How Late Did Your City Stay Up This New Year’s Eve?

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It was a late night for the world this New Year’s Eve. But, just how late did we stay up? Recent data from the RISE sleep app shows that, globally, we stayed up later than New Year’s Eve 2021.

The compiled global data showed time different cities went to bed on New Year’s Eve. While every city on the list kept their eyes open past the ball drop, some were nodding off soon after.

Earliest Cities to Bed on NYE

Average Bedtime

Latest Cities to Bed on NYE

 Average Bedtime

#1 Brisbane

1:00 AM

#1 Copenhagen

 3:30 AM

#2 Denver

1:08 AM #2 Amsterdam 3:13 AM

#3 Phoenix

1:16 AM #3 Madrid 3:06 AM

#4 Chicago

1:25 AM #4 Brussels 3:05 AM

#5 Los Angeles

1:26 AM #5 Rome 3:02 AM

Which City Stayed Up The Latest?

Boise was the quietest US city this New Year’s Eve – its citizens turned off the lights at 12:51 am. Other Plain State and Southwest cities joined suit, as Kansas City, Colorado Springs, and Lincoln called it quits before 1:17 am.

Things were unsurprisingly louder in the Big Apple. The majority of the New York boroughs stayed up past 2 am, but the Bronx kept things going the longest, until 2:33 am.

Florida put in a good showing as well. The citizens of Fort Lauderdale and Miami were up past 2 am. And, just cracking the top ten, Detroit, Boston, and Cincinnati didn’t shut down until at least 1:55 am. Surprisingly, Los Angeles did not make the top ten and went to bed at 1:26 am.

map of new years eve bedtimes in the us

However, when compared to European cities, US cities went to bed early. Rome was ringing in the New Year until 3:02 am. Brussels and Madrid stayed up until 3:05 and 3:06 am respectively.

Amsterdamers were up until 3:13, and those in Copenhagen just didn’t want to say goodnight. The festivities continued until 3:30 am, over two-and-a-half hours longer than the folks in Boise.

No matter what city you were celebrating in, the average person lost out on 23 minutes of sleep on New Year’s Eve. But, we caught up on sleep on January 1, 2024 and slept 25 minutes longer that night.

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