Saatva Vs Stearns And Foster- Who’s Right For You?

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We have received a number of emails asking me to compare Saatva to Stearns and Foster.  They Saatva mattress does compare pretty well to the Stearns and Foster line of mattresses, so it makes sense that a lot of people would look pretty hard about both of these companies. In this article, I’ll go through the main similarities and differences to try to help you make a more informed decision.

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Key Similarities

  • Both have an innerspring support system
  • Both are considered premium mattresses
  • Both will have multiple firmness options

Key Differences

  • Stearns and Foster is available in retail stores, while Saatva is available online
  • Saatva has just one model with 3 firmness levels; Stearns and Foster has multiple collections with multiple models in them.  Each S&F model will be called something different at different retail stores
  • Saatva is priced much lower because of its online-only business model, giving the opportunity to get a better value
  • Saatva is more transparent about the specifications of its mattress than Stearns And Foster is
  • S&F has a few extra luxurious touches such as hand tufting, premium fabric in the cover, air vents to promote airflow, and side handles

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Feel Differences

The picture below shows off the feel of the Saatva and one model from the Stearns and Foster Estate Collection.  You should note that because S&F has so many different models, you can find feels of all types, including ones that will feel more like the Saatva. In this particular case, the S&F has a large comfort layer and pillow top, so it has a slower-moving, sinking in feel, while the Saatva has a more resilient “on” the mattress feel.

Construction Differences

  • Saatva has a coil-on-coil construction with a euro-style pillow top.  This means you get a standard coil support layer, then a layer of pocketed microcoils, then a pillow top that has a layer of memory foam in it as well.
  • Stearns and Foster always has a base coil support layer.  Above the support layer, the construction will depend on which collection and which model it is.  However, the comfort layer will be some combination of memory foam and polyfoam.  Many models have a pillow top feel.
  • Overall, the construction of the Saatva and the many models of the Stearns and Foster collections are somewhat similar.  Typically, the Stearns and Foster will use thicker foam layers, making the mattress less springy and have more of a sinking in feel, but again it depends on the model in question.

Value Differences

This is where I believe the Saatva takes the lead. While you can make arguments about which construction is “better,” the main point is that the construction of the Saata and Stearns and Foster is not all that dissimilar. However, the Saatva is priced much lower than any of the S&F mattresses. This is simply because it only sells online and doesn’t have any of the costs or markups that are associated with retail stores. For this reason, I think the value of the Saatva is going to be greater.

Simplicity/Transparency Differences

Saatva has one model and they are very transparent about their specifications. When buying a S&F, you may get confused because models are called by different names at different retail stores. That makes it very difficult to comparison shop across models and across different stores because you will never see the same model name twice. I’m not a fan of this practice because it makes things much more complicated than they need to be and it’s not consumer-friendly. For that reason, I give Saatva a few extra points for making the process simple and transparent.

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Which Should You Choose?

  • If you want a better value, go with Saatva
  • If you want a simple and straightforward buying process, go with Saatva
  • If you absolutely need to try the mattress out in a store, go with Stearns and Foster
  • If you want the best customer service and customer-friendly return policy / trial period, go with Saatva

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Ultimately, I think these are two good companies that provide a luxury experience with their mattresses.  It’s my opinion that the Saatva is a better value and I think they have more consumer-friendly business practices.

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