Egyptian Bedding Siberian Goose Down Comforter Review

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When it comes to comforters, little compares to down fill and, while it is often more expensive, that fluffy, warm, and breathable bedding offers a level of comfort rarely found with a down alternative comforter.

The Egyptian Bedding Siberian Goose Down Comforter is one of the loftiest, most luxurious down comforters I have tried, and it is also a good value considering what customers are getting.

To find out if this is the cozy comforter we’ve been waiting for, read on for my full Egyptian Bedding review.

The Egyptian Bedding Should Work For …

  • Those who like a fluffy comforter. With its high fill power and baffle box construction, the Egyptian Bedding Comforter is very lofty and, even after a good amount of use, the comforter maintains its full body.
  • Those who need a quality duvet insert. While this can be used as a stand-alone comforter, it could also make a great duvet insert. There are eight tabs stitched around the edge of the comforter, so it can be firmly secured within the duvet cover of one’s choice.
  • Those who want a cool-weather comforter. For those who need a comforter to keep them warm during the cooler months, this could be a great choice. I felt nice and insulated when I was lying underneath it and, at the same time, the down fill allowed for some very nice airflow.

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 The Egyptian Bedding Might Not Work For …

  • Those who struggle with allergies. One of the major risks associated with down comforters is that they may exacerbate allergies because down can easily trap dust mites, pollen, and other allergens. While this comforter is advertised as “hypoallergenic,” it is still worth noting that the down could affect one’s allergies.
  • Those who want a budget-friendly comforter. While I do think this comforter is a great value (with a current price of $119), it is still sold for a higher price than most down alternative comforters. If money is a serious issue, it might be worth considering a down alternative.
  • People who require a warm-weather comforter. The Egyptian Bedding is quite breathable, but it still might be too warm during the summer and warmer months. When I tried the comforter on some hotter nights, I did have to move out from beneath it because I was overheating somewhat. People who are looking for a comforter for warmer nights should consider something lighter.

Egyptian Bedding Construction

  • The cover is woven with 600 thread count, 100 percent Egyptian cotton.
  • The fill is 60 ounces of 750 fill power Siberian Goose down.
  • The comforter is constructed with baffle boxes and a double-needle stitch.
  • Eight tabs are attached at the corners and along the edge which can be used to anchor the comforter within a duvet cover.
  • The Queen-size dimensions are 90″ x 90″.

Egyptian Bedding Feel

The outer shell of the Egyptian Bedding is very soft to the touch, and I can really feel the difference that 600 thread count Egyptian cotton makes. While lying under the comforter, it did not feel rough against my skin.

Again, if someone wants to add a duvet cover for aesthetic or feel purposes, this comforter can be used as a duvet insert. It has eight tabs, which makes it easy to secure the comforter within a duvet cover.

Egyptian Bedding Loft and Body

This Egyptian Bedding comforter is very lofty and rises inches above the mattress.

There are two features that give the comforter such a full body. First, the comforter is constructed with a baffle box design that keeps the down fill evenly distributed throughout the comforter and also creates a three-dimensional space for the down to fully expand. Second, the down has a high fill power of over 750 which means it has a nice, natural loft.

Egyptian Bedding Breathability And Warmth

The comforter is advertised as “All-Season,” but I found it to be more of a cold or temperate weather comforter. On warmer nights, I needed to move out from underneath the comforter to keep myself from overheating.

However, even for a warmer comforter, it didn’t smother or stifle me as often happens when I use heavier down alternative comforters. This comforter, on the other hand, had plenty of airflow, and it didn’t feel stuffy at all.


As with most down comforters, the company recommends taking the comforter to the dry cleaner for proper cleaning.

One can also spot-clean specific stains or, if worried about washing, try using a duvet cover.

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For those who are looking for a fluffy down comforter and don’t want to spend $300, this could be a great deal. It offers that cloud-like down experience and should keep sleepers warm without making them feel stuffy. However, those who need a comforter for the warmer months or struggle with allergies might want to look elsewhere.

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