Helix Vs Amerisleep- Who’s Right For You?

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Helix and Amerisleep are two popular mattress companies that have seen great success selling their mattresses online.  As the two have grown in popularity, people are wondering how they compare to one another.  I’ll go over the main differences here to try to help you make a more informed decision. Keep reading this Helix vs. Amerisleep mattress comparison to learn which might be best for you.

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Key Similarities

  • Both sell online-only to offer a great price
  • Both have good trial periods and return policies
  • Both have great customer service
  • Both companies believe there is no one best mattress for everyone
  • Both are good options for couples

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Key Differences

  • Helix has one mattress with a large number of customization options that will make each version different from one person to the next; Amerisleep has a line of 5 mattresses catered to different firmness levels
  • Amerisleep mattresses have a distinct memory foam feel; Helix does not have any memory foam in it and has a different feel depending on the results of the customization test
  • Helix has more bounce/response than the Amerisleep mattresses do

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Construction/Feel Differences

The construction of the Helix depends on the answers to the customization test.  However, the components used in their mattress are different from the Amerisleep mattresses.  They use a specialty dynamic foam, which has pressure relief but is much faster to respond than memory foam.  They also use microcoils.

Amerisleep uses memory foam in its comfort layer.  As a result, Amerisleep provides a nice slower-moving memory foam feel, while Helix generally gives sleepers a more responsive feel (no matter what the answers to your customization test are).

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You Might Want To Pick Helix If:

  • You Feel You Need Full Customization– Amerisleep has a line of mattresses with different firmness levels, but Helix can provide full customization of its mattress.
  • You Want A More Responsive Mattress– No matter the results of the customization test, the foams used in the Helix are faster-moving than in the Amerisleep mattresses.
  • You Sleep With A Partner WIth Different Preferences– The ability to split the mattress is pretty cool and allows people to have one side of the mattress be one way and the other side of the mattress be another way.

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You Might Want To Pick Amerisleep If:

  • You Want A Slower-Moving Memory Foam Feel– The foam used in the Amerisleep mattresses is slower-moving than the foam used in the Helix.  If people want that slower-moving feel, then Amerisleep is the way to go.
  • You Want A Few More Bells And Whistles– Amerisleep has a few more bells and whistles in its construction, like the celliant cover, for example.  If people want a little extra luxury, then they should take a look at Amerisleep.

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Why Are Both Companies Good For Couples?

Helix is good for couples because it allows people to customize two sides of the mattress.  That means each partner can have their side customized to their needs.

Amerisleep is good for couples because it does a great job at isolating motion.  That means when one person shifts around in the bed, the other person won’t really feel it.


Both companies are great options (and have made our best mattress list), especially if people don’t believe that there is one best mattress for everyone.  The differences are pretty clear, so take a look at what I’ve written and people should be able to make a good choice.

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