MyPillow Premium Pillow Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

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Some might be familiar with the brand MyPillow – probably from its unique commercials on both the TV and the radio. But what’s the deal with MyPillow pillows? I got my hands on one of their White MyPillow Premium pillows and spent several nights testing it out. To get my take on the pillow, who I think it’s a good fit for and if it’s worth the hype – check out my video review and written review below!

MyPillow Premium
MyPillow Premium
MyPillow Premium

The Premium MyPillow comes in four different fill sizes - they each feature chunks of memory foam in MyPillow's interloacking design and a 100% cotton cover. 

Key Features

There are several different types of MyPillow pillows to choose from. In this review, we’re focusing specifically on the MyPillow Premium pillow. We got the White pillow which is the medium firmness option. Here are more details on the pillow:

  • Comes in two sizes: Standard and King
    • Standard dimensions: S/Queen – 16.5 ” x 26″ + 2″
  • Cover: 100% cotton
  • Filling: chunks of memory foam (polyurethane foam)
  • Full price: $59.99 and King is $69.99 (varies)
  • Customers choose their size as well as their preferred Fill Level online when purchasing.
  • Customers can use their guide to decide which level is the best match and it comes in Yellow, White, Green, and Blue and goes from least firm (Yellow) to most firm (Blue)
  • The guide asks four questions about sleep preferences
    • Mine suggested a White medium fill
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • 60-day money-back guarantee and a 10-year warranty (varies by retailer)
  • Made in the USA

My Pillow Premium cotton cover

How To Find The Correct Firmness/Fill Option

When ordering online, customers are asked to pick what fill level they desire in a pillow. They have a guide that asks four questions and makes a recommendation.

My Pillow Premium fill guide quiz

Answering the questions will generate a suggestion for a fill level that is part of a color-coded system. The smallest pillow, which is recommended for children, is yellow, the medium fill is white, green offers more fill and the blue has the most fill.

MyPillow says that individuals who are used to sleeping on a down or feather pillow should reduce by one level of support. So if someone selected medium firmness he or she will want to go to the yellow option with the least firmness.

Who Makes It?

MyPillow Premium is made by MyPillow,  a well-known pillow brand due in particular to its creative advertising. The CEO of MyPillow is Mike Lindell and after a lifetime of struggling to get comfortable enough to sleep, Lindell reportedly developed the first MyPillow in 2004.

Now the brand offers several pillows and other sleep products, including bed sheets, mattress toppers, and even mattresses.

Pillow Care

Each pillow comes with a pamphlet in the packaging where detailed instructions onhow to care for the pillow are located. There are also details on the tag of the pillow – just in case the papers are immediately lost (it happens)!

My Pillow Premium pillow care guidelines

Here’s how to care for the pillow: Use warm or cold water on a regular wash cycle and any detergent will do. If the washer offers an extra spin cycle that will lessen the drying time; balance the load if the washer is top-loading, and in a front-loading machine should be washed with a full load of laundry. Tumble dry but it’s not recommended to use dryer balls or fabric softener and don’t be too concerned about over-drying it, they say. They also recommend cleaning the MyPillow every 4 months.


  • Easy to clean
  • Breathable
  • Simple but can work well if for those who prefer chunky memory foam
  • A variety of firmness levels and a guide to help sleepers pick the best fit
  • Available at different retailers and usually on sale


  • Lumpy filling
  • Will need to be fluffed consistently
  • Overpriced for the value of the product

My Pillow Premium machine washable

Best Sleeping Positions For The MyPillow Pillow

Keeping in mind that I reviewed the White – or medium firmness – MyPillow based on a quiz I took that indicated I was a back sleeper, I’d say that the pillow will work well for average-sized back sleepers.

Over time, I did experience some compression with the memory foam chunks and did feel it flatten out, especially in the area around the back of my head. It was necessary for me to throw it in the dryer to fluff it about every 2-3 days.

When I moved to my side, the pillow was supportive enough initially, but I did not care for the big chunks of memory foam that I could easily feel through the thin cotton cover. It also flattened out after a few nights of use due to compression, and I would constantly have to keep it super fluffed in order to have enough firmness and loft for it to be comfortable in a side sleeping position. For that reason, I would recommend going with a Blue or Green MyPillow that offers more fill for side sleepers.

My Pillow Premium back sleepers

Likewise, the pillow was too chunky and too full to be enjoyable on my stomach. I’d recommend getting a Yellow colored MyPillow Premium pillow with the least amount of filling for stomach sleeping.

My Experience

MyPillow is a familiar pillow brand for many reasons, including its interesting/entertaining commercials. I will say that I found the website a little tricky to navigate as there seem to be several different types of MyPillow pillows to choose from, but it’s not immediately clear what sets each type apart.

Once I settled on the MyPillow Premium, I followed their online questionnaire that asked four questions and guided me towards the White, or medium-firm, MyPillow.

The pillow comes super compressed and very flat once the package is opened – which can be common when shipping shredded foam pillows. In order to get an idea of the MyPillow Premium’s true loft and height, sleepers absolutely need to toss it in the dryer and give the foam chunks a chance to expand. I would do that immediately if possible – 15 minutes on a high heat setting (those are the instructions on the pillow’s tag).

Overall, the pillow is super simple in design – its got a patented interlocking fill, but from what I could feel through the thin cotton cover, it basically just big chunks of different sized memory foam. I found it to be the most comfortable on my back and feel like the medium firmness could be a good fit for that sleeping position.

The biggest hindrance to me using it for side sleeping is the fact that the chunkiness of the fill is very apparent when pressing the face against the pillow. There’s very little smoothness here and I found that ineffective and distracting when I was trying to sleep.

My Pillow Premium medium firmness

One saving grace for me is that the pillow is very easy to clean. Make sure to follow the instructions in the booklet provided by MyPillow or the instructions on the tag of the pillow, as they change their care guidelines based on what kind of washer or dryer available. Either way, people can machine wash and dry the pillow, and I found the drying process to be pretty easy and quick, especially compared to other shredded memory foam pillows I’ve reviewed.

MyPillow does have a good amount of hype but for me, the MyPillow Premium fell flat, literally, during the review. The chunks of foam were compressed by my head overnight and after only a few nights of sleep, it became too flat to be comfortable while back sleeping. Sleepers will have to continuously fluff this pillow in the dryer if they want to enjoy it while back or side sleeping.

Marten’s Take

So, as Katie mentioned, MyPillow Premium is all about options. Customers can choose from very soft (Yellow) all the way up to very firm (Blue). Based on my size and weight, I would probably opt for one of their firmer models (Green). Katie is much lighter than me and ordered the White model which is a bit softer than the Green.

While the White model isn’t exactly made for someone of my size, I do still feel very comfortable lying on it on my back. My head sinks in but not too far, and I feel nice support on my neck. Moving to my side, the pillow is too soft for me. Again, this probably wouldn’t be as much of an issue on one of the MyPillow’s firmer models. However, when I am on my stomach, this MyPillow is a good match for me.

In regard to the pillow’s feel, the MyPillow is not my favorite. It is a bit lumpy and I usually prefer something with the slow-moving memory foam feel.

MyPillow Premium
MyPillow Premium
MyPillow Premium

The Premium MyPillow comes in four different fill sizes - they each feature chunks of memory foam in MyPillow's interloacking design and a 100% cotton cover. 


The MyPillow Premium pillow is essentially a pillow with a thinner cotton cover and chunks of simple memory foam. There is no additional innovation added to this pillow – it doesn’t have any advanced technology, special materials or significant features woven into the cover or in the core – aside from its patented interlocking fill feature. To me, it’s missing that little something that sets it apart from all the other pillows with the same design.

My Pillow Premium memory foam fill

While it worked well for me back sleeping during the first few nights, the fact that it continued to fall flat and needed consistent re-fluffing makes me feel that the price does not match the value on this pillow. I do believe people can find something very comparable for a price lower than what MyPillow is offering.

I realize that MyPillow may have a fan following and that my opinion might not be popular, but after reviewing so many pillows I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed with the MyPillow Premium – to me there wasn’t anything “premium” about it.

Tried the MyPillow Premium? Comment below and tell us about it!

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