Saatva vs WinkBeds

Saatva vs WinkBeds

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how Saatva compares to WinkBeds, so I thought I’d put this comparison together since I’ve spent a good amount of time on them both (start with my Saatva review and WinkBeds review).

Saatva has been around longer, has more reviews, and is the larger and more established business. WinkBeds is the  relative newcomer attracting a lot of interest. So which should you buy?  The differences are subtle, but I’ll try to go through everything you should think about in order to help you make a more informed decision.

Overall Construction

With an innerspring mattress there are several key aspects of construction to consider:

  • Coil count.
  • Thickness of cushioning on the top layer.
  • Types of coils used (pocketed vs. bonnell)

Here is a quick sketch that roughly illustrates each bed’s overall construction:

Saatva vs WinkBeds

Top Layer of Foam

2" top layer. 1" of hypersoft foam and 1" of cooling gel foam, each of 1.5 lb density. 1" top layer .625" soft foam and .375" visco memory foam. 1.2 - 2 lb density.

Both mattresses feature a high quality euro-top style sleep surface. You can see that WinkBeds has more foam on top, but in terms of the feel, I found them to be pretty similar. Saatva is a little softer because of the visco foam, while WinkBeds is more responsive with its hypersoft/gel foam blend. If you like the sink-in of memory foam, Saatva has more of that type of feel on its top layer. If you want the foam to respond right away when you move around (i.e. no body impressions), WinkBeds is more like that.

Individually Wrapped Coils

2.4" layer of individually wrapped micro AirSprings (1722/King). 4" layer of individually wrapped coils (1088/King)

Both mattresses use individually wrapped coils in the top layer. This is an advanced feature as each coil can contour on its own to the shape of your body, and is definitely the preferred type of coil. WinkBeds has the higher coil count at about 600 more coils per king mattress. Theoretically, more coils should mean more individual contouring to your body shape. In practice though, it’s hard to tell how much of a difference the added coils really make. I found the difference in feel to be subtle.

Saatva vs WinkBeds Review

Mattress Support Core

1054/King individually wrapped 8" high profile pocket coils. High gauge wire of 17. Support core is encased along the edges by a 4.5" layer of foam and along the top using a 0.5" layer of pre-compressed densified cotton.520/King 7" Bonnell Coil Innerspring with 13 gauge wire and foam encasement. Steel edge guards and 1/2" Loft Pad + 7/8" Fiber Pad Bottom.

The support cores between the two mattresses is where we start to see some differentiation. Saatva uses heavy duty Bonnell coils, while WinkBeds uses the taller and thinner high profile pocket coils. Because of the way the coils are constructed, WinkBeds is able to fit about twice as many coils in the support core. I’m not sure that more coils equals more support, but it is worth noting the difference. During my testing, I found both mattresses to be extremely supportive. Also, because of the spring coil interiors, these two mattresses have a very healthy bounce.

For edge support, Saatva uses steel edge guards while WinkBeds uses a high density foam. Saatva’s edge guards are definitely firmer than WinkBeds, which comes in handy if you are sitting on the side of your mattress. On the other hand, WinkBeds’ foam edge guards allow for use with an adjustable frame while Saatva’s edge guards do not.

Durability Factors

1054/King individually wrapped 8" high profile pocket coils. High gauge wire of 17. Support core is encased along the edges by a 4.5" layer of foam and along the top using a 0.5" layer of pre-compressed densified cotton.520/King 7" Bonnell Coil Innerspring with 13 gauge wire and foam encasement. Steel edge guards and 1/2" Loft Pad + 7/8" Fiber Pad Bottom.
Saatva has been around a bit longer and has strong reviews when it comes to durability, so it’s a pretty safe bet. Since WinkBeds is still relatively new, you can’t tell for sure how well the mattress will hold up until it has been used by consumers for a few years – though I do like that they had their mattress thoroughly tested for durability.

WinkBeds comes in at $1100 for a queen (including shipping) while Saatva comes in at $900 (not including shipping). Thus Saatva wins on price, though note in the specs section WinkBeds can probably justify the higher cost.  Both mattresses are priced well below similar mattresses sold through traditional retailers (most similar would be the Simmons Beautyrest line). Saatva also offers some additional add-on options that might increase price (and convenience) such as frame, foundation, and mattress removal options.

Firmness Preference
One difference to note is firmness preference. Saatva has three options, Plush Soft, Luxury Firm (medium), and Firm. WinkBeds only has one firmness option, which would be most comparable to Saatva’s Luxury Firm. The “medium” option fits 90% of sleepers in my experience, but if you happen to strongly prefer a soft or firm sleeping surface, you will need to go with Saatva.

Final Recommendation

I have recommended both of these mattresses to people with great success. Saatva has been around a little bit longer and has the lower price, while WinkBeds has the slight edge on some of the technical components. If you know you want an innerspring mattress, both are great choices and a far better choice than the over priced in-store brands!

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Lew Pugliese says August 17, 2016

I am a notorious belly sleeper. Which would you recommend for belly sleepers?

Zach says September 20, 2016

I am about to buy a br black, Sonya, or brb hybrid Wellington I think is the name. My wife and I are on the heavier side , and both of us have osteo arthritis in our hips and back. Both of these mattresses have the ability to let us sink in for pressure point relief on hips, back and shoulders, while keeping us supported and spine straight. We are both hot sleepers and the tempurpedic cloud was too hot. We have had 5 beds in 6 years trying to get the painful hip situation under control without burning up. We have an adjustable base currently on our super uncomfortable sleep number, which I now call sleep dumber bed. We have spent tens of thousands on mattresses and would like to stop the madness. My question is when considering the first two mattresses from brb line, would the winks bed be a cost saving alternative that would still accomplish the same level of comfort we believe the brb would give us? We are both mainly side sleepers.

    Joe Auer says September 21, 2016

    Hi Zach – WinkBeds is definitely targeting the mid-range Beautyrest Black in their work. Personally I think WinkBeds is almost as good (95% as comfortable) but obviously a fraction of the price.

Henry says October 3, 2016

I am a 225lb guy, 120lb girlfriend. We are both side sleepers. We tried a few innerspring mattresses/hybrid/foam/latex at a local store. Neither of us liked the foam. With the exception of one latex mattress that seemed to feel OK (only 2 min test), we are fairly sold on innerspring. Based on reviews, the Saatva wins. However, I feel like it’s the “goto” choice. I’m leaning towards the Winkbeds due to the durability and materials used.

My question is do you see or hear of anymore good/bad reviews of the Winkbeds since they’ve been around a while? Just trying to see if anyone mentioned sag or anything else around durability after owning one for a while.

Thank you in advance.

    Ron says November 18, 2016

    I would go with the Winkbed. I own them both and the Winkbed is hands down the more comfortable bed. I’m also a Side Sleeper. I have a Winkbed and a 11.5″ Saatva Luxury Firm. They are supposed to be similar but the Winkbed is very much the more comfortable bed.

Stephane says December 31, 2016

My husband has had 5 back surgeries and needs a firm mattress. However, we are both side sleepers. Which mattress would you recommend- Saatva or WinkBeds?

    Joe Auer says January 1, 2017

    Hi Stephane – both great options, generally I say go for WinkBeds if you’re of a side sleeper because it has some extra foam on top, but plenty of side sleepers love Saatva as well!

Meghan says January 2, 2017

I would love to read a comparison between Winkbeds and the new Sapira. I’m trying to decide between them, mostly judging on the height right now depending on the style of platform bed I go with, but I’d love to learn more about the other differences in feel, heat retention, firmness etc. Thanks!

    Joe Auer says January 4, 2017

    Thanks Meghan! I’ll put it on the to-do list. For a brief summary:

    Sapira feels more similar to a foam mattress/WinkBeds feels more similar to an innerspring mattress
    I would say both sleep about the same level of cool, I had no issue with either
    Sapira felt slightly firmer than Winkbeds to me (though both are within the average firmness spectrum)

Taylor Rose says January 5, 2017

My girlfriend and I have narrowed are options down to either the Saatva or Winkbed. We like a medium mattress probably a 5.5 – 6 out of 10. I am 5’11 180 male typically back and side sleeper, my girlfriend is 5’5 110 and is a side sleeper she typically likes a little softer mattress. What is the difference in feel between Saatva Medium and Winkbed. Also where does the Alexander Hybrid fall in between these? I understand it is a great Hybrid mattress as well any thoughts?

    Joe Auer says January 8, 2017

    Hi Taylor – WinkBeds and Saatva are much more similar than feel to each other than the Alexander Hybrid. The Alexander Hybrid feels more like a foam mattress, while the other two feel more like a spring mattress.

    As for WinkBeds vs Saatva, I’m not sure I can provide any more info on the feel difference than I described in the post…they are similar in terms of feel, so a bit hard to describe!

Cozmo Kramer says March 6, 2017

Which is the best mattress for back sleepers? I weight roughly 270 and also suffer from sleep apnea….Price isn’t an issue so if you have any other recommendations other then these 2 that would be great!

    Joe Auer says March 6, 2017

    I’d go with the Saatva Luxury Firm or WinkBeds standard firmness.

Cozmo Kramer says March 28, 2017

Every review is so non-committal , I’m looking for your opinion on which mattress has the edge over the other…..A little bit about myself , I’m a back sleeper, I have apnea and use a CPAP, I’m 250+ 5’6″ and fractured L1 and L2 vertebraes a few years back, after that I purchased a Sealy Ultra Plush pillow top, Its now on its last legs and I realize I need something that’s firmer but I would still like some plushness…..Winkbed or Saatva?…

kathy General says June 15, 2017

I am considering buying the Winkbed. I am thinking that I should choice the new softer version instead of the medium version. My husband and I are both side sleepers. i have hip pain from our current old mattress. My husband has mid and lower back issues because of his spinal discs. We had considered the Simmons BRB Alcove or the Kingsdown Passion Rome at Sleep Experts. Do you know which of the versions of Winkbeds would be closest to those beds? Thank you.

    Joe Auer says July 6, 2017

    Hi Kathy – I haven’t personally reviewed the Alcove or Passion Rome, so unfortunately I can’t offer a great comparison, sorry!

Steve Case says July 24, 2017

My problem with inner spring mattresses is the eventual sagging that occurs. The mattresses feel great when new, but how long does that last before they start sagging and become a pain in the back. Any opinion on Saatva vs Winkbeds regarding potential for sagging?

    Joe Auer says July 24, 2017

    Saatva is zoned to give extra support where you need it the most. My take is it would do better with regard to sagging.

Steven Case says July 26, 2017

What about the third party testing of the Winkbeds, Does that provide strong indication that the Winkbeds is very durable and will not sag much? I am a side sleeper and weigh around 170 lbs. I previously had purchased top of the line Simmons Beautyrest king mattress sold at Sleepy’s approximately 4 years ago. The mattress started sagging within the first 6 months and after 2 years had to get rid of it. Also, how does the 15-year Saatva and 10-year Winkbeds warranties compare. I can not find anything on the Winkbeds warranty other than it’s10 years.

    Joe Auer says July 26, 2017

    I just look at the specs, rather than any third party testing. I think the Saatva will last longer. You can take a look at the Sapira as well. That will be extra durable.

Lisa says January 8, 2018

Trying to decide between the Winkbed and Saatva. Seems like a toss up, but which one sleeps the coolest?

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