Purple Premium Plus Smart Base Review

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If you’re looking for a sturdy base to go along with your Purple mattress, you might want to consider the Purple Premium Plus smart base. This base is designed to support the heavier Purple mattresses and it has some interesting extra features. 

How does it work? Read on for my full Purple Premium Plus smart base review. 

Purple Premium Plus Smart Base

Purple Premium Plus Smart Base

The Purple Premium Plus is a higher-end adjustable base with comfort features not found with its competitors.

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Polyester, Steel


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Purple Premium Plus Adjustable Base Review: General Overview 

Purple is one of the most popular online mattress brands and for good reason. The Purple mattresses feature a unique GelFlex Grid that is supportive, comfortable and breathable at the same time. One of the drawbacks? It makes the Purple mattresses extremely heavy, so they need a lot more support. 

Because of this, the brand offers multiple supportive bases including two adjustable bases. The Purple Premium Plus is the brand’s highest-end base and it boasts some features I have personally never seen in an adjustable base. The Purple Premium Plus stands out against the competition in a number of ways, but it does have its issues as well. 

Pros of the Purple Premium Plus Adjustable Base 

  • High-end, durable design
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Additional head tilt

Cons of the Purple Premium Plus Adjustable Base

  • Has a higher price point 
  • Hard to set up 
  • No wall hugging 

Purple Premium Plus Adjustable Base Video Review

How Does The Purple Premium Plus Adjustable Base Work? 

I’ll start by talking about what makes up the Premium Plus and how it all operates. 


While it is a higher-end base, the Purple Premium Plus has a similar design to the best adjustable bases. It features a sturdy steel frame that holds up with a fabric-covered platform. Underneath the platform, you’ll find all the guts and inner workings of the base: multiple hydraulic pumps and a whole array of wires. Thankfully, you don’t have to plug in or worry about these wires. 

A close shot of the Purple Premium Plus with its leg section raised

Below the frame, the Purple has one standout feature. It has six adjustable plastic legs. They allow you to adjust the height of the base from a 12 inches down to just a few inches. This will make it easier to fit the base inside pretty much any bed frame. 


First off, the Purple Premium Plus has all the settings you’ll find with other adjustable bases. You can raise the head and foot areas of the base, and it has presets such as Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore. And, it has a massage feature very similar to what I experienced with other bases like the Brooklyn Bedding Ascension adjustable base. You can also use the remote to program three manual presets to adjust the base to your favorite positions. 

A man sits on the Purple Premium Plus with the head section raised

The Purple Premium Plus has a few extra features I haven’t seen with other bases. For instance, it has something called “Pillow Tilt.” This raises just the very top of the head area to incline your head slightly while you sleep. Also, you can adjust the lumbar support of the base. A separate hydraulic pump raises a bar to give you more support under your lumbar area. This is a very unique feature, and I will discuss how it felt below. 

In addition, the Premium Plus has an under-the-bed lighting system. If you have to get up during the night, motion sensors turn on LEDs to help guide your way. 

Purple Premium Plus Adjustable Base Compatibility 

Purple mattresses are some of the heaviest online mattresses out there. The GelFlex Grid is a bulky material that, together with coils and high-density foams, requires a good deal of support. So, to test out the Purple Premium Plus, I paired it with one of the brand’s heaviest mattresses, the Purple RestorePlus

I put the mattress on the base, but I didn’t start adjusting it quite yet. I wanted to see if the Purple Premium Plus could simply support the mattress. I rolled around and got in and out of bed, and the base did not sway or show any other signs of weakness. I also didn’t notice any lack of support when I lay in all three sleeping positions. 

When I started adjusting the base, it also performed pretty well. Even though the RestorePlus is a heavier mattress, the base was able to lift it with no issues. However, I noticed the mattress lifting off the base when I put it in Zero Gravity mode. This is more the fault of the mattress, but it is something to note. 

A man uses the Zero Gravity function on the Purple Premium Plus base

Also, when I raised the head area of the base, the mattress slid down toward the bottom of the base. Being a heavier mattress, the Purple RestorePlus started to collapse in on itself. Because of this, when I put the base back in its flat position, I had to rearrange the mattress and pull it back toward the head of the base. Again, this is an issue with the mattress, but keep this in mind if you are going to try a Purple mattress with this base. 

How To Assemble The Purple Premium Plus Adjustable Base

Even when you’re dealing with a simple, light base, it can still be a pain to put it together. And, out of the many bases I’ve put together, the Purple was indeed a pain. 

First off, this is easily the heaviest base I have put together. I recommend you read and follow the instructions on the box. It is a two-person job. I tried to lift this box by myself, and it was not one of my better decisions.

So, I asked my coworker to help me slide the box into the bedroom. We took the base out of the box and cleared away the cardboard. I then removed the bags and boxes of components stored underneath the base. 

Then, it was an easy matter of screwing in the six legs and attaching the power cord. However, it was not so easy to flip the base onto the legs. Again, you’ll want to do this with a friend’s help. The plastic legs cannot bear weight at an angle, so you and your helper will need to completely lift the base and then flip it without the legs touching. 

A close shot of the Purple Premium Plus's plastic leg

Finally, I needed to pair the remote with the base. According to the base’s guide, the remote was supposed to be automatically paired, but this was not the case for me. However, I followed the easy instructions to pair the remote, and the base was good to go. Just make sure your base is working with the remote before you set the instructions aside. 

Purple Premium Plus Adjustable Base Sizes and Price

See the following chart to see what your size and price options are.

Size Price
Twin XL$1,595
Queen $1,895
California King$2,595
Split King$3,190

Purple Premium Plus Smart Base

Purple Premium Plus Smart Base

The Purple Premium Plus is a higher-end adjustable base with comfort features not found with its competitors.

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Accessories Details


Polyester, Steel


10-year warranty



Shipping Method
Shipping Method

Free shipping

Return Policy
Return Policy

No returns

Company Policies 

Now, let’s take a look at the customer service terms for the Purple adjustable base. 

Trial Period 

The Purple base does not come with a trial period. This is normal for adjustable bases, however. I have not come across any adjustable base with a sleep trial. In fact, it is rare that you can ever return an adjustable base unless there are severe manufacturing defects. 

Warranty Info 

You get a 10-year limited warranty with Purple base. If you have issues within the first two years, Purple will repair or replace any parts. Between two and five years, Purple will cover any defective parts, but you may have to pay for shipping. Between five and 10 years, the warranty is much more limited and only covers a few parts of the base. You will most likely have to pay for shipping or repair during this time frame. 

Purple Premium Plus Adjustable Base Performance 

I judge adjustable bases on just how well they adjust. So, I tried out all of the features of the Purple Premium Plus and really put them to the test.


While the Purple was heavy and difficult to set up, I can’t complain about its materials. The Purple is a sturdy base that features durable steel and an impressive construction. Based on its design, it should outlive its 10-year warranty. 

However, the plastic legs do give me pause. They aren’t as durable as the wood legs I have seen on other bases. I recommend being careful if you ever have to move the base or adjust the height of the legs. 


When I first got the Purple Premium Plus, I tried out the basic settings. I raised the head section, and it came up past the 45-degree mark. Some bases adjust to a complete sitting position, so the Premium Plus was lacking in this respect. However, the leg section came up more than I have experienced with other bases. 

The Purple Premium Plus’s extra features really stood out. Specifically, it’s the lumbar support and pillow tilt I want to talk about. 

A close-up of the lumbar support function on the Purple Restore Plus

With the lumbar support feature, I was able to control the amount of support I received right under my lumbar area. As a heavier person who struggles with back pain, I loved this feature. I adjusted this area and felt some of the best lumbar support of my entire review career. 

The pillow tilt also gave me just the right amount of incline for back sleeping. I’m a snorer and, together with the Anti Snore feature, I was able to prop up my head very comfortably. 

Remote Control 

The remote control was easy to use, but there was a lot going on with it. With many features come many buttons. Still, even without the guide, most people will be able to work the base with ease. 

A hand holds the remote for the Purple Premium Plus

And, if you lose your remote or just don’t like it, you can pair the base with your phone. Using the Purple app, you can easily control the base. 

Wall Hugging

Some bases will shift the entire mattress down when you raise the head. This will keep you close to the wall and your bedside table, even when you have raised the head section all of the way. 

However, this was not the case with the Purple Premium Plus. There was no wall hugging, so I moved away from the wall when I raised up the head section. 


The Purple Premium Plus wasn’t noisier than the other bases I have reviewed. When I adjusted the bed, it made a high-pitched whining noise, but it was not necessarily annoying. And, with a heavy Purple mattress on top, a lot of that noise was muffled.

Zero Gravity Function 

The Zero Gravity function is designed to relieve pressure on your lower back and also improve circulation. This worked as advertised on the Purple Premium Plus. When I used this feature, I felt less pressure buildup around my lumbar area. Again, as a person who deals with back pain, this was very comfortable. 

Anti-Snore Function 

The Anti-Snore function also worked as advertised. It raised my head just a bit to prevent my esophagus from collapsing too much while I slept. While I can’t say that I snored less or had fewer sleep apnea incidents, paired with my CPAP machine, I slept comfortably using the Anti-Snore setting. 


The Purple Premium Plus’s massage function was also very effective. On its highest setting, I felt the massage vibrations through the thick Purple RestorePlus mattress. Also, I enjoyed how I could set a timer, take a nap, and the massage function would turn off automatically while I slept. 

Additional Features

There is one additional feature that made the Purple Premium Plus stand out. While many bases feature LED lights underneath, I have never seen automatic motion detector lights. I didn’t have to push a button and, just getting out of bed, the lights came on and showed the way to the bathroom. This should be a huge boon for people who go to the bathroom often during the night. 

Purple Premium Plus Adjustable Base Pros and Cons 

Again, here are the upsides and downsides of the Purple Premium Plus adjustable base. 


  • It is a higher-end base that features durable, long-lasting materials.
  • Its lumbar support feature will help people with back pain or those who simply need more support under their lower back. 
  • If you need to raise your head slightly while you sleep, the pillow tilt setting will do the trick. 


  • It is not a very affordable option and costs more than many of its competitors. 
  • It has no real wall hugging to speak of. 
  • The Purple Premium Plus is a bulky base that is difficult to set up.

Purple Premium Plus Adjustable Base FAQs

Can I put a Purple mattress on any adjustable base?

The Purple mattresses will work with many adjustable bases. However, the Purple adjustable bases are designed to support and adjust the extra weight of the Purple mattresses. 

How long will the Purple adjustable base last?

The Purple Premium Plus should last for at least 10 years. It features durable steel and other high-end components that should not break down too quickly. You are also covered by a 10-year limited warranty. 

Is the Purple Power Base discontinued?

Yes, the Purple Power Base is discontinued. However, Purple now offers other adjustable bases. For a similar experience to the Power Base, we recommend the Purple Premium Plus adjustable base. 

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