How to Keep a Mattress Topper from Sliding

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A mattress topper can change the feel or firmness of your mattress, and can even add benefits like pressure relief or spinal support. But a mattress topper that doesn’t stay put can actually interfere with a good night’s sleep when it bunches or slides out of place. Here’s what might be causing your mattress topper to move, and what you can do to keep it from sliding.

What’s the Best Way to Keep your Mattress Topper from Moving?

The best way to keep a mattress topper in place is ensuring it’s the right size and securing it properly. Mattress toppers can be held in place with mattress straps, a tight fitted sheet, Velcro strips, or  safety pins. Using a bed frame with a headboard and footboard can also help keep your mattress topper from moving.

Why Mattress Toppers Slide

There are a few reasons that your mattress topper might be sliding off your mattress.

  • It’s too big (or too small). Mattress toppers need to be sized to fit your mattress. A King-size topper on a Queen-size mattress, for example, is much more likely to slide during the night because of the extra material weighing it down on all four sides. A topper that’s too small for your mattress may also bunch on one side or the other, which can make it prone to sliding.
  • Your bed frame doesn’t have a headboard or a footboard. Platform beds may have a minimalist aesthetic, but the lack of a headboard and footboard can pose a functional problem. These features double as barriers that can help keep your topper in place.
  • Your mattress cover is made with a smooth material. Soft, smooth mattress covers may give you the feel of a luxurious mattress, but they will provide much less friction. That can make your topper more likely to slide from side to side or top to bottom when you climb into bed or roll over during the night, especially if it isn’t secured.
  • You’re moving around. Combination sleepers changing positions or couples having sex may be jostling the bed enough to move the topper.

5 Tips to Keep Your Mattress Topper from Sliding

Use Sheet Straps

Sheet straps are detachable stretchy bands designed to fit beneath the mattress to hold sheets in place. Clipping these onto a fitted sheet and placing it over the mattress topper is an easy way to hold the topper securely.

Add a Fitted Sheet

If your topper isn’t too thick, a fitted sheet by itself might do the trick. Place the topper on the mattress, then cover both with the fitted sheet. The elastic edge may be enough to keep the topper in place.

Try a Non-Slip Mat

Non-slip mats, like the ones underneath throw rugs or in the shower, can be situated between the mattress and the topper. The grip from these mats works especially well if your mattress has a smooth top that lacks the friction necessary to keep the topper in place.

If you don’t have a non-slip mat, you could also try a fitted sheet over the mattress and beneath the topper to create some friction. Then, cover the topper with a fitted or flat sheet, tucking the edges beneath the topper or the mattress.

Use Velcro

Velcro tape is another option for securing the topper to the mattress. Apply the Velcro tape along the length of both the mattress and topper, align the strips, and press the topper firmly into place to engage the Velcro.

Try Safety Pins

You can also use safety pins to keep a mattress topper in place. Make sure to use large safety pins on the underside of both sides of the topper to fasten it securely to the mattress. The pins will leave tiny holes, but it shouldn’t be too noticable. Plus, they’re easy to remove.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my mattress topper from sliding off?

The best way to keep your topper from sliding off your mattress is to secure it in place. You can do this with mattress straps, a fitted sheet, a non-slip mat, or a do-it-yourself system with Velcro or safety pins.

Do you put a sheet over a mattress topper?

Most mattress toppers are designed to sit flush against your mattress beneath a fitted sheet. Not only will this placement help hold your topper in place, it can also help protect the topper, which can extend its lifespan. Keep in mind that deep-pocket sheets may be necessary if you have a taller mattress height.

How do I keep my memory foam mattress topper on my mattress?

You can keep memory foam mattress toppers in place just as you would any type of mattress topper. First, make sure the topper is the same size as your mattress. Then, secure it in place with a fitted sheet, non-slip mat, or sheet straps.

Bottom Line

It can take a little effort to ensure that your mattress topper stays in place, but it’s not impossible. Ensure that your topper is the right size for your mattress, then take steps to prevent sliding. You might consider using a fitted sheet, sheet straps, a non-slip mat, velcro strips, or even safety pins to keep the topper secured. A bed frame with both a headboard and a footboard can also help.

Jessica Timmons