Lundberg CPAP Pillow Review

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If you have sleep apnea, your doctor might recommend a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP).I use a CPAP machine and it’s drastically improved my sleep, but finding a comfortable sleeping position was hard at first. So when I discovered the Lundberg CPAP pillow, I had to try it out.

In my unbiased review, I’ll cover my experience with this pillow and tell you if it helped me sleep more comfortably with my CPAP machine. I’ll also cover the materials, price, and more, so keep reading. 

Lundberg CPAP Pillow

Lundberg CPAP Pillow

The Lundberg CPAP pillow makes side sleeping with your CPAP machine comfortable.

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Lundberg CPAP Pillow Overview

The Lundberg pillow was designed specifically for people who sleep with CPAP machines. It has cutouts along the sides, which leave space for the mask and hose to fit into.

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Lundberg CPAP Pillow Performance


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If you’re a side sleeper looking for a pillow that is comfortable to use with your CPAP machine, the Lundberg could be a good choice. Here’s a quick overview of the pillow.

Who Should Get the Lundberg CPAP Pillow?Who Shouldn’t Get the Lundberg CPAP Pillow?
Side sleepers who use a CPAPStomach sleepers
Fans of pillows with adjustable thicknessFans of a traditional pillow design
Family members of those with sleep apnea who are looking for a gift or to help outPeople who don’t prefer firm pillows

Lundberg CPAP Pillow Firmness and Feel

Many people pick pillows based on how firm the pillows are and how they feel. Let’s go over these two important categories for the Lundberg CPAP pillow.

How Firm is the Lundberg CPAP Pillow?

The Lundberg CPAP pillow feels firm and supportive. The foam doesn’t have a lot of give, and it’s pretty dense, so it offers a good amount of neck support.

A hand presses firmly into the Lundberg CPAP pillow to show its firmness.

Sleeping on the Lundberg CPAP Pillow?

As someone who has sleep apnea, my CPAP machine is crucial for my sleep. But finding a comfortable position on a pillow can be challenging for me because of my mask. So, when I saw the Lundberg pillow, I was excited to try it out.

Before I tried the pillow with my mask, I decided to try it out without my mask to get a good feel for how this pillow works in each sleeping position. I also had to figure out which side of the pillow I thought was going to work better for my head and neck. Ultimately, I opted for the taller side because I’m a taller guy and I have some broader shoulders than most.

A man rests on his back while using the Lundberg CPAP pillow.

This side of the pillow works really well for back and side sleepers. When you have a CPAP, it’s easiest to sleep on your back, but I’m a side sleeper, so I wanted to see how the pillow felt on my side. And I gotta say, I think this pillow works the best for side sleepers. The ergonomic design and the height helped keep my head and neck supported in this position.

Moving over to my back, I also felt really comfortable here. Because I don’t sink into the pillow too much, it was also easy to switch over to my back. I think if you’re a stomach sleeper, this pillow could work, but I’d recommend taking out the additional foam booster and switching the pillow over to the smaller side. This will make it shorter as stomach sleepers need short, flat pillows, so doing this will help with that.

30-60 Min Nap

Now, as I mentioned, I need to sleep with a CPAP machine, and the cutouts on the side of the pillow allow room for the mask and hose that connects the mask to the machine, so I loved that. I pulled on my mask and settled in for a quick nap.

Many comments on both Amazon and Lundberg’s website said that the pillow helped prevent air leaks. Air leaks are exactly what they sound like: air leaking out of the machine while you sleep. These are particularly bad because the machine is pumping air into your airways to keep them open. So when air leaks happen, you aren’t getting the proper treatment for sleep apnea. In my experience, this occurs when my pillow pushes my CPAP mask away from my face.

A man sleeps on his side using the Lundberg CPAP machine.

When I slept, I didn’t notice any air leaks happening (they can sometimes cause a loud hissing noise when they do happen), and I woke up from my nap feeling well rested. I slept on my side for the most part, and the pillow’s unique design and multiple grooves helped me feel comfortable with my mask on. I even felt some more neck support than I do with my standard pillows.

My one complaint, which isn’t much of one but it’s worth noting, is that this pillow is really only good for sleeping. It sounds crazy to say, but I do like to read in bed before I sleep, and this pillow doesn’t really let you prop yourself up on your bed. But as far as cons go, there are definitely worse problems to have.

What does the Lundberg CPAP Pillow Feel Like?

Though the entirety of this pillow is made of memory foam, it doesn’t feel like what most of us expect memory foam to feel like. This foam springs back into position immediately after you press your hand into it. This means you won’t sink too far into this pillow.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lbs – 230 lbs

This pillow really shines for back and side sleepers who use a CPAP while they sleep. It’s firm and supportive enough for both sleeping positions. Those on the lighter end of this spectrum, or those who have narrower shoulders, may want to remove the booster to make it a little lower for side sleeping. I think this pillow could work for stomach sleepers, but overall, it wouldn’t be my top recommendation.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lbs

Heavier folks like myself might compress the pillow a bit more than others. I kept the pillow as is and felt really comfortable sleeping on my side. I’m also a pretty tall guy, and my shoulders are broad, so having the extra height really helped. I think heavyweight back sleepers should feel comfortable as well. If you remove the booster, heavyweight stomach sleepers with CPAP machines might feel comfortable, but again, this isn’t my first choice for stomach sleeping.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130 lbs

This should also be a good choice for lightweight sleepers who use CPAPs and need a pillow to help stay comfortable and prevent air leaks. If you have narrow shoulders, I recommend removing the booster and sleeping on the shorter side for back and side sleeping. 

Lundberg CPAP Pillow Construction

Let’s take a look at the materials that go into the Lundberg CPAP pillow.


The Lundberg CPAP pillow comes with two covers: a standard cover that is already on the pillow when you unbox it and a special cooling cover. Both of these are made from a soft polyester material. Both act as standard cases, so you won’t have to worry about trying to fit the pillow inside of a traditional pillow case.


The main core of the pillow is a two pieces of memory foam that has a unique, ergonomic shape and has cutouts to accommodate your CPAP machine. There’s the bulk of the pillow itself, and the second piece is an additional foam booster.

An image showing the Lundberg CPAP pillow and its foam booster.


The Lundberg CPAP pillow has a sloped design, and the tallest part of this pillow is roughly 6” tall. The shorter side is about 4”. The height can be adjusted by removing the bottom foam insert, which is about 1” thick.

Lundberg CPAP Pillow Size Options and Price

Take a look at our chart below for up-to-date pricing information on the Lundberg CPAP pillow. Note, that this price does not include seasonal discounts.


Lundberg CPAP Pillow

Lundberg CPAP Pillow

The Lundberg CPAP pillow makes side sleeping with your CPAP machine comfortable.

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Memory foam


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Return Policy

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Lundberg CPAP Pillow Performance

Let’s go over some other important performance considerations about the Lundberg CPAP pillow.

Sleeping Hot or Cold

On its own, the Lundberg pillow doesn’t have any specific cooling features. The foam doesn’t have a cooling gel infusion, and the polyester cover might not be the most breathable. Overall, I didn’t notice a lot of heat buildup, but if you’re a hot sleeper, you should put on the cooling cover.


The Lundberg pillow is not compressed into its packaging. However, many memory foam products may have a slight chemical smell to them right out of the box, which is mostly a result of the packaging process. There might be a slight smell to this pillow right out of the box, but if you leave it in a well ventilated area for about 24-48 hours, the smell should be gone. Personally, I didn’t notice any smell, but it’s worth mentioning for those with sensitive noses.

Care Instructions

Lundberg doesn’t list any specific care instructions on the brand website. However, the Amazon listing mentions that the covers are hand-wash only. If you start to see sweat stains, or notice that the cover is looking particularly dirty, wash it with warm water and a small amount of detergent. I would also recommend letting it hang dry.


While not listed as a hypoallergenic product, memory foam is not known to trap or attract allergens in your sleep environment. You can also remove the outer covers and hand wash them to remove dirt, dust, and sweat.

Company Policies

Let’s take a look at what you can expect in terms of company policies when you order a Lundberg pillow. Note that we got our sample from Amazon, so we will be listing what Amazon offers as well, but you can order directly from Lundberg.

Warranty Info

Lundberg offers a one-year warranty on the CPAP pillow. There is a section on Lundberg’s website to register your pillow for the warranty. There isn’t an option to apply for the warranty through Amazon.

Sleep Trial

While not an official trial period, you’ll have 30 days, from the day it arrives on your doorstep, to make return or exchange decisions.  This applies to purchases on both Amazon and Lundberg’s website.

Return Policy

If, during the 30-day window, you decide that the Lundberg CPAP pillow is not for you, you can issue a return. Lundberg offers free shipping on all orders and returns. Again, this applies to purchases on both Amazon and Lundberg’s website.

How Does the Lundberg CPAP Pillow Compare to Other Pillows?

The Lundberg CPAP pillow is highly specific and specialized. But there are plenty of other ergonomic pillows available for those who are on the hunt for relief, be it shoulder pain or neck pain. Let’s compare the Lundberg CPAP pillow to the Eli & Elm Side Sleeper pillow and the TEMPUR-Neck pillow.

Lundberg vs Eli & Elm 

These days, there are many pillows with unique designs that are intended for side sleepers. The Eli & Elm side sleeper pillow has a U-shaped cutout on one side of the pillow which allows room for your shoulder. While the Lundberg pillow doesn’t feature a spot for your shoulder, its height makes it a good option for many side sleepers. Both pillows should be able to keep your head and neck supported while side sleeping.

eli & elm - best pillows for side sleepers 2020

But the pillows have different materials. The Lundberg pillow is a single piece of memory foam with cutouts that leave room for your CPAP machine. The Eli & Elm pillow is made of shredded latex noodles which gives it a soft, springy feel. Both pillows are responsive, but the Lundberg pillow is much firmer.

The Eli & Elm pillow is not designed specifically for those with CPAP machines like the Lundberg is.If you prefer something more similar to a traditional pillow design, the Eli & Elm could be a good choice.

Who Should Get the Lundberg CPAP Pillow?Who Should Get the Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow?
People with sleep apneaSide sleepers with shoulder pain
People who want a firm pillowFans of springy latex pillows

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Lundberg vs Tempur-Pedic

Oftentimes, side sleepers who deal with neck pain either have a pillow that’s too tall or too short. This can cause your neck to get out of its neutral alignment, which can lead to neck pain. One of the more popular pillows for neck pain relief is the TEMPUR-Neck pillow from Tempur-Pedic. This pillow features Temper-Pedic’s proprietary TEMPUR material, which is that classic, slow-moving memory foam most people think of.

A man rests on his back using the TEMPUR-Neck Pillow.

The Lundberg pillow is also made entirely of foam, but the foam feels a bit different than the TEMPUR-Neck. It springs back into place almost immediately, unlike the TEMPUR-Neck, which slowly returns to its original shape. And while the TEMPUR-neck isn’t designed specifically to aid with sleep apnea, its unique, ergonomic design might allow for some comfort if you’re using a CPAP machine.

Both pillows offer standard covers and cooling covers, but the TEMPUR-Neck’s cooling cover comes at an extra fee, while Lundberg’s is included.

Who Should Get the Lundberg CPAP Pillow?Who Should Get the TEMPUR-Neck Pillow?
People who want a foam pillow that’s easier to move around onFans of slow-moving memory foam
Budget-minded shoppersPeople who are looking specifically for a pillow to help with neck pain

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Lundberg CPAP Machine FAQs

What is the difference between a CPAP pillow and a regular pillow?

CPAP pillows are designed to be used with CPAP machines. They often have cutouts which allow room for your mask and the hose that attaches the mask to the main CPAP machine. This should help sleeping with the CPAP machine feel more comfortable. It also helps prevent air leaks that may happen due to a regular pillow pushing your mask off while you sleep.

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Does the Lundberg CPAP pillow actually work?

The unique and ergonomic design of the Lundberg CPAP pillow helped because my mask was able to fit comfortably on this pillow. So, yes, I’d say they work. I didn’t notice any air leaks while I slept.

What’s the best pillow for CPAP machines?

The Lundberg pillow is a great choice for those who sleep with a CPAP machine. However, if the unique shape to this pillow doesn’t look like it’ll fit your needs, we have a full list of the best pillows for sleep apnea that may offer what you need.

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