Brooklinen Sheets Review

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It’s increasingly difficult to identify quality sheets and even harder to find quality sheets at a reasonable price.  The first thing I noticed about Brooklinen is that they make things simple and are very transparent with their products.

On top of that, they have a good business model that aims to deliver great value to its consumers.  They are doing a lot of the same things that all these mattress companies have done over the last couple of years in the mattress industry.  Cutting out the middleman allows them to offer quality sheets at an affordable price.  But are the sheets any good?

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Which Set Did I Get?

Brooklinen sets a great tone with the arrival of the sheets.  They come in a nice box, tucked away in a tote bag (actually quite nice, I’ve used it for groceries since).  Obviously the quality of the sheet matters most, but the box shows they are definitely aware of the importance of the small touches.

Brooklinen Review

Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle Window PaneI got the Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle.  This came with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover, and 4 pillowcases.  I chose the Classic set versus the Luxe because I prefer the cool, crisp feel that percale is known for. Those who are into the silky smooth feel, then they should look into the luxe sheets (known as sateen).

What Is The Feel Like?

These sheets are percale, and so they don’t have that silky smooth feel (like one would find with Brooklinen Luxe).  I thought the sheets had a great balanced feel of crisp and soft.  For me, they strike a good balance of cool, lightweight, and soft.

The sheets definitely got significantly softer after the first wash (I recommend washing before ever sleeping in them), and they continued to get softer after a few washes, though they still feel crisp.  Brooklinen recommends washing every week and replacing every year (every 6 months for pillowcases).

Notes On Quality

I personally don’t think thread count is a good indicator of sheet quality.  That is because thread count can be manipulated very easily any number of ways.  To evaluate Brooklinen, I started by looking at the type of cotton that is used.  In the case of Brooklinen, it uses 100% Egyptian cotton, which is an excellent long-staple cotton – certainly high quality.

Brooklinen also only uses 60 and 80 yarn count threads in their fabrics, which is the finest available for cotton bedding.

Brooklinen Sheets On Bed


The biggest fear of many is “sleeping hot”, which is caused by mattresses and sheets that retain heat.  Brooklinen breathes well, so I didn’t have that issue at all during my time with these sheets.  This means that Brooklinen is a good fit for warmer clients as well.


Though the quality is very high with Brooklinen, to me the story is really the price.  The business model is the advantage – they follow the direct to consumer model, cutting out many of the middlemen (and associated costs) of the selling process.  When they pass on some of these savings to the consumer, they have perhaps the highest value sheet on the market.

Brooklinen Fitted Sheet

Small Details

Some things to note before making any decisions:

  • The fitted sheet easily fit my 11” mattress.  They claim it can fit up to a 15” mattress, and from what I can tell, that appears to be true.
  • The sheets soften after washing them each time.
  • The buttons on the duvet cover were a bit small and hard for me to handle but ultimately made them much less visible than other duvet covers I tried.
  • The duvet cover also has ties in the corners so that the insert does not slide around.
  • The pillowcases have a great flap design that keeps the pillows in their place.

Brooklinen tote bag


I really don’t have much to complain about with Brooklinen.  The sheets I got felt great, and I think it’s a really compelling offering considering the price.  Before making any purchases, I would recommend potential customers think about whether they’d prefer the feel of the Classic or the Luxe.  Either way, I think Brooklinen is a great option for someone looking for luxury sheets without breaking the bank.

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