SOL Organics Sheets Review

SOL Organics Sheets Review

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There aren’t many organic sheets options on the market, so when I heard about SOL organics, I was excited to give it a try.

Overall the sheets are great, but they are not for every sleeper (read how they are unique HERE).  Read my full SOL Organics Sheets Review for details.

SOL Organics Sheets Review

You’ll love SOL Sheets if you…SOL Organics Sheets Review

  • Want organic bedding – SOL is made of 100% long staple organic cotton, plus uses a non-GMO seed to grow the cotton
  • Are looking for great value – there are many other organic bedding options out there, but very few (if any) at this price range.  SOL is taking advantage of the direct-to-consumer model to make organic bedding affordable.
  • Want lightweight, soft, and cool – SOL has a very light soft feel, which is great if you’re looking to sleep cool, particularly in warmer weather.

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SOL Sheets Review

You may not like SOL Organics if you…

  • Want basement prices – for organic quality bedding, SOL is a deal, but it is still at a price point where you are making an investment in your sleep environment.
  • Prefer percale – SOL sheets are a sateen weave (which is more silkier), giving them a slightly different feel than percale (which is crispier).

What’s included?

I reviewed the Pleat Organic cotton sheet set, which includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 pillow cases.  SOL also offers a Plain set and a Hem set, all similarly priced and made of the same materials.

SOL Sheets Set feel

Sheet Construction and Feel

SOL Organics is made with ultra soft long staple cotton (which is 100% certified organic).  It has a 300 thread count and 60s yarn count.  The fabric is a single thread sateen weave.

This gives SOL a relatively silky feel, though I found them to be less silky than average for a sateen weave.

The sheets are also relatively thin and light, and breathable – which felt great since I was trying them out during the muggy NYC summer.  Still, after several washes, they remain in perfect condition and appear very durable.

SOL Organics Top Sheet

What does organic mean for sheets?

The exact definition of organic bedding is difficult to pin down, but SOL goes above and beyond to deliver an eco-friendly product.  The make distinctions in terms of the seed, soil, water, fertilizers, weed control, harvesting, and even labor used to grow the cotton used in their sheets.

They are also focused on fair trade, and are certified to adhere to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

SOL Organics Pillow Cases

Other things to note

  • SOL stands for Sustained Organic Living
  • Sheet sets start at $130
  • SOL also offers duvet covers, shams, eye pillows, wraps, candles, and a fan diffuser

Final Recommendation

Overall I had a great experience with SOL sheets.  I really like a lightweight sheet, so these were a great feel for me.  Plus, organic bedding at this price is definitely great value.  If you like a light sheet and value organic bedding, I think SOL sheets is a great option.

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Linda says October 1, 2017

Can you tell me if these sheets would need to be ironed? Thank you

    Joe Auer says October 2, 2017

    You should be able to get away with not ironing them.

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