Late Mornings Sateen Duvet Cover Review – Comfy And Eco-Friendly?

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Okay, let’s face it: I hate getting out of bed in the morning. The promise of icy wooden floors and early morning drafts rarely seems inviting.

Bedding company Late Mornings says that they designed their products to make it even harder to get out of bed in the morning. Their sheets, linens, and duvet covers are reportedly so comfortable, we’ll all want to make it a late morning while sleeping under them.

We are entering the colder months, so I opted to review the Late Mornings sateen duvet cover. Climbing underneath the smooth material, I was wondering if it would be even harder to get out of bed the next morning.

So, was it a late morning or wasn’t it? Read on to find out!

Late Mornings Deals

The Late Mornings Sateen Duvet Cover is a high-quality option for those who need a soft and insulating option for colder nights. Click the button for the best deal on the Late Mornings.


The Late Mornings Might Be A Good Fit For…

  • Those who like a softer, silky feel. The sateen model of the Late Mornings duvet cover has that classic sateen feel, meaning it is smooth to the touch and just a little bit on the thicker side. When I pull the duvet cover up to my chin on those colder nights, the material feels particularly nice against my face.
  • Those who want something for cooler nights. As I just wrote, the Late Mornings sateen is a thicker material and, because of this, it is warmer than other duvet covers I have tried, especially those featuring a percale weave. Pairing the Late Mornings with a heftier comforter, I feel very well insulated at night and don’t really need any extra bedding to keep me warm.
  • Those who want an eco-friendly product. Many producers of bedding use anti-wrinkle chemical agents to smooth out their products, but these chemicals are pretty terrible for the environment. Late Mornings states that they never use such chemicals in the treatment of their fabrics.

Late Mornings Duvet Cover Button Closure

The Late Mornings Might Not Be A Good Fit For…

  • Those who prefer crisper linen duvet covers. The sateen duvet cover I reviewed is very silky and smooth, so those who want something crisper, lighter, and thinner should take a look at the Late Mornings percale duvet cover.
  • Hot sleepers. Sateen is a thicker material that provides more insulation than other types of fabric, so while this sateen duvet cover should work for those colder nights, hot sleepers might wake up sweating when they are sleeping. Again, the percale model of the Late Mornings should be more breathable and a better match for those hot sleepers out there.
  • People who want duvet ties. The Late Mornings duvet cover does not feature duvet ties in the corners, and these are usually used to secure the duvet cover to the duvet insert. Without the duvet ties, any comforter or duvet insert placed inside the Late Mornings might shift around and bunch up.

Construction, Size, And Color Options

The Late Mornings duvet covers come in a few designs, and customers can choose from percale, sateen, Supima, and linen duvet covers.

The sateen duvet cover, the model I reviewed, comes in three colors: Purple, Soft Grey, and White. I opted for the Soft Grey, a nice neutral color to add to my bed.

Late Mornings Duvet Cover Feel

I want to give a quick note about sateen fabrics. Sateen is a thicker type of weave that is usually warmer than percale, and it is also a silkier material that offers the feel of satin without the shocking price tag. Also, speaking of price tags, this model currently goes for $139 for the Full/Queen size. Those who want something even bigger can choose the King/California King size for $149.

The duvet cover itself is made out of 100% combed cotton with a 300 thread count. As I said above, Late Mornings never uses harmful chemicals to treat their fabrics and all materials are OEKO – TEX certified.

The Late Mornings duvet cover does not have the duvet ties that I usually find in other types of duvet covers, and I was honestly surprised not to see them inside.

The open end of the Late Mornings also features a button closure and comes with two free pillowcases.

Late Mornings Deals

The Late Mornings Sateen Duvet Cover is a high-quality option for those who need a soft and insulating option for colder nights. Click the button for the best deal on the Late Mornings.

Feel And Breathability

Just running my hands across the Late Mornings duvet cover, it feels quite silky. When I lie underneath the Late Mornings, I like the feel as it moves over my legs and arms. It is not quite as smooth as true satin sheets but, for the price, it feels pretty fantastic. Also, the material is not too wrinkly.

While this sateen is smooth, it is not the most breathable. This is pretty normal for sateen, so I am not too surprised by how warm I sleep underneath the Late Mornings. As I said earlier, I reviewed the Late Mornings on some colder nights, and it was nice to snuggle with.

Late Mornings Duvet Back Sleeping

Cleaning And Care

One of the reasons I personally like to sleep with a duvet cover is the ease of cleaning. I am not the cleanest person, and it is much easier to clean a duvet cover than a duvet insert or comforter.

To care for the Late Mornings sateen duvet cover, the company recommends the following:

  • Wash the Late Mornings duvet cover at nothing over 140°F.
  • Never use bleach to wash the duvet cover.
  • Dry the duvet cover on normal to low heat.
  • If wrinkly, iron the Late Mornings duvet cover at 300°F and use the steam function.
  • Never dry clean the duvet cover.

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Well, I can say now that the Late Mornings did not help me get up in the morning, and that is a good thing! The silky, insulating sateen created a soothing warmth around my body. For those who want a duvet cover for those cooler nights, I highly recommend the sateen duvet cover from Late Mornings.

They also offer a 30-night trial for anyone who wants to give the Late Mornings a shot. They also offer free shipping and returns.


How much does the Late Mornings duvet cover cost?

The sateen model of the Late Mornings duvet cover costs around $139 for the Full/Queen-size and $149 for the King/Cal. King-size. The Supima and linen model cost a bit more.

What does the Late Mornings sateen duvet cover feel like?

The Late Mornings sateen duvet cover is silky and smooth to the touch. It will feel nice as it lays against the skin.

Does the Late Mornings sateen duvet cover sleep hot?

This Late Mornings model is made with a sateen weave, a weave that isn’t very breathable. Even paired with a lighter duvet insert and comforter, it might sleep somewhat hot.

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