Mattress Protector: Slumber Cloud Dry Line VS. Bear

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Slumber Cloud Dry Line and Bear mattress protectors are designed to keep you comfortable while you sleep – and stay asleep – with their unique temperature-regulating technologies. We put together a side-by-side comparison to determine which one is the best for you. Read on for the full review.

Slumber Cloud Dry Line Mattress Protector Review
Slumber Cloud Dry Line Mattress Protector

Key Similarities

  • Fitted sheet style (protection on five sides)
  • Designed to create a cool and comfortable environment
  • Good for regulating body temperature
  • Waterproof surface
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite protection
  • Machine washable, tumble low dry heat (or line dry); do not bleach, iron or dry clean
  • Cost more than $100 for a Queen size
  • Available in standard sizes – Twin, Twin XL – Cal King
  • Good customer service

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Key Differences

Slumber Cloud Dry Line…

  • Can fit mattresses up to 16 inches thick
  • Utilizes Outlast® technology* to manage temperature swings throughout the night
  • $175.99 for Queen
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee
    * Outlast Technology is described as being:“Perfect for those who experience mild sleep discomfort and temperature swings.”

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Slumber Cloud Dry Line Mattress Protector Review`
Slumber Cloud Dry Line Mattress Protector


  • Can fit mattresses up to 20 inches thick
  • Utilizes HeiQ Adaptive Fabric* technology that transports moisture and heat away from the body
  • Engineered to work with Bear Mattress and Celliant technology (but can work on any mattress)
  • $110 for Queen
  • 10 year warranty and free shipping
    * HeiQ Adaptive fabric is a proprietary fabric so they don’t share what is in it. But it is designed to: “It is waterproof and responds dynamically to environmental changes, creating a cool, dry microclimate for sleep…”
Bear Mattress Protector
Bear Mattress Protector

Pros and Cons of Each Protector

You Might Choose…

Slumber Cloud if…

  • You have a thicker mattress (16-inches thick or less)
  • You want to know exactly what materials your mattress protector is made with
  • You want your protector to be made in the USA
  • You want breathability
Slumber Cloud Dry Line Mattress Protector Review
Slumber Cloud Dry Line Mattress Protector

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Bear if…

  • You already have a Bear mattress already and want something to complement it
  • You have a mattress that is 20 inches deep or smaller and prefer a snug fit
  • You want a protector that is easy to care for
  • You want a breathable protector
  • You are an athlete or have night sweats and want an especially cool sleeping environment
Bear Mattress Protector
Bear Mattress Protector

You can read the full Bear Mattress Protector review here.

Slumber Cloud Dry Line vs. Bear
4.8 Reviewer
Overall Fit
Ease of Care
Price (Value)
4.6 Reviewer
Overall Fit
Ease of Care
Price (Value)


Those who struggle with feeling hot or cold during the night will like what both Slumber Cloud and Bear have to offer.

The protectors offer the same feel in terms of softness and thickness – the Casper mattress may have a little more stretch (it has Lycra).

Neither of them showed any signs of wear or damage after being run through the washer and dryer. No shrinking with either protector.

These mattress protectors are really intended to keep your body temperature consistent so you can experience a full night’s sleep. Their small details set them apart and may help you decide which one to choose.

My personal preference is the Bear mattress protector. Although it was designed with the Bear mattress in mind, I thought it fit perfectly on my 10 inch Casper mattress.

It is on the more expensive end of mattress protectors, but I thought the fabric was soft and quilted and overall had a really nice feel.

Bear Mattress Protector

Unlike the Slumber Cloud Dry Line protector, I did not wake up at all due to being hot or cold with the Bear protector. But I also did not feel exceptionally “cool” on the mattress, just comfortable.

Both brands offer innovative technology, soft, waterproof surfaces, and good customer service. Depending on your mattress and your needs, both protectors will do the job.

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