Casper Wave Mattress Review – Is This True Luxury?

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[Editor’s Note: Casper no longer offers the Casper Wave mattress without coils, but they do offer an updated Casper Wave Hybrid. Take a look at our most up-to-date Casper Wave Hybrid mattress review.]

If you have spent much time researching online mattresses, you have probably come across the Casper mattress. It is one of the more popular bed-in-a-box mattresses and is one of our favorites as well.

Since then, Casper has added four more mattresses to its line. The Casper Wave is one of their higher end models and features premium materials and a more advanced zoned construction.

We have previously reviewed the Wave, but the company recently updated the mattress. I was very excited to try the updated model for myself.

Is this the high-end mattress you have been looking for? Read on for my full review.

Overall Rating

Our team of Certified Sleep Science Coaches personally test each mattress in categories such as materials, comfort, cooling, and support. Hover over the icons to learn more about these different topics, or scroll down for a more detailed analysis on each one.

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You Should Pick the Casper Wave If…

  • You are a back sleeper. If you sleep primarily on your back, the Casper Wave should be a good option. While the mattress might feel soft for some, the zoned transition layer offers great lumbar support. Your hips are allowed to sink in while those Targeted Gel Pod provide the support you need. Even as a heavier person, I felt well supported on my back.
  • You are a light- or medium-weight side sleeper. The Casper Wave should also be a great match for many side sleepers. The mattress is zoned so that it is softer under your shoulder area. This should offer nice pressure relief. However, if you are heavier, you might feel some more pressure in that area. As long as you aren’t too heavy, the Wave should be a good mattress for side sleeping.
  • You worry about getting stuck in your mattress. One of the drawbacks of softer foam mattresses is that they can make you feel stuck. However, on the Wave, this shouldn’t be an issue. The top layers are very responsive so while you can push in easily, you shouldn’t feel stuck. It should be easy to move around on the Casper Wave.
  • You are looking for a long-term investment. While the Casper Wave might cost you a good bit up front, it should be a good long-term investment. It features premium durable materials like latex and high-density memory foam. It should last for a good amount of time.
Casper Wave mattress construction and foam layers

You Should Not Pick the Casper If…

  • You want a firm mattress. In my experience, the Casper Wave was close to medium-firm. Lighter people might find it to be even softer. So, if you are looking for a firmer, more supportive mattress, the Casper Wave might not be right for you. Even with its zoned construction, this is not a very firm mattress.
  • You like to slowly sink into your mattress. While the Casper Wave does have a soft foam feel, it is not the slow-sinking feel you get with memory foam. The Casper Wave has more of a responsive, balanced foam feel. If you prefer that classic memory foam where you slowly press into the mattress, the Casper Wave might not be right for you.
  • You want a more affordable mattress. Given that the Casper Wave is a high-quality mattress, it is on the pricier side. You do get a lot for your money, but it might be outside of your budget. If you want to spend less money up front, the Casper Wave might not be the best pick.
Casper Wave mattress motion transfer

Construction Overview

  • The Wave is 13″ tall.
  • First, you have a soft cover. It has a sweatshirt-like quality.
  • The top layer is a 1″ of a responsive, open-celled polyfoam.
  • Then, you have 1.5″ of a ventilated latex foam.
  • This is followed by 1.5″ of soft, pressure-relieving memory foam.
  • Next, there is a transition layer with a zoned construction.
  • Finally, you have a standard base polyfoam.
  • The Casper Wave is made in the USA.
Casper Wave mattress for side sleepers

Construction Takeaways

  • The transition layer features an advanced zoned construction. There are grooves cut into the shoulder area and the knee area. In addition, the center of this layer contains Targeted Gel Pods. These provide ergonomic support for the lumbar area.
  • The zoned construction means this could be a good mattress for combination sleepers who move around during the night. As long as you aren’t too heavy, you should feel nice support on your back and stomach and good pressure relief when you are on your side.
  • The top layers, while soft, are also very responsive. The top polyfoam layer and latex layer are especially quick to bounce back. This means you can sink into the mattress without really feeling stuck.
  • The Casper Wave should be a durable mattress. The latex and other foams are high-density. They should stand up to many years of use without sagging.
  • This should also be a breathable mattress. The top layer is open-celled and breathable while the latex layer is naturally cooling and ventilated. The Casper Wave shouldn’t trap too much heat nor make you sleep hot at night.

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How Does the Casper Wave Compare to the Casper Wave Hybrid?

If you are taking a look at the Casper Wave, you might want to know how it compares to the Casper Wave Hybrid. The main difference can be found in the support layer. The Casper Wave features base support foam, and the Casper Wave Hybrid features coils.

This makes the mattresses different in a few ways. First off, the Casper Wave Hybrid should be more supportive than the Casper Wave. Coils offer more support than base foam. Because of this, the Wave Hybrid might be a better option for heavier people.

In addition, the Wave Hybrid should be more breathable than the Wave. Coils promote airflow throughout the Casper Wave Hybrid. So, it should be a cooler sleeping mattress than the Wave.

While the Casper Wave is a durable mattress in its own right, the Wave Hybrid should be a bit more durable. The coils should make the Wave Hybrid longer-lasting than the Wave.

However, the benefits come with a higher price tag. As of now, the Casper Wave Hybrid costs $400 more for a Queen-size. You will get more out of the Wave Hybrid, but it will cost you more up front.

Firmness and Feel

To me, the Casper Wave felt like a 7/10, about medium in terms of firmness. I will note that I am a larger person. If you weight less than me (230 lbs.), you could find the Casper Wave to be softer. Also, the zoned construction means that the mattress might feel firmer when you lie on your back and stomach and softer when you lie on your side.

Casper Wave Firmness Rating

Here is how I felt in different sleeping positions:

  • Lying on my back, I feel very nice. My hips sink in just the right amount, and the mattress supports me overall. Also, the zoned transition layer provides extra lumbar support. Like the other Casper mattresses, it is a good mattress for back sleepers.
  • Moving to my side, I do feel some pressure on my shoulders and hips. I feel decent side sleeping on the Casper Wave. However, if you are light- or medium-weight, you should feel much better pressure relief than I did.
  • Stomach sleeping, the Casper Wave is too soft for me. Even with the zoned construction, I feel my hips bowing into the mattress. Again, if you are lighter, you might have a different experience.

While this mattress does have a soft feel, it is also very responsive. I would say the Casper Wave has a balanced foam feel. It lets you sink in, but you shouldn’t feel stuck.

Motion Transfer

If you sleep with a partner, you should definitely consider how well your mattress handles motion transfer. If you lie down on one side of the mattress, and your partner moves around on the other side, will you feel it or not?

To test out the motion transfer on the Casper Wave, I placed a glass of water on the mattress. I then pushed into the other areas of the mattress. When I did this, the water was barely disturbed.

While the mattress is bouncy, there is also some soft memory foam in the top layers. This is probably helping to absorb that motion.

All in all, this could be a good mattress for couples.

Edge Support

If you do sleep with a partner or want to be able to utilize the full surface area of your mattress, you should also think about edge support. If you sit or lie down near the edge of the mattress, will you feel secure or will you feel like you are going to fall off?

Sitting down near the edge of the Casper Wave, it does collapse a fair amount. The top layers are very soft so those compress under my weight. Also, when I lie down near the edge of the Casper Wave, I feel like I might roll off the mattress.

The Casper Wave does not feature the best edge support.

Casper Wave mattress edge support

Joe’s Take

Joe has a much different body type than me: I am 6’7″ and weigh about 230 lb; he is 5’9″ and 160 lb. Here is what he thought about the mattress:

While Marten said it was a 7/10 in terms of firmness, I thought it was closer to a 6/10. I think that is because I don’t press as far into the mattress as Marten does.

Here is how I felt in different sleeping positions.

  • On my back, I feel the Zoned Support going to work. It is a nice match for back sleeping.
  • Switching to my side, I feel some very good pressure relief. It is a good fit for side sleeping.
  • When I move to my stomach, the mattress is too soft for me.

Overall, it is a good match for back and side sleepers of my body type. However, if you sleep on your stomach, you might want to find something more supportive.

Joe’s experience was not too surprising to me. He is lighter than me so he felt better pressure relief when he was side sleeping. He also found the mattress to be a good fit for back sleeping.

Unboxing This Mattress

The Casper Wave is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it will come compressed and shipped straight to you. You will want to begin by removing the rolled up Casper Wave mattress from its box. Then, preferably with another person’s assistance, position the roll on your bed.

Carefully cut away the first layers of plastic until the still-compact mattress can be laid down flat. Then, pierce through the final layer of plastic and the Casper Wave will expand. Simply clear away the excess plastic and allow your mattress to breathe and fully expand.

What Makes This Mattress Stand Out?

  • It is a higher-end mattress from the popular producer of the Casper mattress.
  • The mattress should offer great pressure relief for light- and medium-weight people.
  • The Casper Wave features a zoned construction and should be a great match for back sleepers.
  • It contains very durable materials so it should be a good long-term investment.
  • The mattress gives you a soft foam feel without you getting stuck.

In the end, the Casper Wave is a great match for back sleepers, light- and medium-weight side sleepers, and those who are looking for a long-term investment. Those who want a very firm mattress or want to spend less money up front should look elsewhere.

The Casper Wave comes with a 100-night sleep trial, 1o-year warranty, and free shipping and returns. Financing is available, and Casper also sells four other mattresses and many accessories.

Marten Carlson

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