Mattress Protector Reviews: Sleep Tite Pr1me Vs. Luna

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The Sleep Tite Pri1me and Luna mattress protectors both offer waterproof and allergen protection in a fitted-sheet style. With so many similarities between them, it really all comes down to fit. Read on for my full review.

Key Similarities

  • Fitted sheet style (protection on five sides)
  • Waterproof surface
  • Hypoallergenic cotton terry surface fabric
  • Dust mite protector
  • Machine washable, tumble low dry heat (or line dry); do not bleach, iron or dry clean
  • Vinyl, PVC, and Phthalate free
  • 15-year warranties
  • Unique and special sizing including RV’s and cribs
Sleep Tite Pr1me Mattress Protector Review
Sleep Tite Pr1me Protector

Key Differences

Sleep Tite…

  • Can fit mattresses up to 22-inches thick
  • Offers Universal Fit. This means the protector has strong elastic corners and extra deep pockets to hold onto thicker mattresses.
  • Offers crib protectors


  • Made in the USA and can fit mattresses up to 18-inches thick
  • Offers Invis-Lay Protection which is also intended to protect your mattress without being detected under your sheets.
Luna Premium Mattress Protector
Luna protector

Pros and Cons of Each Protector

You Might Choose…

Sleep Tite if…

  • You have a thicker mattress (22-inches thick)
  • You want a thick, elastic edging that will hold your protector tightly to your mattress (Universal Fit)

You can read the full Sleep Tite Protector review here.

Sleep Tite Pr1me Mattress Protector Review

Luna if…

  • You want to avoid any feel of your protector under your sheets (Invis-Lay Protection)
  • You want your protector to be made in the USA.

You can read the full Luna Mattress Protector review here.

Luna Premium Mattress Protector
The extra material on the sides of my mattress generated shifting and noise
Sleep Tite Pri1me Vs. Luna
4.2 Reviewer
Overall Fit
Ease of Care
Price (Value)


Honestly, the biggest difference between these two mattress protectors is that the Sleep Tite protector can fit mattresses up to 22-inches thick while Luna fits up to 18-inches. Otherwise, these two protectors are incredibly similar (even in price).

Both protectors were a little too big for my 10-inch thick Casper mattress. There was excess material around the edges that caused some shifting and some slight noise on my mattress.

I think the saving grace for the Sleep Tite protector – and what caused me to rate it slightly higher than Luna – is the “Universal Fit” element that Malouf offers. The elastic gripped my mattress and held the protector as closely to my mattress as possible.

Sleep Tite Pr1me Mattress Protector Review
Sleep Tite Pr1me protector

I felt less overall shifting and noise (and generally just noticed the protector less often) with the Sleep Tite than the Luna protector, which is why I made it my personal choice.

That being said, depending on what type/size mattress you have, the Luna could also be a great fit.

Both mattress protectors are sold on sites that offer them at discounted prices (those prices change frequently so keep that in mind).

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