initial 100-night trial period, you can return it for a full refund.

Common Purple Plush Pillow Complaints

The Purple Plush pillow has hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, but some shoppers left one-star reviews. Most of the time, people complained about its firmness level. If you’re a fan of an especially firm pillow, you’ll want to get the Original Purple instead. The Purple Plush may not provide enough neck support for some people.

How Does The Purple Plush Compare To Other Pillows?

With so many pillows out there, it’s important to make sure you find the right one. Before pulling out your wallet, check out some of our pillow comparisons.

Purple Plush Pillow Vs. Casper Original Pillow

Both pillows feel light and malleable, but they have many differences. Casper’s product has a unique pillow-inside-a-pillow design. Each layer is filled with a clump-resistant polyfiber fill. It’s a great down alternative pillow, if you don’t want to purchase something made with goose feathers. The Casper pillow is available in two loft sizes, but you can’t customize it on the spot.

Casper Original Pillow construction

The Purple Plush has two zippers, so you can easily adjust its firmness level. Because of this, the Purple works well for combination sleepers. The Casper, on the other hand, works best for back sleepers. Both pillows fall in a similar price range.

Who Should Get The Purple Plush Pillow

  • Combination Sleepers
  • Those who want to customize their pillow’s firmness level

Who Should Get The Casper Pillow

  • People who prefer a down alternative pillow
  • Back sleepers

Read our full Casper pillow review.

Purple Plush Vs. Original Purple Pillow

The Original Purple Pillow, made with three inches of their hyper-elastic polymer grid, feels much firmer than the Purple Plush. This makes it a better choice for taller back and side sleepers.

The Purple Plush feels much softer, and it doesn’t contain any of Purple’s smart comfort grid. This makes it a better pick for average weight back and side sleepers.

Purple pillow construction

The Original Purple pillow comes with two boosters, so you can easily make it taller. However, this model does cost significantly more, so it may not work well for people on a budget.

Who Should Get The Purple Plush

  • Combination sleepers
  • Those who like a softer pillow
  • People who want to save money

Who Should Get The Original Purple Pillow

  • People who prefer a firm pillow
  • Larger side and back sleepers
  • People who want to adjust their pillow’s height

Read our full Purple pillow review, and check out our Purple vs. Purple Plush pillow comparison for even more information.


Need more info? Check out our FAQ section below!

Is the Purple Plush pillow worth it?

Our answer is yes! Of course, it works better for some people than others. If you’re a combination sleeper who likes soft pillows, this could be the perfect product for you.

What is the Purple Plush made out of?

Unlike most Purple products, the Plush doesn’t contain any of the company’s proprietary gel grid. Instead, it’s made with Smart Fluff, a soft material that creates comfort and support. This gives the pillow more of a traditional look and feel.

Is the Purple Plush the best pillow?

Finding the best pillow is highly subjective. Some people like thick memory foam pillows that create excellent pressure relief. Others like the malleable feeling of down. The Purple Plush is the best pillow if you want customization options, prefer the feeling of traditional pillows, and want something a bit softer.

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