My Pillow Review

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My Pillow is the most popular pillow on the market due to their extensive tv campaigns.  While I do think that it’s a great idea to invest in a quality pillow, I don’t think that My Pillow is the right option.

Overall I had a pretty bad experience with the pillow, and do not recommend it.  Read my full My Pillow Review to see some of the issues I experienced.

My Pillow Review

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  • Very soft and thin (could good for stomach sleepers or side sleepers)
  • Reasonably priced (compared to high-end pillows)


  • Lumpy
  • Too thin (bad for back sleepers)
  • Feels low quality

My Experience

My Pillow is available at a number of locations, including Amazon, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s, and QVC.  I ordered mine from Amazon, and upon arrival followed the first instructions: put it in the dryer for 15 minutes.

My Pillow Dryer

I’m a side sleeper and back sleeper, and used My Pillow as my primary pillow for a few nights.  It’s not too firm or big, so it didn’t hurt my neck.  However, it did feel like the foam was separated inside of it, kind of like a parting where my head went.  Definitely a little too lumpy.

This made me sink seemingly all the way through it, sometimes making it feel like I wasn’t sleeping on a pillow at all.

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My PIllow Side Sleeper

I read other reviews that complained about the lumpiness and thinness, and unfortunately I experienced it myself.  I even put it in the dryer for another 15 minutes after trying it for a few nights (in case it needed to puff up more), but that didn’t seem to make any difference.

I did try the pillow between the knees (when sleeping on my side), and this was a much better experience.  It actually is the right amount of cushion between the knees, and the pillow is a nice size so that it doesn’t dominate your bed.

My Pillow Lumpy

My Pillow Specs

The My Pillow comes in sizes Queen and King (I tried the queen).  The Queen is actually quite small, smaller than other Queen sizes I’ve tried anyway. I believe the My Pillow has a warranty, but honestly I can’t imagine it getting to worse condition than when it arrived.

Final Recommendation

I don’t think the My Pillow is a scam (as other people have suggested in other user reviews) – I just think that with such a strong marketing campaign, the My Pillow is overhyped.  It’s fine, but not the dream pillow that you have been searching for.

The National Sleep Foundation does support the pillow, so they are clearly seeing something I’m not. I would suggested investing in a quality pillow, just not My Pillow. Look at my top reviewed pillows for other options I recommend.

Buy My Pillow on Amazon

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16 thoughts on “My Pillow Review”

  1. In my humble opinion, MyPillow is overpriced. Also I remember the advertisement where MyPillow claims it is the number one pillow recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. So what? Just a quote from Wikipedia: “Though the foundation claims that it does not make commercial endorsements, some merchants and products have claimed to be “endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation” or have implied such endorsement in their literature. Notable among these is My Pillow, which makes such claims in its very-frequently-run television ads. In 2016, My Pillow agreed to stop making this claim in California, and paid a large fine for this and other claims.”

  2. I purchased My Pillow July 2018, two King size, wanted to try them for a period of time before I wrote my complaint. I followed the instructions as directed and I can now honestly say from my experience that is the worse pillow I have ever had. It flattens, it gets really warm, Its lumpy and has created severe neck pain for both my husband and myself. I would not recommend this pillow to anyone.

  3. Very good product for the money. You have to get the right firmness. I like the medium, my wife the soft. And for all the complaining, it is guaranteed! Bet the liberal hater in previous review never even slept on one…

  4. I got one for Christmas and, evidently, didn’t look at any instructions and didn’t put it in the dryer first! But, the first few nights it was awesome. Then it started to get lumpy and was separating enough that I had to keep crunching it together in the middle to get some of the firmness back. I just found this site (I’m at work) and I’m going to find he “instructions” and see if I can go ahead and throw it in the dryer now to see if it would do any good. I don’t want to attempt to wash it yet…we’ll see what happens! But, I looked at the price of a queen topper and mattress and OMG! Seriously?? What are they thinking???

  5. My pillow is the worse pillow on the market. Between Mike and Sean they are the biggest liars alive. I took their word and spent a lot of money for something you can buy at a discount store that sells stuff made in China.
    This is the biggest scam going. Just like Sean Hannity and his drug addiction buddy Mike Lindell

  6. Got a My Pillow Classic (green) for Christmas, did what they say in the instructions to fluff up the pillow. Very hard and puts a lot pressure on the back of my head, giving me a headache. Asked about the difference between the Classic and Premium pillow, they use the same material, just a different pillow case. Hard to exchange the pillow, have to go through a lot of different people to get an exchange. Would recommend this pillow, very expensive and not the hi quality they advertise.

  7. I bought an extra firm premium My Pillow and it sucks from a firmness stand point. A wet noodle has more backbone that their extra firm pillow. I can’t recommend MY Pillow, and it’s way overpriced.

  8. I developed rash after a couple days of using My Pillow. Ohh I was itching so bad. I no longer use this product. It is not any better than a high quality less expensive pillow. It is made of Polyurethane, no wonder I developed a rash. Please be careful!

  9. We have bought 2 medium pillows and absolutely love them. My husband has had bypass surgery and it helped him sleep in the bed. The pillow between his knees really helps out. We have never ever slept so good. So, with that being said, we went and bought the mattress topper. OMG! Best comfortable sleep too. We are in love with the pillows and the mattress topper. One More Comment: We decided to get our picky 6 pound Pomeranian the pet my pillow. She has slept on an old bed that belonged to our Cameron who passed away in 2013. We bought several beds for her and still went right back to her old bed. The pet pillow arrived on Monday. We put it on the floor after removing her old bed and it did not take but 30 seconds for her to sit on it and lay on it. It is now Wednesday and she absolutely loves the bed. Best thing we could have ever done. Keep up the amazing work. We believe in your product or we would not have 4 pillows, mattress topper and a pet bed. I wished we could send a picture of her on the bed as it would be priceless. Thank you My Pillow!

  10. Waste of money. Nothing special about this pillow. Very overpriced uncomfortable pillow. A lot of false reviews, in my opinion…

  11. I have not had a good nights sleep since getting my My Pillow. The commercials are pure hype, it does not give you the best sleep ever!

  12. I had to return my pillows because they went flat. The new ones did the same thing. I think if you don’t move at night the pillow is fine. If like most people, we do move around, the pillow does shift and it causes the pillow to flatten where your head is.

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