Sealy Ease Adjustable Base Review

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In my time as a reviewer, I have tried out quite a few adjustable bases. Many of them come with a slew of extra features and settings, but sometimes you just need a simple base with good adjustability. 

That’s what the Sealy Ease seems to offer: a simple adjustable base without a bunch of bells and whistles. But, is it still a useful adjustable base? Read my full Sealy Ease adjustable base to find out. 

Sealy Ease Power Base

Sealy Ease Power Base

The Sealy Ease is a streamlined base with great adjustability.

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Sealy Adjustable Base Video Review

Sealy Adjustable Base Review: General Overview 

Sealy has been around since before my great grandmother was born. Since then, we’ve had two world wars, ten Fast & the Furious movies and Sealy has become the most recognizable name on the mattress market. I’ve personally tried a number of Sealy models, but I’m an especially big fan of the Sealy Posturepedic line. 

To go with its mattresses, Sealy also offers a number of foundations and adjustable bases, like the Sealy Ease. While it doesn’t come with extra bells and whistles, it makes up for it with excellent adjustability. 

Pros of the Sealy Ease Adjustable Base 

  • It is an affordable adjustable base without too many extra features. If you just need a solid base that will adjust your head and feet, the Sealy Ease offers everything you need.
  • The Sealy Ease is easily adjustable into a number of different configurations. You can raise the head to a position suitable for watching TV, and the foot area raises higher than most bases I have tried. 

Cons of the Sealy Ease Adjustable Base 

  • Besides Zero Gravity and a Flat setting, there are no additional presets on the remote. Many other bases feature some sort of memory function or at least an Anti Snore setting. 
  • You get no massage features with the Sealy. May new bases come standard with a vibrating massage setting, but the Sealy Ease does not. 

How Does the Sealy Ease Adjustable Frame Work? 

Let’s take a closer look at what materials make up the Sealy and what settings it actually comes with. 


The Sealy Ease features a design similar to many of the best adjustable bases I have reviewed. The frame is made of steel and the top platform features foam and a fabric cover. Below the frame, two hydraulic pumps allow you to raise and lower the head and foot of the bed. 

A medium shot of the Sealy Ease with the foot area raised

As with other frames, the Sealy also features a mattress retainer bar. This fits into the foot of the base and prevents your mattress from shifting while you are adjusting the bed. 

The frame rests on six adjustable plastic legs. You can unscrew parts of the legs to make them shorter, making it easier to fit the base on any type of outer frame. 


As I said above, the settings are pretty straightforward with the Ease adjustable base. With the help of a wireless remote, you can raise and lower the head and feet areas of the base. 

In addition, there are buttons to put the base into a Zero Gravity configuration or return it to its flat setting. 

Sealy Ease Adjustable Base Compatibility 

The Sealy Ease is designed to work with the Sealy mattresses or any suitable mattress. I tested the base with the Brooklyn Essential, a hybrid mattress that will work with an adjustable base. 

A man rests on the Sealy Ease while adjusting it

I used the Sealy Ease to raise and lower the head of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress, and there were no issues with the base or mattress. When I raised the foot of the base, it was able to raise the mattress, but the mattress did not stay flush against the Sealy. 

This might be an issue with the mattress, however. I also paired the base with a memory foam mattress, and the mattress stayed flush against the base. 

How to Assemble the Sealy Adjustable Base 

In my experience, it was pretty easy to set up the Sealy Ease. First off, I asked my coworker to help me get the base into the bedroom area. The box was extremely heavy and, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t have handled it alone. 

We opened up the box and took out the folded base. After we cleared the cardboard and plastic away, we unfolded the base and laid it upside down. Then, it was easy to screw on the legs and flip the base back over. 

I then installed the retainer bar and plugged in the base. After I paired the remote, the base was ready to use right away. 

Sealy Ease Adjustable Base Sizes and Prices 

See the following chart to find out much a Sealy base is going to cost you.

Size Price
Twin $899.00
Twin Long$899.00
Split King$1,798.00
Cal King$1,499.00
Split Cal King$1,798.00

Company Policies 

Let’s take a closer look at Sealy’s terms and conditions. 

Trial Period 

You get no trial period with the Sealy Ease, but this is normal for an adjustable base. 


The Sealy Ease comes with a generous 25-year warranty. For the first five years of the warranty, Sealy covers any manufacturing defects with any of the base’s materials. However, after the five year mark, only the metal frame itself is covered, and Sealy won’t cover any issues with the motor, legs or other components. 

Return Policy 

Sealy does not accept returns for the Sealy Ease. However, the 25-year warranty covers any trouble you might have with the base, especially in the first five years. 

Sealy Ease Adjustable Base Performance 

So, how well does the Sealy Ease perform? I tested it out for myself, and the base had its upsides and its downsides. 


The materials in the Sealy Ease are pretty standard for an adjustable base. The metal frame and fabric-covered platform are similar to what I have found with many other bases. 

This isn’t necessarily a negative, however, and the Sealy looks as durable as many bases. The only weak area is the legs. They are made of plastic and don’t appear as strong as the wooden legs I’ve seen on other bases.

A close-up of the leg of the Sealy Ease base


The Sealy Ease boasts some good adjustability, especially in the foot area. According to the brand, it rises to 46 degrees, which is higher than many other bases I have reviewed. It was very comfortable to lie with my legs inclined, and I can imagine this will work well for people with certain circulation issues. 

The head area didn’t raise up as high as I would have liked. Some bases, like the Nolah Smart base, come all the way up so that I can rest in a seated position. The Sealy only came up about halfway, but I was still able to watch TV and read comfortably. 

Remote Control 

The Sealy’s remote was one of the simplest I have come across. On one hand, I liked that I didn’t need a manual to figure out the remote. On the other, it didn’t offer too many options. 

If you look at the remote, you can see it doesn’t give you many choices: 

A man holds the Sealy Ease remote in his hand


The Sealy Ease did not have any wall-hugging features to speak of. When I raised the head of the base, I moved away from the wall. Some bases will shift as you raise the head so that you don’t move too far away from your nightstand. This may not be a negative for everyone, but it is something to note. 


The Sealy Ease wasn’t the quietest base I’ve tried, but it also wasn’t the loudest. When I raised and lowered the base, I heard the familiar whine of a hydraulic pump. Just keep in mind that this noise could disturb your partner while they sleep. 

Zero Gravity Function 

The Zero Gravity worked as intended on the Sealy Ease. When I pressed the Zero Gravity button on the remote, the head area raised slightly and the foot area raised up much higher. This relieved pressure on my lower back and gave me a bit of a weightless feeling. 

Sealy Ease Adjustable Base Pros and Cons 


  • A streamlined, affordable base
  • Good adjustability 


  • Not many extra presets
  • No massage feature

Sealy Ease Adjustable Base FAQs

What is the weight limit for the Sealy Ease?

The Sealy Ease is rated to support up to 650 lb. 

How much is a Sealy adjustable base?

A Sealy adjustable base costs around $1,000 for a queen size. 

Do Sealy mattresses work with an adjustable base?

Yes, the majority of Sealy mattresses will work with an adjustable base. 

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