Serta Perfect Sleeper Castleview Plush Review – An Affordable Plush Bed?

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The Serta Perfect Sleeper collection of mattresses is made up of innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses. It promises to help relieve five common sleep problems, including sleeping hot and tossing and turning.

The Castleview Plush mattress is unique in that it’s sold both through Serta’s website and in stores at Sam’s Club locations. That gives you the ability to go in and test it for yourself and to check out Sam’s Club’s special pricing/deals. The mattress is a hybrid with a gel foam layer and coil system that’s 13″ tall.

Is this plush mattress what you’re looking for? Read on for our full overview of this Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress.

Who Will Like This Mattress…

  • Those who like the feel of an innerspring mattress. This model, which contains 739 Individually Wrapped Coil Technology, only contains one foam layer. As such, it will feel more “springy” and “bouncy” rather than “enveloping.”
  • Those who want a mattress that makes it easier to get in and out of bed. This model comes with Total Edge® Foam Encasement, which is designed to create an “edge-to-edge sleeping surface” where you won’t feel like you are about to roll off the bed.
  • People who want a mattress you can check out before buying. The Castleview Plush is sold online and at Sam’s Club stores. You can go there and feel the mattress for yourself (and check out their pricing as well!).

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Who May Not Like This Mattress…

  • People who love the feel of memory foam. This mattress is plush, but it won’t have the same sinking, enveloping feeling that solid memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers provide.
  • Those who prefer a mattress that feels firm. This model is not on the soft end of Serta’s firmness scale, but it is still a “plush” model, meaning it will feel pillow-y to a certain degree.
  • People who would prefer a hybrid model mattress. Some people enjoy the feeling of a hybrid, which combines memory foam layers with innerspring coils. This mattress only has the coils and does not contain memory foam, so it’s not quite they hybrid feel that some sleepers may prefer.

Construction Overview

This mattress is approximately 13” high and contains the following materials and layers:

  • FireBlocker® Fiber
  • Cool Twist® Gel Foam
  • 739 Individually Wrapped Coil Technology with Total Edge® Foam Encasement

Firmness Level

Although we were unable to find out how thick the gel foam layer is, we know that the mattress is on the softer side overall because of customer reviews and information on the company website.

Most Common Pieces Of Praise: What Makes This Mattress Stand Out?

  • Reviewers on Sam’s Club’s website say this mattress is fairly breathable and does not trap heat. “My biggest issue with soft mattresses is the retaining of heat but I have to say I found this mattress does provide a cooler nights sleep,” one buyer wrote. “The Cool Balance® design in the mattress prevents overheating as typical soft mattresses can do.”
  • According to many different buyers, the motion transfer technology in this mattress is very good, so their sleep isn’t disturbed when a partner or pet moves around at night. “It doesn’t move around a lot when my husband gets out of bed,” one review says.
  • People who have bought the mattress say it is a great balance of being supportive and comfortable. One reviewer wrote, “It felt plush like I sunk into a pile of comforters, but felt supported.”

Most Common Complaints And Other Things To Note

  • Despite the good motion transfer control, some people say the mattress can become uneven depending on who else is in the bed. “The only con is when my husband slides over near my side I tend to roll toward him,” one review says. “I like to stay put when I’m sleeping.”
  • Some buyers report the mattress becomes lumpy and/or saggy within a short period of time, even after 6 months or so. One person wrote, “I get into and out bed on the same side each time. That side has sagged after just a few weeks. The mattress was very comfortable to begin with, but due to the sagging, it makes me feel as if I am always leaning/sliding over to the low side.”
  • Initially, the mattress may feel too firm for some sleepers. Some mattresses take a little while to “break in,” meaning they are too hard for the first few nights.

Why Pick This Over Other Serta models?

This mattress is a softer firmness and may be a good fit for side sleepers and some back sleepers who like a plush feeling to their bed. The Castleview Plush is also an innerspring coil mattress so it will have a little bit more bounce than their all-foam options.

It’s on the more affordable side (under $1,000 for a Queen) and you can test it out at Sam’s Club stores if you have a membership.


The Castleview Plush mattress in the Perfect Sleeper collection is 13″ high and has a layer of gel memory foam (approximately 3″) and an innerspring coil support system for a little added bounce. The bed is on the softer side and may suit side and back sleepers, because it may be too firm for stomach sleepers.

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