By 2020, Airbus Will Let You Sleep In The Cargo Hold

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Sleeping on a plane can be difficult. Your seat only goes back a few inches, your neighbor is snoring, and that kid in the next row is kicking you from behind. It’s just not happening.

Luckily, a new travel option may let you sleep in peace. It just means sleeping in the cargo hold.

AirBus has partnered with Zodiac Aerospace to design and market modules that utilize the lower deck of the Airbus A330, turning cargo space into living and working areas. They are also researching how to incorporate these modules in the A350 XWB airliner.

Here’s everything we know so far about this new method of travel.

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A Home Away From Home… In The Cargo Hold

The modules will rest directly on the cargo floor and will not affect the loading machinery. This allows them to be interchangeable with normal cargo. A big crate of Twinkies may just have your spot on the plane’s return flight.

Airbus and Zodiac will offer models suited for both families and businesses. They truly are something out of a science fiction film.


A family of four can relax in a living room while they pass over the Pacific. Those looking to get a little work done can opt for the “Conference Room” model or take a break and enjoy a “Manhattan in the Lounge” model.


“This approach to commercial air travel is a step change towards passenger comfort,” said Geoff Pinner, head of the Airbus Cabin and Cargo Program, in a company release. “We have already received very positive feedback from several airlines on our first mock-ups.”

For Christophe Bernardini of Zodiac Aerospace, these comfort options will help set participating airlines apart. “An improved passenger experience is today a key element of differentiation for airlines,” Bernardini said.

You can expect to see these modules on airlines as early as 2020. With any luck, this may just be the sleeping solution you have been waiting for.

Featured image: Airbus

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