5 Best Sleep Masks 2019 – Which Will You Choose?

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If you travel often, you have probably seen a variety of sleep products hanging in airport shops. Neck pillows, earplugs, and sleep masks: These can all help you sleep better when you are making a trip.

Looking specifically at sleep masks, you might think they are all pretty much the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. While they might look similar on the surface, there are a few sleep masks that really stand out among the rest.

To help you find the right sleep mask for you, I have compiled a list of my favorite sleep masks. We’ll talk about who should get which sleep mask and what a sleep mask can do for you.

Classic Design
Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask
Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask
Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

The Alaska Bear has a classic look and is made with Mulberry silk. It feels nice on the skin and blocks the majority of light. 

Doesn't expire

No Eye Pressure
Deep Rest Mask From Nidra
Deep Rest Mask From Nidra
Deep Rest Mask From Nidra

The Nidra features eye cups that prevent eye pressure. Those who struggle with eye pain or don't want to smudge their makeup should like the Nidra. 

Doesn't expire

Best Cosmetic Sleep Mask
Morihata Binchotan Activated Charcoal Eye Mask
Morihata Binchotan Activated Charcoal Eye Mask
Morihata Binchotan Activated Charcoal Eye Mask

The Morihata sleep mask is infused with activated charcoal. It could reduce puffiness around the eyes and prevent wrinkles. 

Doesn't expire

Best For Pain Relief
IMAK Eye Pillow
IMAK Eye Pillow
IMAK Eye Pillow

The IMAK eye pillow provides deep tissue pressure and massaging around the eyes. It is a great match for those who struggle with eye pain. 

Doesn't expire

Best Light Blockage
Mavogel Sleep Mask
Mavogel Sleep Mask
Mavogel Sleep Mask

The Mavogel features side wings and a bendable nose piece. This gives it amazing light blockage. 

Doesn't expire


Top Picks Compared

If you look for sleep masks online, you are going to get hundreds, maybe thousands of results. How do you know you are getting a sleep mask that will work for you?

Out of all the sleep masks I have tried, five really impressed me. These five masks have a number of interesting features and are very high quality. Read on to find the right fit for you.

Classic Design

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

The Alaska Bear is one of the most popular sleep masks I have come across. At first glance, it appears to be a simple sleep mask thanks to its classic design. But there is more going on here.

First off, the outside of the mask is made from Mulberry silk. This a very soft material that feels very smooth against the face. You shouldn’t feel like the mask is irritating your face.

Second, a major consideration with sleep masks is light blockage. The Alaska Bear is black, so when I hold it up to my face and open my eyes, I cannot see through it. Also, the mask fits snugly against my face. I don’t see any light coming up near my nose.

Since the mask fits my face so well, it is also a good match for all three sleeping positions. Whether I lie on my back, side, or stomach, the mask stays firmly in place.

What Makes The Alaska Bear Stand Out?

  • It is made of a soft, Mulberry silk.
  • The strap is adjustable, so the mask should be able to fit heads of many sizes.
  • The Alaska Bear is black and fits snugly so that it blocks out almost all light.
  • You can use the sleep mask in any sleeping position, and it should work well for travel.
  • The Alaska Bear can be washed at home using cool water and mild soap.

No Eye Pressure

Deep Rest Mask From Nidra

The Nidra is a unique sleep mask in that it features molded cups. These cups keep the mask from pressing into the eyes. This makes the Nidra a good option for those who want a mask that won’t smudge their makeup.

Also, the molded cups should interest people who struggle with eye pain. While wearing this sleep mask, I feel no pressure on my eyes. I have plenty of room to open my eyes and blink without any obstruction.

While the Nidra stands out because of its eye cups, it also works well as a simple sleep mask. The thick Polyester mask does not let any light in from the front. Also, a small nose ridge keeps light from entering near the bottom of the mask.

The Nidra is also very lightweight and feels secure no matter what position I sleep in. This means it could also be a good travel companion.

What Makes The Nidra Stand Out?

  • The molded cups keep pressure away from the eyes.
  • The Nidra should work for those who want to nap without smudging their makeup.
  • People with eye pain shouldn’t feel pressure on their eyes.
  • It is easy to wash the Nidra at home.

Best Cosmetic Sleep Mask

Morihata Binchotan Activated Charcoal Eye Mask

Light blockage is not the only reason to buy a sleep mask. Some sleep masks have a more cosmetic function.

The Morihata is one such sleep mask. It contains activated charcoal on the back of the mask. You find activated charcoal in everything from toothpaste to face masks. It has been found to draw out oil and dirt.

With the inclusion of charcoal, the Morihata is designed to reduce puffiness around the eyes and keep your skin smooth. Do you wake up with bags under your eyes? Consider the Morihata.

This sleep mask does not cut out the most light, however. When I open my eyes under the mask, I can see quite a bit of light. There is an extra strap of fabric that runs across the bottom of the back side, which does stop light from leaking in near the nose.

As a pure sleep mask, the Morihata might not be the best at creating that dark experience. That being said, it should be a great match for those who want a mask to help them wake up looking clean and refreshed.

What Makes The Morihata Stand Out?

  • It contains charcoal, which is meant to help cut down on puffiness around the eyes.
  • The Morihata features a strip of fabric that should stop light from entering near the nose.
  • You can wash the Morihata at home.
  • The adjustable strap makes it easy to fit the Morihata to your head.

Best For Pain Relief

IMAK Eye Pillow

You can tell by the name that the IMAK is not just another sleep mask. It is an “eye pillow” and is heftier than the other masks on this list.

ErgoBeads give the IMAK its weight. They also give the IMAK some real body and create a massaging effect around the eyes.

The IMAK was actually invented by an orthopedic surgeon. The mask is designed to help reduce eye pain, sinus pain, headaches, and migraines. The website specifically mentions that office workers who stare at a screen all day will like the soothing nature of the IMAK.

Because of its weight, the IMAK also provides deep tissue pressure. This is the therapeutic pressure you find in weighted blankets. Deep tissue pressure has been shown to lower cortisol levels while raising serotonin and dopamine levels. Your mood could improve by wearing the IMAK overnight.

The mask blocks out the majority of light, but it is too heavy for side or stomach sleeping. When I moved around at night, it did fall off my face.

However, if you are looking for a mask to deal with eye and sinus pain, the IMAK should definitely work for you.

What Makes The IMAK Stand Out?

  • The ergoBeads help massage the area around the eyes.
  • The eye pillow could lessen eye pain, sinus pain, and headaches.
  • It cuts out a good amount of light.
  • You can place the IMAK in the freezer to add even more cooling relief.

Best Light Blockage

Mavogel Sleep Mask

The Mavogel is a sleep mask with some very interesting features:

  • Wings on both sides of the mask transfer pressure away from the center of the mask. This lessens the pressure you will feel on your eyes.
  • The sleep mask has a bendable cartilage strip around the nose. With your fingers, you can bend this wire to fit the ridge of your nose. This keeps that light from coming in near your nose. Add this together with the thicker grey material, and you shouldn’t get any light leakage. Even when opening my eyes under the mask, I was only seeing blackness.

The Mavogel has a somewhat plush feel. It contains many layers of softer fabric, and there is even a bit of sponginess to it.

Those who want a comfortable sleep mask to keep the light out should take a look at the Mavogel.

What Makes The Mavogel Stand Out?

  • Wings toward the side of the mask keep the pressure away from your eyes.
  • Bendable cartilage ensures that no light leaks in from the nose area.
  • The Mavogel cuts out almost all light.
  • An adjustable strap makes the Mavogel a good fit for many sized heads.
  • The mask is handmade.

What Can A Sleep Mask Do For You?

There are many reasons one should consider buying a sleep mask, and there are many hidden benefits to using these products. Read on to see if a sleep mask could work for you.

  • They can keep the light out. The first reason to get a sleep mask is, well, obvious. They can cut out light. Our circadian rhythms are greatly affected by light. Wearing a sleep mask can help you get more REM sleep and can even increase your body’s production of the sleep hormone melatonin, allowing you to sleep more deeply. A sleep mask can be especially useful if you have an unusual work schedule. Do you work nights and sleep during the day? Consider a sleep mask.
  • They can help you sleep while you travel. When you go on a trip, you rarely have much control over the lights in your surroundings. Whether you are on a plane or train, you could find the lights very distracting. A light sleep mask could help you cut out that unwanted light. Also, if you are trying to reset your body clock after being in a different time zone, a sleep mask can be very useful.
  • They can help with pain relief. Some eye masks, such as the IMAK Eye Pillow above, have therapeutic properties. They can help cut down on eye pain and sinus pain. They may also alleviate migraines and provide healthy compression around the eyes.
  • They can have cosmetic benefits. Sleep masks can also help with your appearance. Many people wake up with bags under their eyes. Some sleep masks contain materials like charcoal that can reduce this puffiness. Other sleep masks may even prevent wrinkles!

What Should You Consider When Buying A Sleep Mask?

Like most mattresses and bedding, there is no one sleep mask for everyone. If you think a sleep mask could work for you, consider the following criteria to make sure you find the right one:

  • What environment will you be using the sleep mask in? It is always important to think about where you will be utilizing your sleep mask. Are you going to use it at home? If so, do you live in an area with a good amount of light pollution? If you are going to be using it for travel, will it stay secure when you are moving around?
  • What position do you sleep in? As with any sleep product, you want to think about your sleeping position. If you sleep on your back, most of these masks will work for you. However, if you sleep on your side and opt for a heavier mask that doesn’t fit your face too well, it could fall off while you sleep. You want to make to sure the sleep mask will continue to block out all light while you are sleeping.
  • Will it fit your head? A sleep mask won’t do you much good if it does not fit correctly. You want to make sure your sleep mask either fits your head immediately or at least features an adjustable strap. Most sleep masks come with an adjustable strap, but double check just in case.
  • Is it easy to clean? After you use a sleep mask for some time, you could start to see some oil and dirt buildup. You are going to want to keep your sleep mask clean, so make sure you can easily do this at home.


If you think a sleep mask would be helpful, one of these five options should work. If you want to keep looking, just keep these criteria in mind, and you should find the right fit for you!

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