Sapira Mattress Review

Sapira Mattress Review

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The Sapira mattress is a new offering from Leesa. It aims to be the most luxurious bed-in-a-box mattress while still being affordable for as many people as possible. Given that the Leesa has been so popular, I was excited to give this mattress a try.

Overall, I think this is a really great mattress, but it’s not for everyone (see how Sapira compares HERE).  It definitely has a hybrid feel that truly does feel in between an innerspring and memory foam mattress.  It will be very supportive for a long time, so I think this is best for people viewing this as a long-term purchase.  That’s where the value from this mattress really comes in.

Read on for my full Sapira mattress review.

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You Will Love Sapira If…

  • You Are A Stomach Or Back Sleeper– While firmness is subjective, I think most would agree the Sapira is firmer than average. This makes it perfect for a stomach or back sleeper. Some side sleepers may think it’s a tad bit firm.
  • You Sleep With A Partner– Sapira performs well with motion transfer, and it performs exceptionally well with edge support. That means if you sleep with a partner and want to use the entire surface area of the bed, you can do that very comfortably because the edge support is so great.
  • Support Is Very Important For You– The support system is exceptional in this mattress. If you need extra support (eg you are heavier in weight or have back issues), then this mattress could be a great option for you.
  • You Prefer Sleeping “On” The Mattress Rather Than “In” It– The Sapira feel is very responsive and you don’t sink into it too much. You will not feel like you get stuck or overly enveloped by the mattress.
  • You View The Purchase As A Long-Term Investment– If you want to buy your mattress and have it for a long time, then the Sapira might be a great choice (compared to other bed-in-a-box options). It uses great durable materials that should hold up over the long term.

Sapira Review

You May Not Want The Sapira If…

  • You Sleep Only On Your Side– Most people will find that the Sapira is a bit firmer than average. This makes it great for back and stomach sleepers, but some side sleepers might find it too firm.
  • You Like The Sinking In Memory Foam Feel– If you are used to / prefer the Tempurpedic / pure memory foam feel where you slowly sink into the mattress, then you might want to look elsewhere because that’s not the feel you get with the Sapira.
  • You Don’t Plan On Having The Mattress For A Long Time Or Are On A Budget– The Sapira uses great materials that should last a long time (note, this is not consumer tested since the mattress is new, just my opinion based on specs).

Sapira Leesa Trademark

Firmness and Feel

The firmness of a mattress can be very subjective. However, as the video shows, the Sapira is definitely slightly firmer than most of the mattresses I have reviewed.

You still get good pressure relief, but it is probably on the range of 7-7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. That is perfect for stomach or back sleepers, but there may be some side sleepers who will think it’s a bit too firm.

As the video shows, the mattress is very responsive. You feel like you are sleeping “in” the mattress rather than “on” the mattress. You will never feel like you are stuck in the mattress and you can move about the bed very quickly. Overall, you get the pressure relief of a foam mattress without the feeling of getting stuck or sinking in too much.

Sapira Mattress Reviews


The Sapira is a hybrid mattress. It combines a coil support system with memory foam and performance foam. The top layer is 1.5” of high-density performance foam. It is responsive, pressure-relieving, and cool. The next layer is 1.5” of high-density memory foam. This layer is pressure-relieving and helps the mattress contour to your body. Next is a pocket coil support system sandwiched between two one inch layers of stabilizing foam.

Sapira Mattress Construction

The result is you get a very supportive mattress that contours well to your body and is also very responsive to your movements. It feels like a true hybrid mattress where you get the best of both worlds.

And of course, the cover features the four stripes that made Leesa famous.

Sapira Mattress Cover

Edge Support

One area where the Sapira mattress really excels is with edge support. If you sleep with a partner, sometimes you will find yourself trying to sleep towards the edge of the bed. With some mattresses you will feel like you are about to fall off the edge because the edge support is so poor. That is not the case at all with Sapira.

As you can see, you can sleep up to the very edge of the bed without any concern. This makes the sleeping surface feel that much bigger. You can also tie your shoes or doing anything else on the end of the bed comfortably.

Motion Transfer

If you sleep with a partner, then you should consider motion transfer as a factor. This simply evaluates whether you get disturbed when your partner moves around.

The video below shows that the mattress performs pretty well with motion transfer/isolation. It isn’t as good as a high-density memory foam mattress, and you will feel a little bit of motion transfer, but it still performs well compared to the average mattress.

Sapira Mattress
4.5 Reviewer
Value (Price)4.5
Doesn't Sleep Hot4.4
Motion Transfer3.7
Edge Support4.8
Company Reputation4.7
Return Policy/Warranty4.8
Overall Sleep Experience4.5

Final Recommendation

There’s no question this is a great mattress (and frankly one of the best overall mattresses), I definitely enjoyed the week I spent sleeping on it. It uses great materials (which I suspect will result in good durability) and provides a feel that a lot of sleepers will like. It won’t match everyone’s preference (no mattress will, in my opinion), but it’s a really unique and compelling offer for the luxury mattress shopper that overall I do recommend.

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james says November 15, 2016

looking at Sapira vs. Alexander Hybrid and maybe the Winkbed. What are pluses minuses of each? Also i can’t find the quality and type of foam, the specs, for the top of the winkbed. I really am not sure what is up there, it seems like very little material between the top of the mattress and the top layer of coil.

on the alexander, can u explain what the 5 zone coils mean, i’ve seen pictures with different colored coils in sections. also with the alexander i see the third layer down is a 1.8 rated foam. I had an issue with this quality of foam on a previous mattress. It didn’t support my butt and there was no support and gave me back pain.

I like the idea of soft but am used to moderate firmness, but need support, i sleep mostly back and side, my wife mostly stomach and side. Ignoring price, which mattress. I also want quality materials where the foam will hold up not like my previous experience.

doug says December 27, 2016

Which would you chose Sapira, Winkbed and Saatva if cost didn’t matter?

    Joe Auer says December 28, 2016

    All three great options, I think it really comes down to your preference. WinkBeds/Saatva are more similar to each other, they feel more like an innerspring mattress, while Sapira feels a bit more like a foam mattress.

Max Abbott says January 6, 2017

This looks like a nice a mattress but I feel it is a little misleading as there are no pictures with sheets on. I would like to know what my mattress looks like with sheets before I buy.

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