Big Fig Vs. WinkBeds Plus – Which Will Give You The Right Support?

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If someone is a larger person, it can be difficult to find the right mattress, because many mattresses aren’t supportive enough for heavier weights, and there is also the issue of the mattress sagging over time.

The good news is there are mattresses, such as the Big and WinkBeds Plus, that are designed with heavier people in mind. These mattresses have complex constructions that are built specifically to cater to heavier sleepers.  This Big Fig vs WinkBeds Plus mattress comparison will go through the construction of both mattresses in detail and highlight the main takeaways people should know about before making a decision.

Big Fig
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Key Similarities

  • They are both made for heavier people and both are both hybrid mattresses that features coils and premium foams.
  • They have similar feels and both should deal well with the issue of sleeping hot.

Key Differences

  • The Big Fig is firmer than the WinkBeds Plus and is made to handle even heavier weights.
  • The WinkBeds Plus is taller than the Big Fig and also has a thicker pillow-top.

A close-up of a mattress.

Big Fig Construction

  • The Big Fig is 13” tall and features seven separate layers of coils and foams.
  • The cover is 1″ of quilted, ThermoGel foam, which adds breathability and softness to the mattress.
  • Then there is ½” of a gel-infused latex foam, which gives the mattress some bounce and responsiveness.
  • This is followed by three 1” layers of polyfoam, which get progressively firmer.
  • Next, there are 7” of individually wrapped coils, which are highly supportive, breathable, and durable.
  • The base layer is 1.5” of high-density polyfoam that the support coils can rest on.

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A close-up of a mattress.

WinkBeds Plus Construction

  • The WinkBeds Plus is 15″ tall and features four separate layers of coils and foams.
  • The cover is soft quilted with 2″ of a high-density Body Impression Proof Foam and also contains Tencel fabric.
  • The first layer is 2.5″ of an open-celled, seven-zoned latex support layer, which provides extra support in the lumber area.
  • Next there are 7.5″ of a three-zone, TexasQUAD individually wrapped support coil system, which is highly supportive, durable, and breathable.
  • Finally, the base layer is 3″ of a high-density polyfoam that the steel coils can rest on.

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Construction Differences/Notes

  • Both mattresses have covers that are quilted with polyfoam for additional pressure relief.
  • The WinkBeds Plus has a thicker top layer, but they both have a soft feel overall.
  • Both comfort layers are similar, but the Big Fig’s foams are a bit higher density and also firmer and more supportive.
  • Both mattresses have taller coils and are both designed to handle heavier weights and give extra support.
  • The Big Fig should be a longer lasting mattress, because the foams are higher density, and this adds another level of durability. In addition, the Big Fig has more coils across the mattress, which will add to the durability of this mattress.
  • These should both be cooler sleeping mattresses, because they each have foam layers that assist with heat dissipation. Also, the coils in each mattress should promote airflow throughout the mattress.

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Firmness/Feel Differences

In terms of firmness, the Big Fig felt like an 8/10 and the WinkBeds Plus felt like a 7.5/10. Note that people who are heavier sleepers may have a different experience. I am 230 pounds, so I may not activate the layers of these mattresses as much as someone in the 300- to 500-pound weight range might.

In terms of feel, both mattresses have a balanced hybrid feel with a bit of a pillow-top feel as well. However, the pillow-top is definitely thicker on the WinkBeds Plus, so it feels plusher.

Both mattresses are responsive, so I had no problem moving around on the Big Fig or the WinkBeds Plus.

Big Fig
From personal experience, the Big Fig felt too firm when I was lying on my back. I felt like the mattress was pushing my butt and hips up. When people are lying on their back, they normally want their hips to sink in just the right amount. If anything, the Big Fig was too firm for me when I was on my back.

Likewise, when I was on my side, the Big Fig was also too firm for me, and I felt some pressure on my shoulders and hips.

On my stomach, I felt great overall support on the Big Fig. My hips didn’t bow in and felt very supported. I think even people heavier than me will get the support they need while stomach sleeping on the Big Fig.

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WinkBeds Plus
Moving to the WinkBeds Plus, I felt great lying on my back. My hips sunk into the pillow-top just the right amount, and I was held up otherwise.

While I did feel some pressure on my shoulders and hips when I was lying on my side, it was not as much as I felt on the Big Fig. On my stomach, I also felt well supported and thought the mattress was the right firmness level.

See how the firmer Big Fig responded to my tests in this video.

See what I thought of the WinkBeds Plus thick pillow-top in the video below.

Motion Transfer Differences

Between the two mattresses, the Big Fig handles motion transfer a bit better. Because the pillow-top is thinner, sleepers get down to the foam layers more quickly, and this foam absorbs motion quite well.

If you sleep with a partner, you should feel less of their movements on your side of the mattress. The Big Fig is the better choice for heavier couples.

See how the Big Fig cut down on motion in the video below.

Now, compare that to how the WinkBeds Plus handles motion transfer with the video below.

Edge Support

I believe both these mattresses are about equal in terms of edge support and they both perform well overall.

They are both firmer than average, and I feel secure sitting on the edge of both the Big Fig and WinkBeds Plus. When I was lying down near the edges, I didn’t feel like I was going to roll off or be ejected from either mattress.

See the edge support of these mattresses in the photos below.

A man sits on the edge of the bed.

A man sits on his mattress.

Who Should Pick Big Fig…

  • Heavier stomach sleepers- If someone is a larger person, it can be difficult to find the right support when they are on their stomach. I did not have this problem on the Big Fig, and I felt well supported, so my hips didn’t bow in.
  • Those who weigh between 300 and 500 pounds- While the WinkBeds Plus is also designed for larger people, the Big Fig is rated for an even higher weight range. If someone is over 300 pounds, this will be the more supportive of the two mattresses.
  • People who are heavier and sleep with a partner- This mattress can support up to 1,000 pounds or two 500-pound sleepers. If someone is larger and sleeps with a partner, this mattress should be able to support them both. It also comes with a foundation to add another level of support.

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Who Should Pick WinkBeds Plus…

  • Heavier back sleepers- Between the two mattresses, I felt best on my back while lying on the WinkBeds Plus. The pillow-top allows my butt to sink in just the right amount, so I feel well supported, but it is not too firm.
  • People who are in the 200- to 300-pound weight range- If someone is heavier but not over 300 pounds, this mattress is probably the better choice. The Big Fig may be too firm if people are on the lighter end of the heavy person spectrum. Sleepers should get the proper support they need without the mattress feeling too firm.
  • Those who like a pillow-top feel- The Big Fig also has a bit of that pillow-top feel, but not as much as the WinkBeds Plus. People really get that soft, plush feeling on the WinkBeds Plus.

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Both of these mattresses could be a good fit for heavier sleepers for a number of reasons. If someone considers their size and sleeping position, it should be easy to choose between them.

The Big Fig is better for much heavier sleepers who sleep on their stomach, while heavier back sleepers and those under 300 pounds should consider the WinkBeds Plus. Consumers should take a look through this article multiple times, assess their needs and sleeping positions, and then make a more informed decision.

There are many mattress options for heavier people. Make sure to also check out our similar comparisons like Big Fig vs Saatva HD and Big Fig vs Helix PLUS.

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