Pillow Reviews: TEMPUR-Symphony vs. Bear

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Fans of foam (pillows) will be thrilled with the pillows we’re comparing today – TEMPUR-Pedic’s TEMPUR-Symphony pillow and the Bear’s LOFT-X hybrid foam pillow.

Both pillows are constructed with solid pieces of foam that will never go flat or change shape. However, TEMPUR-Pedic’s proprietary TEMPUR material is focused on contouring, while the LOFT-X foam is on another end of the spectrum with its resilience and bounce. To find out more, watch my in-depth video and full written comparison below!

Key Similarities

  • Foam fillings
  • Removable and washable covers
  • Textured covers
  • Pillows have 5” profiles
  • Both come with warranties

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Pillow Reviews: Tempur-Symphony vs. Bear

Key Differences


  • Design features a gently arched side for back sleepers, and a flatter side for stomach and side sleepers
  • Meant to work well for sleepers with a medium to large frame.
  • Medium-Soft Feel (softens up over time)
  • One Size: 24” x 17” x 5”
  • Cover: 100% Polyester
  • Netting: 100% Polyester
  • Filling: 100% Molded ViscoElastic Polyurethane foam pad (made in the USA)
  • Removable cover is machine washable and dryer friendly
  • 5-year limited warranty

Tempur-Symphony Pillow Review

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  • Cover: Double Ice Fabric; a special innovative fabric that feels cool to the touch – made up of 40% “cool yarn” and 60% polyester
  • Queen size: 27″ x 15″ x 5″
  • Core: LOFT-X FOAM; a hybrid foam that combines characteristics of memory foam and latex foam to contour to one’s spine and neck (100% polyurethane)
  • Dual mesh side panels for continuous airflow throughout one’s sleep overnight
  • Available in Queen and King
  • 2-year warranty and 100 night trial (from the time the person receives the pillow)

Bear Pillow Review

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Who Might Choose


  • Combination sleepers. The construction of the TEMPUR-Symphony is unique because it’s dual-sided. One side is designed for sided and stomach sleepers and the other side is for back sleepers. This is a great pillow for indecisive sleepers who like to change things up frequently and want options.
  • Larger body types/frames. Based on its height and firmness level, TEMPUR-Pedic recommends the TEMPUR-Symphony to sleepers with medium to larger frames. Based on my experience I’m inclined to agree with the brand!


  • Hot sleepers. The Bear pillow has numerous features to help keep sleepers cool, including Double Ice Fabric that’s woven with cool yarn and a ventilated core filling to promote airflow.
  • Those who insist on a trial period. Bear offers a 100+ night trial on their pillow sleepers to test out and see if it’s a good match. Unfortunately, TEMPUR-Pedic does not allow returns on bedding, including any pillows.


  • Those who desire a pillow that won’t fall flat. As previously mentioned, the cores of both pillows are solid pieces – albeit different shapes and features – but rest assured neither will fall flat after a night of sleep.

Pillow Reviews: Tempur-Symphony vs. Bear


Based on first glances and first impressions, it can appear that these pillows are extremely similar. Yes, they’re both foam pillows with washable covers but the TEMPUR-Symphony pillow’s dual-sided design is better for combination sleepers and Bear’s pillow may be a particularly good match for hot sleepers.

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