Serta iComfort Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush Mattress – A Good Fit For You?

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In 2017, Serta re-designed their iComfort line and included exclusive new technologies and materials in both their memory foam collection and hybrid collection.

The memory foam line of beds is broken down into the Blue line and the higher-end Blue Max line. The Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush is the plushest mattress of both the Blue and Blue line collections. It’s 14″ thick and features three individual foam layers totaling more than 4″ of memory foam on the mattress top.

Read on for the full overview of the Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush mattress from Serta iComfort.

Construction Overview

The Serta iComfort Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush Model is about 14″ thick, with a blue and white TempActiv Touch Cover on the outside of the mattress.

Serta iComfort Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush 

The foam layers inside the mattress include:

  • 1” TempActiv™ Max Gel Memory Foam
  • 1.5” EverCool® Supreme Memory Foam
  • 2” EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam
  • 2” ActivBalance™ Support Foam
  • 1.5” Air Suspension™ Technology

Plus, there is a support system of 6” Serta® Ultimate Edge® Foam Core inside the mattress.

Firmness Level

The Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush is at the very softest end of Serta’s firmness scale, and the Serta website describes the product as “the most luxuriously soft iComfort memory foam mattress we offer.”

You Might Want To Consider This If:

  • You like a super-soft, plush mattress. There are 4.5″ of memory foam on the top of the mattress before you hit any support foam. This helps to make the Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush is an extremely soft, enveloping mattress.
  • Cooling technology is important to you. The Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush combines TempActiv Max Gel Memory Foam, TempActiv Touch Fabric Technology, EverCool Supreme Memory Foam and EverCool Fuze Gel Memory Foam for a “cool-to-the-touch” feeling.
  • You are a side sleeper or struggle with pressure on your joints. According to the Serta website, the ActivBalance Support Foam and new Air Suspension Technology b— while keeping your body supported, too. Side sleepers put pressure on their shoulders, hips, and knees when they sleep and often need a plusher bed than back or side sleepers.

You Might Not Want To Consider This If:

  • You enjoy “bouncy” or firm mattresses. This mattress is all foam– and mainly gel memory foam. You won’t get the bounce of latex or extra support from coils. The Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush is especially soft and cushiony by nature.
  • You are on a limited budget, or looking for a cost-effective option. The Serta iComfort Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush starts at $2,299 for a Queen mattress. If you have your heart set on a plush bed but are looking to save, you could also consider the Blue 500 Plush model, which is the plushest option in the less expensive, Blue collection.
  • You sleep on your stomach. Stomach sleepers usually need a supportive mattress to help keep their spine properly aligned while they sleep. As such, they may need more support than the soft Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush mattress provides. You might want to consider the Blue 300 Firm model or the Blue Max 1000 Cushion Firm model options.

Most Common Pieces Of Praise

  • People say that the soft mattress feels good on their joints and lower back.
  • The Serta Ultimate Edge Foam Core provides enhanced edge support, meaning you don’t feel like you can roll right off the bed (which is the case with some other memory foam options).
  • Buyers say that the cooling technology really works, so they don’t worry about overheating at night.

Most Common Complaints

  • This mattress is very soft, which some users don’t like. If you can, make sure to test it out at a store before purchasing.
  • Some buyers have reported a strong chemical odor coming from their brand-new mattress due to a process called “off-gassing.” However, this smell usually goes away after a few days, and you can open windows or turn on the air conditioner to help the odor dissipate.

Why Pick This Over Other iComfort Models?

The Serta iComfort Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush Model is the softest mattress available in the newer iComfort range. This is ideal for people who primarily sleep on their sides or people with joint or back pain, as it “envelops” you rather than putting on extra pressure.

Buyers also report that they rarely feel their partner moving around at night because the mattress has great movement isolation.


The Serta iComfort Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush Model has three layers of memory foam, one layer of support foam, one layer of Air Suspension Technology, and a foam core. The cooling features include TempActiv Max Gel Memory Foam, EverCool Supreme Memory Foam, and EverCool Fuze Gel Memory Foam.

This 14″ mattress is plush and made of all-foam. It’s good for those looking for the ultimate pressure relief and will probably feel the best to side sleepers.

All Serta iComfort series mattresses come with a 120-night in-home trial period.

To learn more about the Serta iComfort collection of memory foam beds, click here. 

All images from Serta

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3 thoughts on “Serta iComfort Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush Mattress – A Good Fit For You?”

  1. We bought the Serta iComfort Blue Max touch 3000 spending twice more than any other mattress we have owned. The reviews said that for side sleepers that overheat at night that this was the perfect mattress. We have owned this mattress for two weeks and i cannot sleep on it anymore. The fact is that the cooling effect only lasts for under an hour and the the heat of your body builds up so it is hotter than any other mattress that we have owned. You have to move every two hours to keep from over heating so deep sleep is not an option.

    • You should be able to try or buy the mattress in select Serta stores in Canada. If you go to the Serta Canada website, you can put in your postal code and it should help you find the closest retailer. As for its comparison to the Serta Grandeur II Plush, I think the Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush has about 1/2″ more memory foam on top but they are also different types of memory foams since the Blue Max features new technology so I can’t say for sure that it’s softer without testing it out in person, which I haven’t done. Hope this helps a little!

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