Is TikTok’s Viral Cloud Bed What Dreams Are Made Of?

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If you’re fully immersed in the TikTok world, you may have seen the viral cloud bed. This cloud bed has taken the app by storm with influencers promoting the fluffy, cozy white bed. You’ve heard “like you’re sleeping on a cloud” before, so the name of this bed sounds like a dream – but is it really?

What Is It

The cloud bed is a set up of a bed frame and headboard. What sets this specific bed apart from the rest, is its bed frame being placed on the floor. Every element of this bed is white and soft, sticking with the cloud-like theme.

Why Is It Popular

TikTok is a platform where you can see videos on many products, from makeup to furniture. With influencers making aesthetically pleasing videos left and right, it can be easy to fall under the spell of a 1-minute sponsored video.

TikTok tends to have a powerful influence on consumers, so the videos of the cloud bed being seen by millions of viewers is one reason that this product is so popular. Another reason is because of its minimalistic look.

Minimalism, with its neutral colors and no-clutter aesthetic, thrives on TikTok. It’s no surprise that the simple, minimalistic cloud bed has become the massive hit that it is.

Our Recommendation

So the burning question — do we think you should buy the cloud bed? The short answer is no, but let’s get into why our experts say to steer clear.

Constant Maintenance

It’s no secret that anything white–especially  furniture–is difficult to keep clean. The cloud bed is white from top to bottom, so you’d have to clean it often. Cleaning white bedding, like sheets, is virtually painless: you just need to toss everything into a washer and dryer. But with the cloud bed, you have a white headboard and bed frame that will need to be spot treated.

Lack of Support

If you suffer from joint pains, the lack of support from a bed with a soft bed frame instead of a solid bed frame can make those aches worse.

One of our bedding experts, Tony Klespis, shared that because there’s no sturdy structure to the cloud bed, you’re losing all around support. If a bed doesn’t have the best edge support, the cloud bed could make that problem worse. This could lead to your mattress sagging all around, which is a recipe for aches and pains to develop, too.

Loss of Storage

Those who have smaller living spaces look for storage in any area possible. The cloud bed eliminates this option, as it rests directly on the floor. “[The cloud bed] just covers a box spring. So you’re eliminating storage under your bed, too. I know some frames have low sides, too and it means you can’t store anything underneath,” Klespis said.

An Alternative

For those who are set in the style of a low to the ground, modern bed, we recommend the Thuma bed frame. It comes in a few neutral colors to fit a minimalist theme, but offers the ideal support for restful sleep.

Before you’re persuaded by TikTok videos, do your research! And for all of your sleep, mattress and bedding needs, we’re always here to help.

Samantha Nuno

Samantha Nuno is a writer on the Mattress Clarity editorial staff. She is a combination sleeper and sleeps on a Nectar mattress. When she's not immersed in all things sleep, she enjoys walking, paddle boarding, and making lattes.