Helix Adjustable Base Review – A Great Value Base?

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I’m always excited to try out a new adjustable base. After reviewing hundreds of mattresses, it’s fun to play with some gadgets for a while. 

As a fan of the Helix mattresses, I was interested to see how the Helix adjustable base would compare. Is it as comfortable and high-quality as the Helix mattresses? Read my full Helix adjustable base review to find out. 

Helix Adjustable Base

Helix Adjustable Base

If you want a sleek adjustable frame that offers zero gravity presets, the Helix Adjustable base is right up your alley. You can also adjust its legs to make it low profile or high profile.

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Polyester, Steel, Polyfoam


20-year limited warranty



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Helix Adjustable Base Review: General Overview 

Helix is the brand made for shoppers who have no idea what they need. The brand offers super soft mattresses, medium-firm mattresses and firm mattresses as well. While Helix is all about options, it only offers one adjustable base. And, at first glance, it features a streamlined design and some easy-to-use functions. 

I tried the Helix adjustable base out for myself and found it to be a simple base without too many bells and whistles. This no-frills construction means it’s easy on your pocketbook, but there’s not much to make it stand out against the competition. 

Pros of the Helix Adjustable Base 

  • Great massage 
  • A good value
  • Adjustable height

Cons of the Helix Adjustable Base

  • Not many extra features
  • Poor wall-hugging

How Does The Helix Adjustable Base Work? 

I’d like to start off by talking about what the Helix is made of and how it works. 


Overall, the Helix adjustable base has a standard design that I’ve seen with most adjustable bases. It features legs, a platform and motors for adjustment. 

Specifically, the frame is made of carbon steel, a very durable material. The platform is a mix of polyfoam with a polyester cover. Underneath, two motors and a hydraulic system are there for adjustability. 

helix adjustable base adjusting

If anything sticks out about the construction, it is the legs. The six legs are adjustable, allowing you to choose four different heights. This will make it easy to fit the Helix into pretty much any frame. However, the legs seem weak. They are made of plastic and don’t offer the sturdy support of the wood legs I have found with other adjustable bases. 


As I said above, the Helix is not a deluxe adjustable base. Still, it offers the features you find with most basic adjustable bases. 

First off, using the remote control, you can raise the head and foot of the base. In addition, a Zero Gravity preset will automatically raise the head and foot to relieve back pain. And, you can program three more presets to automatically bring the adjustable base to your favorite positions. 

The Helix also comes with a massage function. With the remote you can make the bed vibrate under your head and feet at three different intensities. 

Other Settings 

Unlike some other adjustable bases I have reviewed, the Helix does not boast many extra features. Besides the standard settings discussed above, it just features USB ports under the bed so you can charge your laptop or phone at night. 

Helix Adjustable Base Compatibility 

According to the brand, this adjustable base is designed to work with the Helix mattresses and any mattresses that are compatible with an adjustable base. I’m sure that the base works well with the Helix mattresses, but  I really wanted to put it to the test. So, I paired it with the TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze, a thick, heavy memory foam mattress. If the base can handle the TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze, it can handle anything. 

First, the Helix adjustable base was strong enough to support the heavy mattress. And, even adding my not-insignificant body weight to the mix, I didn’t feel the bed shift or show any signs of weakness. While this might not be the case after ten years, the Helix was very supportive right off the bat. 

Second, I used all the adjustable base functions while lying on the base and mattress. I always look out for bunching up around the center of the mattress. Some thicker mattresses will rise off the bed when the head or foot are raised. I saw a bit of this with the TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze, but it did not rise too much off the bed.

helix adjustable base zero gravity

All-in-all, the Helix performed well with the substantial TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze. This gives me hope the base will work with even the thickest of mattresses. 

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How To Assemble The Helix Adjustable Base

Whenever I receive a new adjustable base, I always worry about setting it up. I’m not the strongest nor the most handy with tools. 

When I unboxed the Helix, I made the mistake of unboxing it alone. The box says to ask a friend for help, but I thought I’d go it alone. That was a bad idea. As I write this review, I’m still icing my lower back. 

Still, I was able to get the base out of the box and lay it upside down. I used scissors to cut away the plastic ties and separated the bags and boxes of accessories. After that, it was an easy process of screwing in the legs and plugging in the AC adapter. I didn’t even have to pair the remote or do any extra techy work, so it was good to use right away. 

helix adjustable base leg

Overall, even setting it up alone, the Helix build was straightforward and took only about 10 or 15 minutes. 

Helix Adjustable Size Options And Price

Take a look at the following chart for the most up-to-date size and pricing info for the Helix base.

Twin XL$899
Full $999
California king$1,149

Helix Adjustable Base

Helix Adjustable Base

If you want a sleek adjustable frame that offers zero gravity presets, the Helix Adjustable base is right up your alley. You can also adjust its legs to make it low profile or high profile.

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Accessories Details


Polyester, Steel, Polyfoam


20-year limited warranty



Shipping Method
Shipping Method

Free shipping

Company Policies 

Besides finding a quality base, you want to make sure you’re not getting tricked by the small print. Let’s see what terms you get with the Helix. 

Trial Period

You get no trial period with the Helix adjustable base. This isn’t too surprising because, compared to a mattress, there is no break-in period. The Helix mattresses and other products come with a trial period, but not this base. 

Warranty Info 

The Helix comes with a 20-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. If you damage the base, put too much weight on it or use third-party parts, the warranty is void. You can use non-Helix mattresses with the base but, again, follow all other weight and use guidelines so as not to void the warranty.

Return Policy

You cannot return the Helix adjustable base unless it is still in the box. If you have issues covered under the warranty, the brand will pay for repair or replacement. 

Helix Adjustable Base Performance 

So, how well did the Helix base work? There are some pleasant surprises and some disappointments as well. 


As I’ve said a few times, the design of the Helix adjustable base wasn’t anything very unique. Like the many bases I’ve reviewed, it was a platform, motors and legs. There was not much to set it apart. 

However, the materials it features were still high-quality. Even though it was an affordable base, it was by no means cheap. The carbon steel felt sturdy and gave the base some weight, and the majority of the materials are high-quality. 


When I adjusted the Helix’s head area, I was disappointed that it did not rise more. When I lift the head area of any base, I want it to come up to 90 degrees. This makes it easier to watch TV or just sit up in bed. The Helix only came up to about 45 degrees. This might ease your snoring, but you won’t be sitting up in bed. 

A man adjusts the head area of an adjustable base

The leg area lift was much more impressive. It lifted up past 45 degrees and elevated my legs into a very comfortable position. 

Remote Control 

The Helix’s remote was simple but easy to use. Some base remotes look like a1990s cable remote. This remote only featured a few buttons and was pretty intuitive. If anything, I missed some sort of light-up feature because using the remote in the dark wasn’t easy. 

A close-up of the Helix Adjustable Base remote

Wall Hugging

Some adjustable bases are designed to hug the wall when you raise the head area. The entire bed will shift to keep you close to the wall. This makes it easy to still reach over and get your phone or drink from your side table. 

Unfortunately, the Helix had no wall-hugging to speak of. This isn’t a major issue, given that the head area doesn’t raise up much anyway. 


All adjustable bases make noise when you raise the head or foot. Still, some are louder than others. Compared to other adjustable bases, the Helix was not too loud. It made a whining noise when I used it, but it wasn’t particularly loud. It was the same sound I have heard with most bases, and it did not vibrate the mattress or cause any other issues.


As I mentioned before, the Helix adjustable base features some nice materials. However, when it comes to durability, the base legs caught my attention. They are made of plastic, while other bases feature sturdy wood. While they let you adjust the height of the bed, I don’t know how they will stand up to years of use. 

Besides the legs, the Helix looks to be as durable as bases from other competitors. 

Zero-Gravity Function 

The Zero Gravity worked well on the Helix adjustable base. It raised my head just a bit and my legs even more. As advertised, this did reduce pressure on my lower back. I wouldn’t say I was weightless, but it was very comfortable for a nap. 

Anti-Snore Function 

While the base didn’t have a specific Anti-Snore setting, raising the head area all the way up felt very similar to the Anti-Snore settings on other adjustable bases. I was able to make this a manual preset and it gave me the same relief I experienced with other bases. 


Even through a thick foam mattress, I could feel the vibrations of the massagers. I tried all three settings and even tested out the timer function. This was nice because I set the timer, fell asleep, and the massagers turned off while I was passed out. It reminded me of those vibrating beds you used to find in roadside motels, but I didn’t need any quarters this time. 

Helix Adjustable Base Pros and Cons 

Again, here are the major upsides and downsides of the Helix adjustable base. 


  • It is a very affordable adjustable base that offers the same standard settings found in most bases
  • The massage features are effective and work even through the thickest of mattresses
  • You can adjust the height of the adjustable base 


  • It doesn’t have many extra features to speak of 
  • It lacks any wall-hugging capabilities
  • The head area does not lift up very high

Helix Adjustable Base FAQs

How do you put together an adjustable Helix base?

It is easy to set up a Helix adjustable base. Ask a friend for help, and remove the folded base from the box. Then, turn the expanded base upside down and clear away all the extra pieces. You then screw in the legs, connect the power cord and flip it back over. Finally, put the batteries in the remote, and you are good to go.

How long will the Helix adjustable base last?

The base should last at least 10 years. And, if you have issues with the base, Helix offers a 20-year limited warranty. 

Can you use an adjustable base with Helix?

Yes, you can pair a Helix mattress with an adjustable base. The Helix mattress will work with almost any standard adjustable base. 

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