Huzi Infinity Travel Pillow Review

Huzi Infinity Travel Pillow Review

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If an infinity scarf and a bamboo-covered pillow made a baby, it would be the Huzi Infinity Pillow. This quirky but comfortable pillow can be used in multiple ways, but is it worth the higher price? Read on for my full review.

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Who Makes It

The Infinity Pillow is made by Huzi Design, who enlisted the help of boutique firm BCXSY to design the pillow. The Infinity Pillow actually started as a Kickstarter project in the Fall of 2013 and the first pillows were shipped in 2014.

Huzi Design is an interesting company as they only sell a handful of simple and designed products, from a tennis table set to a plush toy with magnetic attachments and the infinity travel pillow.

Huzi Infinity Travel Pillow

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Key Features

  • 39-inches by 6-inches
  • Möbius (infinity) shape
  • Bamboo fabric cover (55% bamboo, 45% polyester)
  • Adaptive layered filling (3M Thinsulate)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine Washable
  • Travel case

Huzi Infinity Travel Pillow


  • Machine washable
  • Can be twisted/formed into several shapes
  • Can be used for travel as well as everyday life
  • Available in many fashionable colors
  • Can be pulled up against ears and eyes to block out sound and light


  • Larger size (bulky to carry-on)
  • Air dry only
  • $39 price
  • The pillow is not firm
  • No removable cover
  • May interfere with headphones/earbuds

Huzi Infinity Travel Pillow

My Experience

You can tell a design company created the Infinity Pillow. Everything about the pillow, including the outer packaging and travel bag it comes with, is modern (and yes, hipster).

Huzi Infinity Travel Pillow

It’s very simple looking and large for a travel pillow, but the length and the infinity-shaped design give it almost endless opportunities to position it in a way that will make you comfortable on a trip.

Huzi Infinity Travel Pillow

I am reviewing the green color and I love it. It’s somewhere between a forest and jungle shade of green. The bamboo fabric gives the pillow a unique feel. It’s not plush or velvety, but it is soft and feels durable and breathable.

There really are so many ways to utilize this pillow, especially on a plane, train or in a car. I put it around my neck like an everyday infinity scarf and pulled one of the loops down so the other loop tightened around my neck. Once I adjusted it I felt like I had a supportive neck pillow on.

You can also wrap it over a sizable portion of your face to block out light and/or sound. You can twist it into a knot-like structure and use it like a standard pillow against a window. Another reviewer used it to support her lap child during a flight and others used it on their lower backs.

Fortunately, Huzi has a video that goes through a variety of the ways people use the pillow, both while traveling and everyday use. You can also search social media using the hashtag #infinitypillow and see how other people are using their pillows to stay comfortable.


The pillow is also machine washable (but not dryer-friendly). I used a delicate cycle on cold and left it to dry overnight. It took a little over 10 hours for it to feel dry.

Huzi Infinity Travel Pillow
4.1 Reviewer
The Infinity Travel Pillow by Huzi offers multiple ways to find comfort when traveling. While it is a little bulky in size, you can fold, twist and stuff this pillow into a position that will help make any seat on a plane, train or in a car comfortable. It is machine washable but must be air dried. It is also more expensive than most other travel pillows but is very versatile.
My Experience4.4
Value (Price)4

Things to Consider Before You Buy

While the Infinity Pillow seems to offer infinite ways to keep you comfortable on a trip, it is not very size-friendly. It is a fairly large pillow (quite long) and will take up more room if you pack it in a suitcase.


Travelers have suggested tying the pillow around the handle of a carry-on.

Huzi Infinity Travel Pillow

The pillow cannot be dried in a dryer, so you have to leave time to air it dry. It took more than 10 hours for my pillow to feel fully dry after washing.

The filling is pretty loose and not firm, but folding it over at least once will increase support.


The Infinity Pillow is pricey. Huzi sells it on their website for $39 (just in grey and navy colors at the moment). You can also find it for $39.99 (nearly one dollar more) on Amazon.

Huzi Infinity Travel Pillow

Unlike other travel pillows at this price range, the Infinity Pillow can be used virtually anywhere, not just for travel.  I consider it one of the better travel pillows.

The level of versatility and the sheer comfort of the pillow fabric and overall design make it a good investment as a pillow, not just a travel pillow.

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