Purple’s New Mattresses Now Available Online

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Popular mattress retailer Purple debuted three new mattress models in select Mattress Firm stores last November. Now they’re available for purchase online in the U.S. through Purple’s online store, according to a press release from the company.

“Our focus is always on providing the most comfortable and supportive products on the market, with the highest quality and most accessible prices,” said Sam Bernards, CEO at Purple. “This new line of mattresses features the most advanced comfort science available, with several different options to ensure everyone can find a mattress perfect for them.”

image from Purple’s Facebook page

All three of the new models feature Purple’s patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer® technology, a “stretchy, durable material that provides relief under pressure points, spinal support, and temperature-neutral sleep.”

In addition, these new models will combine the polymer technology with a system of individual response coils. Purple says that the 7.5″ coil system layer will lay underneath a top comfort layer. Each coil has an individual fabric casing designed to reduce noise, maintain motion isolation, and provide full-body responsive support, says the brand.

Here are more details on the design for each of the three new mattress models:

  • Purple.2:  a two-inch Hyper-Elastic Polymer® top layer plus coil system; priced from $1,299 for a single to $1,899 for a king.
  • Purple.3: a three-inch top layer of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer® material plus coil system; priced from $1,899 for a single to $2,499 for a king.
  • Purple.4: the most luxurious model, it features four inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer® technology, plus a coil system; priced from $2,499 for a single to $3,099 for a king.

Purple first announced that their new line of mattresses would launch exclusively in select Mattress Firm stores in late November 2017.

Purple said in a press release last year that they planned to sell their mattresses in approximately 13 retail stores throughout Washington, D.C., with additional launches in stores in Austin, Texas and Sacramento, California to follow The company says the location of the stores was based on consumer research from Mattress Firm.

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All images from Purple’s Facebook page

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