How We Test: Sex

According to sleep hygiene best practices, we should use our beds for two things—sleep and sex. But more often than not, sleep is the only thing on our minds when shopping for a new mattress.

At Mattress Clarity, we want to ensure your mattress is well-suited for all its uses. Our mattress testers evaluate beds based not only on criteria like pressure relief and spine alignment but also on how well they can support adult activities.

Why Is It Important to Find a Good Mattress for Sex?

Different people sleep better on different types of beds. For some, a bouncy and responsive mattress fits the bill, so there is no issue when it comes to also using the bed for sex. On the other hand, if your bed conforms to the curves of your body, you may find yourself sinking in.

Firmness also plays a role. Sex on a soft mattress, for instance, may leave you feeling like you’re sinking into quicksand.

If you want to be able to move around easily and not feel trapped by your bed during sex, read on to learn how we test and what type of mattress might be right for you.

How We Test

Assessing how good a mattress might be for sex is very similar to how we test ease of movement. The Mattress Clarity reviewers take turns rolling around on top of the mattress and switching sleeping positions. If it’s easy for them to move around, and they don’t feel like they’re “sinking” into the mattress, then they can assume the mattress works well when getting intimate.

leesa sapira chill hybrid back sleeping 1

Which Mattresses are the Best for Sex?

So, how do different types of mattresses stack up when it comes to sex? Below, we go over the pros and cons of four of the most common mattress types.

Memory Foam

Memory foam beds cradle sleepers, providing excellent pressure relief for side sleepers and giving you the feeling of sleeping “in the bed” rather than “on the bed.” Unfortunately, this comfy hug-like sensation can be your worst enemy if you’re looking for a bouncier bed for sex.

A man sleeps on his side on the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid

Of course, not all memory foam mattresses are the same, and some are better for sex than others. If you want a great memory foam bed that works well for both sleep and sex, look for one with good responsiveness and edge support.

Latex Hybrid

Latex is a mattress material that balances bouncy responsiveness with comfort. A latex hybrid takes that responsiveness to the next level by incorporating coils in the base. While latex beds can vary in terms of softness, sleepers don’t tend to feel like they’re “sinking” into the mattress.

Which material you find most comfortable for sleep comes down to personal preference. When it comes to sex, however, a latex hybrid mattress is a great choice for many people. These mattresses tend to check all the boxes necessary to provide a comfortable surface with a bit of bounce.

Memory Foam Hybrid

If you love the cradling feeling of memory foam but still want a responsive mattress for sex, a memory foam hybrid is a great option. The layers of coils in the base give memory foam hybrids better responsiveness and support than traditional memory foam beds.


Innerspring mattresses are by far the most responsive mattress option and are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a bed with plenty of bounce. This mattress type may bring to mind memories of squeaky beds with springs that you could feel while you slept, but innerspring mattresses have evolved over the years. In fact, our favorite mattress for sex, Saatva, is also one of our favorite mattresses for sleep.

man side sleeping on the Saatva mattress


What type of mattress is better for sex?

In general, most people prefer bouncy mattresses for sex. Innerspring beds are the most responsive, followed by latex hybrids and memory foam hybrids. All-foam beds differ depending on their exact materials, but the more squishy and hug-like a mattress feels, the more likely you are to sink in during sex.

What is the best mattress topper for sex?

The same rules apply to materials for mattress toppers—latex is a more responsive material, while memory foam is more cradling. A latex mattress topper can provide a bit of bounce for sex while also naturally cooling the bed.

Are firmer beds better for sex?

Super soft beds are tough for sex because people often have a hard time moving around. On the other side of the spectrum, extra-firm beds can be uncomfortable to rest on and might put extra pressure on your knees in certain positions. Medium-firm mattresses are very popular for sleep and, fortunately, also have a great firmness level for sex.

Elisa Regulski

Elisa is the Editor of Mattress Clarity, where she analyzes sleep products and appears in review videos. A certified sleep science coach, Elisa's sleep tips have appeared in Readers Digest, Homes and Gardens, and 21 Oak. She earned a M.A in Mass Communication from Texas State University and a B.F.A in acting from Oklahoma City University.